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Obama’s genie by Joan Swirsky

Obama’s genie FacebookTwitterGoogle+ By Joan Swirsky February 27, 2018 Imagine a guy in his mid-thirties walking on a beach in Hawaii and seeing an object that actually looked like the genie lamp he read about in his childhood – the kind of lamp he could rub until a genie popped out and granted hisContinue reading “Obama’s genie by Joan Swirsky”

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By Bruce Moyer: March 2015: The Most Powerful Court You Have Never Heard Of

Washington Watch | March 2015 By Bruce Moyer Long The disclosures by Edward Snowden about the size and scope of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities, both in the United States and abroad, has prompted a flurry of Congressional proposals aimed at reframing the foreign intelligence- gathering process. While the thrust of these proposals isContinue reading “By Bruce Moyer: March 2015: The Most Powerful Court You Have Never Heard Of”

Rate this: Holy Trinity of whistleblowers

Holy Trinity of whistleblowers: Statues of Assange, Snowden and Manning go up in Berlin (VIDEO) Published time: May 02, 2015 18:49 Edited time: May 03, 2015 01:36 Lifesize bronze sculpture featuring (L-R) former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and former US soldier Chelsea Manning convictedContinue reading “ Holy Trinity of whistleblowers”

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