Treason? Is Former Secretary Of State John Kerry Advising Iran Against US & Trump On Current Hostilities In The Straits Of Hormuz?

Treason? Is Former Secretary Of State John Kerry Advising Iran Against US & Trump On Current Hostilities In The Straits Of Hormuz? [Opinion]
Posted by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Treason? Is Former Secretary of State John Kerry Advising Iran Against US & Trump On Current Hostilities in the Straits of Hormuz? [Opinion]

Remember back to last year. On multiple occasions it could be said that Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry was “colluding” (meeting) with the world’s leading funder of state-sponsored terrorism, Iran.

Democrats have spent three years expressing outrage over claims of collusion with a foreign power to undermine our democracy.

Not so much when its a member of the Big Club.

In May of 2018, Kerry was outed for engaging in multiple secret meetings with Iran’s foreign minister to strategize over how to undermine President Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

By mid-September, Kerry blatantly admitted he was serving as an agent for a hostile foreign power:
Former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted Wednesday that he’s met with top Iranian officials in hopes of salvaging the scrapped nuclear deal — as he slammed the Trump administration for trying to further “isolate” Iran.

The one-time presidential candidate said he’s sat down with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif “three or four times” in places including Norway and Munich since leaving office last year.

As evidence of these ongoing meetings mounted, it became clear that Kerry was intent on undermining President Trump’s policies with regard to Iran.

Remember too, Obama’s plan for a strategic alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa that had been in the works since he was candidate Obama.

For leftists, the struggle never ends.

No former president had ever assembled an army of more than 30,000 agitators to fight his successor at every turn of their presidency. Until Obama did. And no president remained in Washington to cast a shadow over his successor. Until Obama.

Now consider Iran’s recent aggression towards Western interests in the Straits of Hormuz.

Here’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressing his anger towards Kerry’s meddling with Iran in September of 2018:

In May of this year Trump told reporters at the White House that Kerry’s actions were “a violation of the Logan Act and frankly he should be prosecuted on that, but my people don’t want to do anything on that.”

Has the reluctance to prosecute Kerry emboldened him?

All of this raises the likelihood of a direct connection between former President Obama and former Secretary of State Kerry and the current spate of Iranian hostilities.

Keep in mind that Deep State overlords consider Donald Trump an existential threat. Most of us would like to know what he’s a threat to aside from preventing the further diminishment of America and the continued exfiltration of the wealth of America’s workers.

Still, Deep State approved Joe Biden was the most recent figure to invoke the “existential threat’ label on Trump

Biden, aka the dumbest man in Washington, is only where he’s at right now because he aligns with both the Never Trump neocons and the Obama/Kerry wing of the same globalist cabal, all of whom are united in wanting to remove Trump.

President Trump has been consistent about the folly of past Mid-East wars for more than three decades:

Does the Obama/Kerry/Iran alignment view this as Trump’s Achilles heel? Forcing Trump’s hand towards war in the Middle East would likely be one strategy they’d employ to damage his chances of being re-elected in 2020.

Predictably, the media wants to investigate Trump for the fifth time.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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Sept 12, 2015
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US Facing Highest Islamic Terror Threat Since 9/11,
Al Qaeda Calls for Attacks and Assassinations,
Obama to Import 10,000+ Syrian Refugees
Sept 12, 2015
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9/7 – DHS/FBI incr security at fed facilities, transport hubs in adv of 9/11 anniv. House HLS Cmte rpts terror threat level in the US is high and “getting worse.”

9/8 – UK Home Office (DHS equiv) publicly warns that ~350 British jihadis have returned from Syria/Iraq w/ active attack plotting underway for the UK, US and AUS.

9/9 – Al Qaeda releases new issue of jihadist pub ‘Inspire’ w/focus on lone wolf operations. Calls on black Americans to embrace Islam & kill “racist politicians.”

9/10 – Despite massive security implications, the White House has announced the U.S. will be accepting 10,000+ Syrian refugees in FY2016 (Oct 2015 start).

What You Need To Know

On Monday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of an increase in security at federal facilities and transportation hubs in advance of the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as well as of new Terror Threat Snapshot from the House Homeland Security Committee detailing the growing threat to America and the West from ISIS and other Islamic terror organizations.

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Some of the key takeaways in this month’s report (full PDF document here) include:

  • There have been more U.S.-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 than in any full year since 9/11.
  • The number of U.S. terrorist cases involving homegrown violent jihadists has gone from 38 in July, 2010 to 124 as of the date of the report’s publication. This is more than a three-fold increase in just five years.
  • As of the end of August, the Islamic State continues to grow and has inspired or directed 57 terror attack plots against Western targets, including 15 in the United States.
  • There have now been nearly twice as many ISIS-linked attack plots against the West this year (37) as there were in all of 2014 (20).

Additionally, Islamic terrorists remain intent on killing American law enforcement and military personnel as well as civilians. Readers will recall that last month we reported on the release of another “hit list” of American government personnel, including service members. Since early 2014, the majority of Islamist terror plots on U.S. soil have featured plans to kill police or U.S. service members. The report states that foreign fighters continue to swell the ranks of Islamist extremist groups looking to recruit foot soldiers and activate followers to launch attacks in their home countries.


On Tuesday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of a warning issued by theUK Home Office, the UK’s equivalent to the Department of Homeland Security, within which it was revealed that at least 350 British jihadis are back in the UKafter fighting and plotting terror attacks in the “ISIS-braincell of Syria.” This number accounts for approximately half of the British citizens the government has publicly acknowledged have travelled to the region since the start of the conflict.

Just one day prior, British Prime Minister David Cameron told members of parliament that six terror attacks on Britain have been foiled since the start of 2015. Britain’s Defense Secretary Michael Fallon told BBC Radio; ‘It’s extremely dangerous. These are attacks are being planned against major public events on our streets, and potential attacks on members of our armed forces and other.”


On Wednesday, AlertsUSA subscribers were some of the first in the nation to learn of the release of the latest issue of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) quarterly publication known as ‘Inspire’. Published around the same time, though not in tandem with, the latest issue of the Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine, this issue of Inspire’s cover story is entitled, “Assassination Operations,” within which guidance is provided on specifying a target, collecting information, generating a plan, preparing for and executing the operation.

[No, we do not provide links to these publications. They can be found easily enough online for anyone so motivated, though viewing / downloading them places one at high risk of ending up on lists you generally would prefer to avoid. Digital footprints do not fade….]

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This issue also encourages “lone wolf” terrorist attacks on some of America’s most notable and wealthy businessmen, including Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, Jim Walton (one of the heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune) and former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. As shown below, several of these individuals are depicted in blood-spattered pictures. The stated goal of such hits to derail the “revival of the American Economy.”

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While readers might be inclined to roll their eyes a such a target list, it is important to note that there is compelling evidence that the Boston Marathon bombers used the publication for guidance on bomb making and target selection. Further, a 2013 issue of the publication carried a similar hit list, within which Stephane Charbonnier, the editor of the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo was identified as a target. Charbonnier was killed in January of this year when Islamic radicals carried out a raid on the Paris offices of the publication. The target list was republished a few days later via Twitter accounts commonly used for al-Qaeda propaganda with Charbonnier’s name and face X’d out.


This issue of Inspire also carries an extensive piece levegaging off of growing racial tensions in America. Entitled, “The Blacks in America,” the article provides a narrative of the history of injustices suffered by African-Americans from colonial times through to recent killings of known thugs such as Michael Brown and the brutal mass shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Then the pitch is made compelling black Americans to embrace Islam & kill “racist politicians.”


Obama Directs Admin to Accept at Least 10,000 Syrian Refugees
Hungary TV report suggests ‘militants’ posing as refugees
Hunt for ISIS jihadi ‘hiding as refugee in Calais camp as he plots attack’
U.S. Doesn’t Have Proper Vetting System For 10,000 Syrian Refugees
Flashback: FBI – No Way To Vet Incoming Syrian Refugees

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the overall domestic and international terrorism threat environment and will immediately notify service subscribers via SMS messages of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.

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Sept 12, 2015
Other Developments We Are Following


14 Years Ago: Rick Rescorla Saved 2700 Lives
Top Senators Investigating Cooked ISIS Intel
U.S. House of Representatives goes on record against Iran nuclear deal
Fourteen years after terror struck the U.S., our strategy is failing
U.S. to China: Take back your undocumented immigrants


Merkel ally warns refugee influx threatens ’emergency’
Some 7,600 migrants enter Macedonia from Greece in 24 hours
Denmark says it will not join EU refugee quotas, has taken its share
NATO caught ‘surprised’ by Russia’s move into Syria
RAF Typhoon jetsintercept two Russian ‘Blackjack’ bombers in UK airspace


Why Russia is in Syria
Syria: It’s What Isn’t Being Said That’s Of Interest
How the Islamic State is exploiting Asian unrest to recruit fighters
US official: ‘IS making and using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria’
Millions more Syrians could head to Europe, UN says
Saudi Arabia Refuses Refugees, But Offers 200 Mosques to Germany


Who Opens a Reactor Next to a Volcano? Japan’s New Nuclear Gamble
Understanding China’s Eurasian Pivot
Bangkok bomb plotter ‘flew to China’, Malaysia lead goes nowhere
China tells U.S. to stop ‘groundless’ hacking accusations
China Plans ‘Celestial Military’ To Expand Space Warfare Capabilities

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