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Deep Sea Creature That Inspired the Alien Series

The fully transparent Phronima can be deadly to creatures much bigger in size. It can position itself in the belly of the host, which include numerous sea animals. Sounds familiar?

Phronima can be located at the depth of over 1000 feet (305 m) in a rather inhospitable, dark and cold deep sea environment.

To sum it all up, one look at this creature makes the link with the Alien series more than obvious. Therefore, check out some Phronima images below.

News Irish News

Sunday 25 November 2018
‘Aliens have landed’: Hundreds of parasites wash up off coast

Grim: The parasite – far left – eats jellyfish from the inside and rides around in their corpse. Photo: Domnick Walsh

Lynn Kelleher

November 23 2018 2:30 AM

Hundreds of parasite creatures which were the inspiration for the film ‘Alien’ have washed up off the Co Kerry coast.

A string of the eerie-looking parasites called Phronima – which bear an uncanny resemblance to the alien queen in the iconic movies – have been found on Ventry Beach outside Dingle.

The creatures – which eat barrel jellyfish from the inside out and ride around in their corpse – are an extremely rare find in Ireland.

The director of Dingle Oceanworld Kevin Flannery said: “Then the female lays her eggs inside in the poor barrel jellyfish.”

He quipped that it is very timely find as pilots spotted strange objects flying close to their planes last Friday.

“So, I’m saying the aliens have landed”, he joked.

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Hollywood Ramps Up Anti-Gun Propaganda
By John Caile // 11/16/2018

By now, no reasonable person can deny the overwhelming bias in our mainstream news sources. When some shooting occurs, the first questions directed to law enforcement officials at the news conference are seldom about the perpetrator. Instead, it’s, “What kind of gun did they use? Where did they get the gun? Was it an ‘assault rifle?’” In other words, it’s all about the gun.

Conversely, when it comes to cases when armed civilians successfully defend themselves or others, guns are either left out of the story or their role is downplayed dramatically.

However, the media is only the tip of the propaganda iceberg — and not even the most influential in shaping public opinion. In reality, entertainment programming, whether TV, movies or even “original content” streamed on your various devices, has become the primary vehicle for anti-gun propaganda. And it is very effective.

For example, think about the number of times you see fully automatic weapons used in shows based on law enforcement. Whether the protagonists are street cops, FBI or undercover narcotics agents, the bad guys are invariably armed with full-auto AKs, ARs and even high-end guns like FN SCARs and H&K MP5 submachine guns.

But ask any working police officers (even those in major cities) how many times they actually run into such weapons. The answers run from “Never in my 20 years on the force” to “Once, back in the ‘80s, during the Florida cocaine wars” to “The L.A. bank robbery in ’97.” Other than that, full-autos are almost non-existent in street crime.

Unfortunately, reality matters little. Images of bad guys blazing away in show after show become embedded in the brains of everyone watching. Over time, the perception attains a life of its own. Thus, when anti-gun politicians mention “assault weapons” bans, a disturbing number of otherwise logical people think they’re talking about “you know, those machine guns.” Both politicians and the media continue to encourage this misunderstanding.

Note that these are not attempts to entertain but to persuade.

In a recent episode of one of those “doctor” shows, the main character is being interviewed by a reporter on the shooting by police of two young boys.

The “doc” somberly states that he “knows what hollow-point bullets can do,” which, according to him, is “expand to THREE TIMES their diameter” and “turn muscle tissue into jelly” (I’m not making this up), then “shatter bones like matchsticks.” And he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to claim that the reason that the two boys were shot with a single bullet was that these same hollow-points were able to “easily rip through both victims.”

Such exaggerated nonsense is just that to most of us — nonsense. But you and I are not the intended target — the gullible public is.

Make no mistake, Hollywood’s war on guns is only going to get worse. The anti-gun money poured into this latest election should serve as a warning. In 2020, Bloomberg, Soros and the rest of the usual suspects will be spending even more.

We all need to be aware of the incredible surge in anti-Second-Amendment propaganda masquerading as “entertainment.” And be prepared to challenge politicians who attempt to capitalize on an ignorant and misinformed public.

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Here is one opinion on what is happening:
Hillary’s Chinagate: gave China the Right to Foreclose on US homes?
(or just take them, with weapons: bio and other, like DEW)?

US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property
Beyond High Treason A. True Ott, PhD, ND

Dot #7 December 2005: The Chinese Defense Minister, Chi Haotiaon delivers a speech to the Chinese military leaders outlining the inevitable “expansion” of China into Canada, the U.S., and Australia — He justifies this because of Chinese racial “superiority” and thus “emminent domain”.
To accomplish this, American would first have to be “Cleansed” by means of a powerful “biological weapon” — causing 150 -200 MILLION AMERICAN DEATHS!!!

Dot #8 March 13, 2008: A secret meeting is conducted for the U.S. House and Senate.
Agents of the Club of Rome give a preview of upcoming events to elected officials who first swear an oath of secrecy.
The traitors are briefed that the economy will begin its collapse in October, 2008.
Congress was told of the real possibility of massive civil unrest and even Civil War being waged.
Detention camps constructed to imprison civil ‘agitators’.
See http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/node/34877 for the complete meeting agenda.

Dot #13 China agrees to continue investing in U.S. Treasury Bills only after securing the right of “eminent domain” to physically repossess foreclosed American PRIVATE PROPERTY. This move is the equivalent of an unconditional surrender following a bloody war.
This also gives the Chinese military the LEGAL RIGHT to use biological weaponry to “Clean up America all at once”.
It gives them the legal right to use deadly force in removing trespassing Americans from occupying Chinese real estate.

——– Forwarded Message ——–
Subject: SoCal Fire started on Santa Susana Nuclear Test Site, then DEW?

Breaking: Source of Malibu Fire
Contaminated Santa Susana Nuke Facility,
Site of Secret 1959 Meltdown

Pictures show that SoCal Woolsey Fire started on Santa Susana Nuclear Test Site

San Onofre ex-NuclearPowerPlant and Santa Susana Nuclear Test Site both Toxic
(But they don’t want to talk about it)

Babiarz believes the San Onofre plant is a ticking time bomb.
“It’s still very prevalent to me that this not only could happen, but it has happened at Three Mile Island, of course it has happened at Chernobyl,
it’s happened at Fukushima — and lest we forget, it could happen at San Onofre,” she said.
A report filed with the California Public Utilities Commission by Southern California. Edison states that the “Chatsworth substation” suffered an outage at 2:22 pm Thursday, two minutes before the Woolsey fire is reported to have begun. The Chatsworth substation is located “within the larger Boeing Rocketdyne Santa Susana complex,” according to a CPUC document (see bottom of page C-15 or page 17 of the pdf.) The electrical substation (marked with a pin in the photo above and a circle in the photos below, and enlarged in the last photo) is a few hundred yards to the west of where the fire is shown in the Thursday aerial photo as starting, and a few hundred yards to the east of the SRE complex, where the reactor suffered its accident. The substation had been built in part to provide electricity from the reactor, which was the first reactor to produce commercial electricity for the commercial grid, before it became the first such commercial reactor to suffer a partial meltdown.

Chatsworth substation, between apparent site of start of fire to the right and location of SRE reactor partial meltdown to the left.

Close-up image of Chatsworth substation, just east of SRE partial meltdown site.

“Though we must wait for fire authorities to conclude their investigation, it is ironic that an electrical substation built for a reactor that melted down six decades ago now may now be associated with a catastrophic fire that began on the SSFL site that is still badly contaminated from that accident and numerous other spills and releases,” said Denise Duffield, Associate Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA.)

Cal Fire maps indicate that much of SSFL is within the fire boundaries.

Decades of nuclear and rocket-engine testing activity, including nuclear reactor accidents and other toxic spills and releases, have resulted in widespread contamination throughout SSFL’s 2,850 acre facility. Federally-funded studies indicate higher cancer incidents associated with proximity to the site. The California Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), which has regulatory oversight over the parties responsible for cleaning up the contamination – the Dept. of Energy, NASA, and the Boeing Company – signed legally binding agreements to fully cleanup the contamination by 2017. However, the cleanup has not even begun and DTSC is considering vastly weaker cleanup plans. “If DTSC and those responsible for polluting SSFL had not broken their cleanup commitments, we wouldn’t be facing the prospect of contamination now being driven off site by the fire,” said Duffield..

“The Woolsey Fire likely released and spread radiological and chemical contamination that was in SSFL’s soil and vegetation via smoke and ash,” said Dr. Bob Dodge, President of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles. “All wildfire smoke can be hazardous to health, but if SSFL had been cleaned up long ago as DTSC promised, we’d at least not have to worry about exposure to dangerous radionuclides and chemicals as well.”

A statement released by DTSC approximately 10 hours after the fire began said the agency doesn’t believe the fire caused the release of hazardous substances. Mohsen Nazemi, Deputy Director for DTSC’s Brownfields & Environmental Restoration Program, participated in a community meeting Sunday night in Woodland Hills, repeating the same unfounded denials and leaving without taking questions.

“We’ve learned not to trust anything DTSC says, so we’re demanding independent testing and air monitoring for radiation and chemicals from SSFL,” said Melissa Bumstead, a West HIlls resident whose daughter has twice survived leukemia that she believes was caused by SSFL. Bumstead’s Change.org petition urging that SSFL cleanup commitments be upheld has been signed by over 430,000 people. “DTSC has made one broken promise after another, and it wasn’t truthful about SSFL’s contamination long before the fire started.” said Bumstead. “Why would we believe DTSC’s statement that the fire caused no additional risk, when they know they’re the ones responsible for SSFL still being contaminated in the first place?”

Marie Mason, Simi Valley resident and co-founder of the Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition, agrees. “We’re outraged that after all these years, decades of foot-dragging by DTSC, an agency that is captured by polluters, may have resulted in even more toxic exposures. We’ve always worried about a fire at SSFL, and now a massive wildfire has started on site itself. SSFL could have and should have been cleaned up a long time ago.”

PSR-LA’s Duffield said, “While we must await the final investigation of the cause of the fire, the presently available evidence indicates it appears to have begun on the Santa Susana Field Lab, and the failure to clean it up has significantly increased risks to the public nearby.”

# # #

Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA) is the largest chapter of the national organization Physicians for Social Responsibility and has worked for the full cleanup of SSFL for over 30 years.. PSR-LA advocates for policies and practices that protect public health from nuclear and environmental threats and eliminate health disparities.

Parents vs. SSFL is a grassroots group of concerned parents and residents who demand compliance with cleanup agreements signed in 2010 that require a full cleanup of all radioactive and chemical contamination at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

The Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition, or RCC, is a community-based alliance dedicated to the cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), commonly known as Rocketdyne.

NOTE: We are demanding independent post-fire testing and air monitoring for radiation and chemicals from SSFL. Given the extent of SSFL’s contamination, precautions recommended by fire authorities, such as limiting outdoor activities and using N95 face masks in smokey areas, are especially important.
Sign up for our mailing list and keep up to date with our action alerts and newsletter

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Contact Us

Physicians for Social
Responsibility-Los Angeles
617 South Olive St, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Edison refused to answer any of RT’s questions.
On its website, however, the company says they are “being proactive in seeking out options for the relocation of the fuel, including an off-site facility.”
But San Onofre is not the only nuclear site causing concern to scientists and environmentalists in California.
The Santa Susana Field Laboratory — a highly classified former nuclear testing site,
which was the location of the worst nuclear meltdown in nuclear history — was scorched in the California wildfires.
During the 1959 disaster,
459 times more radiation was leaked there than during the infamous 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown in Pennsylvania.
Physicians for Social Responsibility say that the toxic materials in the soil and vegetation could become airborne in smoke and ash.
More than half a million people live within 10 miles of the area.
Investigative journalist Paul DeRienzo told RT that given the site’s classified status, it’s no surprise that Americans don’t know much about the place.
“It was a tremendous accident [in 1959] that gave off more radiation than Three Mile Island did — and other than that, very little is known.
It’s a highly classified site and whatever we learn about it, we learn in dribs and drabs over a long period of time,” DeRienzo said.
Asked whether government assurances that the site is safe could be believed, DeRienzo warned against trusting official guarantees.
“You can’t, because it’s classified, because a lot of the things that happened at Santa Susana were classified and
therefore there are things that they’re just never going to tell you and only accidentally does it come out,” he said.
Malibu Fire started at Santa Susana, then intensified by DEW
On 11/14/2018 10:06 AM, Jim wrote:
> Fires from DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – more evidence:
> Houses burnt to ash, but plants next to them still green, steel beams warped on bridge?
> https://raygano.com/breaking-news-woolsey-fire-evidence-of-directed-energy-weapon/

> On 11/12/2018 9:11 PM, Jim wrote:
>> The Nuclear Test Facility near Thousand Oaks on Fire => Nuclear Ash up into Air
>> Santa Susana Field Laboratories never cleaned up – toxic nuclear waste now up into Air
>> Woolsey Fire Burns Nuclear Meltdown Site that State Toxics Agency Failed to Clean Up
>> https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2018/11/11/18819023.php
>> https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2018/11/12/woolsey-fire-burns-nuclear-meltdown-site-state-toxics-agency-failed-clean
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4v5v_PqK8U
>> 50 Kids with Cancer living near the area – now burning up and nuclear ash is going up.
>> Stay indoors and wash off any ash

By Ray Gano

I Have been reviewing a LOT of pictures of the Woolsey fire in Southern California. There are a lot of questionable things I see. Many houses are nothing but literal ash, yet green lawns, trees, plastic garbage cans, other things effected by heat are still there. Just the structures and vehicles have been utterly destroyed.

I have posted a video of a bridge in the Woolsey fire area. NOTE the green trees all around the bridge, water flowing under the bridge yet there is a gigantic hole in the middle of the bridge with burn out tar and the metal beams warped.

If this is fire, then why isn’t anything else burnt around it? I believe that this is evidences of a D.E.W.

>> ——– Forwarded Message ——–
>> Subject: Weather Warfare on America? Hurricanes, Fires created by Directed Energy?
>> Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 18:20:45 -0800
>> Weather Warfare on America? Hurricanes, Fires created by Directed Energy?
>> California Fires Created to Distract from Voter Fraud???
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTvjS1-skFM&feature=youtu.be
>> The “camp fire” in California, like the Sebastopoll and Santa Rosa wildfires that came before it
>> appears to have the hallmarks of something far more sinister than what is being reported by the mainstream media.
>> Q is right, the enemy is at the front door and UN Agenda 21 is but one of his deadly weapons.
>> PG&E caused Fire in N. CA?
>> Rothschild head of PG&E = http://www.pgecorp.com/corp/about-us/corporate-governance/corporation-directors/roger-kimmel.page
>> Directed Energy Creating Fires in California?:
>> https://www.brighteon.com/5815413670001
>> https://www.brighteon.com/5815396659001
>> https://www.brighteon.com/5817677472001
>> ——– Forwarded Message ——–
>> Subject: Weather Warfare on America? Hurricanes, Fires created by Directed Energy?
>> Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 08:44:24 -0800
>> Is there Weather Warfare on the American People?
>> Hurricanes, Fires created by Directed Energy?
>> California Gets Cooked – Hurricanes Harvey, etc Directed by HAARP?
>> Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon
>> California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe
>> http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/california-firestorms-geoengineered-catastrophe/
>> Yet another round of extreme firestorm catastrophes are hitting California.
>> Like the recent Santa Rosa fire disaster, the current wildfires are verifiably connected to conditions created by the ongoing global climate engineering assault.
>> The geoengineering cabal is becoming more desperate by the day as the biosphere and climate unraveling accelerates exponentially.
>> The 6 minute video below reveals aspects of the climate engineering assault and its connection to the California firestorms.
>> The “CO2 Climate Change” BS is being proven wrong, so the desperate Elite have to create the Problems directly.
>> http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/environmental-collapse-and-the-unravelling-of-civilization/
>> Why were surrounding trees unburned, but houses demolished???
>> Why 16 Fires started Simultaneously in N CA mostly on Marijuana Farm Areas?
>> Why did TREES Burn from Inside Out like with Directed Energy from Lightning-Like Sources?
>> Why did Blue Sparks come from the Sky, with no Lightning?
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhHOMU-IhHA
>> 12
>> The United States is deploying a new generation of weapons that discharge light-wave energy, the same spectrum of energy found in your microwave, or in your TV remote control. They’re called “directed-energy weapons”. Lasers, high-powered microwaves, and particle beams. They claim that this technology is new and that first directed energy weapons are being tested right now, but the fact is that advanced technology is always suppressed from the general public. What is Directed Energy? How do direct energy weapons work? What can these direct energy weapons do?
>> The US Government Has Experimented With Controlling Hurricanes
>> http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-10/yes-us-government-has-experimented-controlling-hurricaneshttps://steemit.com/geoengineering/@redpilljen2020/origins-of-weather-warfare-and-programs-thereof-hurricane-nate-apocalyptic-california-wildfires-was-microwaved-mirrored-to-9-11
>> Origins of Weather Warfare,Hurricane Nate,
>> Apocalyptic California Wildfires was microwaved mirrored to 9/11 through GeoEngineering
>> https://steemit.com/geoengineering/@redpilljen2020/origins-of-weather-warfare-and-programs-thereof-hurricane-nate-apocalyptic-california-wildfires-was-microwaved-mirrored-to-9-11
>> FIRE storms, BLUE Lights in sky – 60 CA wildfires OUT OF NOWHERE – DIRECTED ENERGY?
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at_ezaQuN5o
>> Fire Storms [geoengineered] in California
>> BLUE SPARKS in skies-Sudden Winds out of NOWHERE
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ3xKfmuW-M
>> ——– Forwarded Message ——–
>> Subject: North California Fires were Pot Farms lit by Mexican Drug Cartels
>> Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 20:03:19 -0700
>> From: Jim
>> North California Fires were Pot Farms lit by Mexican Drug Cartels
>> Destroying CA Competition to Mexican Drug Cartels
>> http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/officials-suspect-mexican-cartel-arsonists-behind-historic-fires-california-pot-farms-burn-ground/
>> http://gotnews.com/exclusive-law-enforcement-legal-marijuana-industry-suspect-mexican-drug-cartels-behind-california-wildfires/
>> Pot farming is a big industry in California – And now it’s up in smoke!
>> The pot farms are going up in smoke.
>> CNN Money reported:
>> Deadly wildfires in Northern California are burning up marijuana farms in the so-called Emerald Triangle.
>> Blazes have destroyed a number of farms in Mendocino County right before legal recreational sales begin in California.
>> Law enforcement authorities
>> – including senior Department of Homeland Security officials
>> – and key people within the legal marijuana business quickly
>> noticed that the areas hit hardest by the fires are the same places
>> that California’s marijuana industry legally grows cannabis, and are now starting to suspect foul play.
>> Stay tuned for more.
>> Our researchers shut down Facebook’s biased left-wing trending news team.
>> They uncovered never-before-heard audio tapes of establishment Trump-hater John McCain broadcasting communist propaganda in Vietnam.
>> Their research was successfully used in court against Rolling Stone magazine in a $7.5 million judgment.
>> Best of all, Politico revealed that President Donald J. Trump reads printed-out GotNews articles in the Oval Office.
>> If you’d like to hire our research team, email us at editor@gotnews.com.
>> Like our scoops? You won’t hear this stuff from the lying mainstream media. Keep the GotNews mission alive: send tips to editor@gotnews.com or donate at FreeStartr.com/GotNews.
>> ——————————————————————-
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>> Also new movie out by D’Souza – Death of a Nation – once a day at select theatres
>> https://tickets.deathofanationmovie.com/
>> ——————————————————————-
>> Are we having fun yet???
>> 1

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62 Heartwarming Animal Photos And The Story Behind Them
Uncategorized | October 1, 2018
An Australian green tree frog on top of an African spurred tortoise

Source: Reddit
Do frogs ride tortoises? No, or at least not habitually. There is the issue of speed — while a tortoise might offer a good surface for the rider, you can’t be in a hurry. You’d get wherever you’re going much faster if you just hopped. And speaking of the concept of “getting wherever you’re going” — there’s no way for a frog to steer a tortoise. This photo, while cute, just makes no sense. When it started showing up on photo-of-the-day/weird-news sites, some journalists called BS, and they were completely right. The frog here is an an Australian green tree frog, and he’s riding a sulcata tortoise, which is native to Africa. The photo was taken in Indonesia — when the photographer was tracked down, he admitted he buys his subjects at a local pet shop, stacks or otherwise poses them for photos, then sells the photos to wire services. Yes, the photo is cute, but it’s a completely manufactured scene — don’t believe everything you see (or read) on the internet, folks.

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11/7/18 REUTERS 02:21:34
November 7, 2018
U.S. voter advocates sue over delays at polling sites
Julia Harte
Christopher Bing; Washington
Joel Schectman
Maria Caspani
Daniel Trotta; Phoenix
Mark Hosenball
WASHINGTON/ATLANTA (Reuters) – Voting rights activists successfully sued Georgia and Texas asking them to extend voting hours in some counties after problems with voting machines led to delays and long lines thanks to a big turnout in U.S. elections on Tuesday.
A suit by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Arizona failed, the group said. But it won an extension in Fulton County, Georgia, one county in about a dozen U.S. states that experienced delays, largely in sites still using aging voting machines overwhelmed by the volume of voters, according to officials and rights groups.
Other Georgia polling places extended hours without facing lawsuits.
Two Texas civil rights groups won a lawsuit to secure longer voting hours in Harris County, Texas, after polling locations in the Houston area opened late due to equipment glitches and other issues.
In Ohio, a court ordered the state to provide ballots to voters who were being held in pretrial detention in county jails, following a lawsuit filed the same day by two public interest groups.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security described the problems as “sparse,” and an official told reporters they did not seem to have been a significant impediment to voting in the elections, which will determine if Republicans keep control of both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.
Some Georgia voters saw lines of hundreds of people waiting to cast ballots to pick their next governor following a bitter and racially charged contest in the southern state. Two Georgia polling places near the historically black colleges Spelman and Morehouse agreed to remain open until 10 p.m. ET (0300 GMT) following a legal challenge, the NAACP civil rights group said.
Fulton County officials did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.
In Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest which includes the Phoenix area, several polling places experienced delays due to printer malfunctions, County Recorder Adrian Fontes said.
The Lawyers’ Committee lost its suit to extend voting hours at fifty polling locations in the county, the committee’s head, Kristen Clarke, told reporters in a conference call.
“We know for a fact that there are people in Maricopa County who were not able to have their voice heard this evening,” Clarke said.
Two senior legal experts who advise the Democratic Party told Reuters they were unaware of any serious hacking or electronic disruptions related to Tuesday’s elections anywhere in the United States. But one of the experts said that lines at polling places in Georgia were long and disruptive.
Officials in Philadelphia and North Carolina reported scattered voting machine outages, and addressed the problems by offering provisional ballots to some voters. Voter advocacy groups alleged equipment-driven delays in Florida and Texas.
Delays appeared to be most common in states with aging voting machines, said Lawrence Norden, deputy director of the Democracy Program at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.
“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those states are at the top,” Norden said. “I would also imagine that it’s worse just because this seems to be a much higher turnout election, and I think when you get a much higher turnout election, the same problem will look a lot worse.”
He also noted that there seemed to be fewer complaints of faulty voting equipment compared with the last U.S. congressional midterm elections in 2014 in states that have updated their machines, such as Virginia. Norden emphasized that his observation was based on anecdotal reports.
Broken voting machines were reported in at least 12 states on Tuesday, according to an “election protection” coalition of more than 100 groups that set up a national hotline for reporting irregularities.
Civil rights groups have already been locked in litigation with several states over voting restrictions that were passed in the lead-up to Tuesday’s election.
North Dakota introduced a voter ID requirement that Native Americans say discriminates against them; Kansas and Georgia moved polling locations, and changes in Tennessee registration laws led to people being removed from the voting lists.
Advocacy groups said the changes stack the deck against minority voters who are likely to support Democratic candidates.
Each of those hotly contested states’ top election officials have said the changes were made to protect against voter fraud and accommodate budgetary constraints, not to suppress voting.
Independent studies have found that voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States.
For full election coverage see: https://www.reuters.com/politics/election2018
—- Index References —-
News Subject: (Campaigns & Elections (1CA25); Global Politics (1GL73); Government (1GO80); Political Parties (1PO73); Public Affairs (1PU31); World Elections (1WO93))
Region: (Americas (1AM92); Arizona (1AR13); Georgia (1GE15); North America (1NO39); Texas (1TE14); U.S. Southeast Region (1SO88); U.S. Southwest Region (1SO89); USA (1US73))
Language: EN
Other Indexing: (Lawrence Norden; Kristen Clarke)
Keywords: (N2:AMERS); (N2:CIV); (N2:CLJ); (N2:HRGT); (N2:JUDIC); (N2:LAW); (N2:MTPIX); (N2:NEWS1); (N2:NGO); (N2:POL); (N2:PXP); (N2:RACR); (N2:TOPNWS); (N2:USAAZ); (N2:USAFL); (N2:USAGA); (N2:USAKS); (N2:USAND); (N2:USAPA); (N2:USATN); (N2:USATX); (N2:VOTE); (N2:VOTG); (N2:VOTH); (N2:VOTS); (OCC:OLRTXT); (02000000); (02002000); (11000000); (11003000); (11003004); (11003005); (11007000); (11010001); (14014000); (N2:US)Keywords:
Word Count: 758

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