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China May Have Accidentally Revealed New Supersonic Cruise Missile In Now-Deleted Footage
by Tyler Durden
Sun, 09/29/2019 – 07:35

A now-deleted video clip published by China’s military on Wedensday containe what appears to be the launch of a new type of supersonic cruise missile, according to SCMP.

The original footage which ran just over one minute in length was released on Chinese social media by the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force in connection with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China next Tuesday.

Within the film is a two-second clip featuring an unusual missile being fired from a mobile launcher. In the new version, the scene is replaced with footage of two different missile launches in a desert environment, according to the report.

In the clip the missile appears to have slim dorsal fins, foldable tail fins and additional propellant, all of which, according to one expert who asked not to be identified, suggests it is designed to fly long distances and faster than the speed of sound.

“The new missile would probably have a range of more than 1,000km [680 miles],” the person said. -SCMP

Sound and seizure warning:

The PLA currently possesses the Changjian-10 land-attack subsonic missile which has an operation range of approximately 932 miles.

Ballistic and cruise missiles differ in a number of ways but the latter tend to fly at lower altitudes and at slower speeds, making them more vulnerable to defence systems.

However, the Rocket Force has made significant progress in the development of glider vehicles for its ballistic missiles, like the Dongfeng-17 (DF-17), which is now capable of gliding in outer atmosphere at upwards of five times the speed of sound, making it more able to evade missile defence systems. -SCMP

“Now that the DF-17’s glider technology is becoming more mature it could be used elsewhere. Other missiles, like this cruise missile [in the video clip], could also adopt similar vehicles to carry the warhead,” according to SCMP’s source.

The missile seen in the original footage also appeared to have several unidentified items – which may be jamming and anti-jamming devices.

“These would enhance the missile’s ability to avoid electronic interference or guided interception by enemy missile defence systems, and therefore increase its chances of penetration,” he said.

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Budapest, Hungary


2014-11-05 04:35:32 – Biological Hazard – USA

EDIS Code: BH-20141105-45878-USA
Date&Time: 2014-11-05 04:35:32 [UTC]
Continent: North-America
Country: USA
State/Prov.: State of Pennsylvania,
Location: Berks County,

Event location map

Hoping to eliminate the threat from an invasive species that has been found in Berks County, Pennsylvania officials declared a quarantine for Pike and District townships. While people are free to come and go, the quarantine issued in the Pennsylvania townships is a materials quarantine. The Spotted Lanternfly, native to parts of China and eastern Asia, could be spread into other areas when people transport firewood, brush, yard waste or other wooden items. Even packing materials, boxes and tarps are included in the general quarantine. Lawn mowers, trucks or other vehicles stored outside can also transport the Spotted Lanternfly, according to the State of Pennsylvania officials. The purpose of the quarantine is to quickly eliminate what is being called a threat to agriculture. According to NPR, the invasive insect attacks trees by feeding on sap. The insect species that Pennsylvania officials hope to control poses a threat to orchards, vineyards, forests and the timber industry. Since this is new to the country we are taking every precaution possible,” George Greig, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, explained in a statement. We need to do everything we can to stop the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly. Pennsylvania announced the quarantine over the weekend stating that the insect has the potential to impact key industries. The general quarantine of the two townships restricts movement of any material or object that can spread the pest. This includes firewood or wood products, brush or yard waste, remodeling or construction materials and waste, packing material like boxes, grapevines for decorative purposes or as nursery stock, and any outdoor household articles like lawnmowers, grills, tarps and any other equipment, trucks or vehicles not stored indoors. Businesses in the general quarantine area need to obtain a Certificate of Limited Permit from the department in order to move articles. Criminal and civil penalties of up to $20,000 and prison time can be imposed for violations by businesses or individuals.  The Lanternfly has no natural enemies, according to NBC Philadelphia. While announcing the quarantine, the officials in Pennsylvania also informed the public on how to spot the Lanternfly and how to recognize its egg cluster. A Bad Bugs hotline can be used to call in any sightings of these insects at any stage in their development.

The name of Hazard: Alien insect invasion
Species: Animal
Status: Confirmed

Posted:2014-11-05 04:35:32 [UTC]

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