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Comment by Jim Campbell May 31st, 2019 Biden has a great opportunity to make people forget about his past faux pass just by rebranding himself as “Chet,” as in Chester the Molester.” The title of this article was the result of the video below! Seriously, in this day and age groping young women and children […]

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If you don’t care about how crazy our weather has become, and don’t care that the sun is being smudged out so that we cannot grow crops, or that Monsanto has the only seeds that will grow under the conditions the weather is causing, if you don;t do anything else, ever, please go to:

Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

Learn about geoengineering and climate engineering. This has been going on for over fifty years now, and it has accelerated to the point, beyond, beyond.

Even if you have never looked at the sky long enough to notice something is not right, or failed to wonder why all of the sudden, they have come up with names for new clouds…New clouds, if you have not noticed clouds are not right, please take the time to understand what they are doing to us.

Have you not noticed how easily trees fall over now? Just a normal rain and trees fall down. Get that damned cell phone away from your head and look up, and around yourself, pay attention. If you don’t it will be too late!

The following is a very, very good presentatation:

New, Just Posted, Lionel Nation Addresses Climate Engineering

New, Just Posted, Lionel Nation Addresses Climate Engineering
May 16, 2019 17 Comments

Dane Wigington

Lionel Nation is an extremely important voice that has fully joined the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Lionel, from Lionel Nation, has always shown great courage in addressing and exposing the most dire issues on the horizon. In regard to the most critical issue of the global geoengineering assault, Lionel has truly helped to expand awareness. GeoengineeringWatch.org wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Lionel for conducting this interview.

Skies all over the globe are being systematically blotted out by the massive geoengineering / solar radiation management operations.

Geoengineered skies, Phoenix, Arizona. Photo credit: Max Duncan

The fight to fully expose and halt climate engineering will take all of us. Sharing credible data from a credible source is key in the effort to wake others to what is going on in our skies. All need to make their voices heard in this epic battle for the greater good.

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Thursdays LIVE! Click in to the Neil Garfield Show Tonight’s Show Hosted by Neil F Garfield Call in at (347) 850-1260, 6pm Eastern Thursdays I’m revealing tonight the specific structural analysis I use and which the LivingLies team uses under my direction to analyze the facial validity of documents that are being used to initiate fraudulent, yet…

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Stone Mountain Lowe’s



The following is the last communication I have directed to Lowe’s Home Improvement. Mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore!!!

I have been dealing with someone named Diana in trying to help me get through the problems that we have had concerning the wading pool,

Diana said that I could call her back at 1-866-284-3989, ext: 6587227.

She called me this morning and said that the she had been talking with the manager out here at the location where I went to pick up the pool, Lilburn, GA, and that the manager is sure that she brought out a 45″ pool. Amazingly, I had taken a picture of the pool I purchased from Handy Ace Tucker, which is 11.5″ x 45″. The pool delivered to my home from Lowe’s was 36″ x 7.5″. I was asked how I know the difference in the pool size from the one Lowe’s brought to my home, and the one from Ace. That is insulting as hell, I had already sent pictures to BBB showing the difference, and the other way, I know how to take a measurement, and I had measured the pool. Like DDDuuuhhhh!

For Lilburn Lowe’s to continue lying is unconscionable at best. I am a legal assistant, not some idiot from the back woods.

James and I have discussed the matter, and I tell you what, Home Depot is right down the street from Lowe’s. I have spent a ton of money with Lowe’s remodeling a 75 year old home, and am still remodeling the home. Lowe’s can come get their damned pool, and credit my account. We won’t be coming to Lowe’s any more, and once I post this information on my 7 different blogs at WordPress, I will be so kind as to send you a link to each blog post.

I don’t appreciate being questioned, like I did something wrong. Lowe’s has lost a good paying customer of many years. We won’t be back!!!

I will be putting this information on BBB as well. Yall should have taken the time to look at the pictures I uploaded to BBB before acting like James and I did something wrong. The only thing we ever did wrong, was come to Lowe’s. The reverse discrimination is horrible already, but then, for this manager to continue to lie about this whole ordeal has gotten old, she should not be working in a store where white people go.

In fact, the day we were there, we also purchased 12 – 50 pound bags of sand. James is 70 years old and there were three young, African American males working for Lowe’s who stood there, doing nothing, except watching this old man, load 12 – 50 # bags of sand into our truck, in 90+ degree weather. That made me mad by itself, but he said to let it go. Now Lowe’s had acted like it is an act of congress to try to make us happy, then again call us liars about the size of this damned stupid wading pool for my dogs.

Lowe’s don’t care about your customers, and accept the lies of a manager who obviously don’t like white people, so Bye- Bye. Make arrangements to get your pool, and I want a refund asap. Even Diana lied to me about how to contact her back. No one at Lowe’s can tell the truth!

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Amazon employees not only listen to your private conversations captured by Alexa; they also know your home address
05/01/2019 / By Ethan Huff

Not long after it was confirmed that Amazon employees have been secretly listening to the user commands given to its artificial intelligence (AI) “Alexa” devices, without the knowledge or permission of these users, new reports have come out to show that Amazon employees are also abusing Alexa users’ location data, giving themselves illicit access to customers’ home addresses.

At least five supposedly former Amazon employees recently came forward as whistleblowers to admit that Amazon maintains a covert “Alexa team” of employees, the job of whom is to transcribe, annotate, and analyze the voice recordings captured by Alexa spy devices. This Alexa team is reportedly comprised of employees spanning three different continents.

Since Alexa apparently doesn’t always understand what users are saying or implying, the purpose of this Alexa team is “to help Amazon’s digital voice assistant get better at understanding and responding to commands,” these five individuals claim. But along with this comes secret access to Alexa users’ geographic coordinates, which can easily be plugged into third-party mapping software to identify people’s locations.

Amazon had never intended for the truth about this secret spying program to become public, as the company forced employees who knew about it to sign non-disclosure agreements barring them from discussing it publicly. But they were apparently comfortable speaking anonymously and off the record to Bloomberg, which was the first to blow the lid on it.

“Anytime someone is collecting where you are, that means it could go to someone else who could find you when you don’t want to be found,” says Lindsey Barrett, a staff attorney and teaching fellow at Georgetown Law‘s Communications and Technology Clinic.

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According to Barrett, location data is far more sensitive than most other categories of user information. And the fact that it can potentially be retrieved alongside Alexa user recordings sets up “a big red flag” for Barrett, especially since Amazon has already been caught lying about its technology’s spying capabilities.

For more related news, be sure to check out Surveillance.news.

Just prior to this spying program being exposed, Amazon lied in an official statement, claiming its employees do not have “direct access” to Alexa users’ location data
One of Amazon’s lies was proclaimed on April 10, when the company issued an official statement claiming that members of its Alexa auditing program “do not have direct access to information that can identify the person or account as part of this workflow.”

But this claim has since been disproven as false, and Amazon has also since issued a more recent conflicting statement claiming that “access to internal tools is highly controlled” – meaning that at least some Amazon employees do have access to private information linking Alexa recordings to specific users and those users’ locations, which could potentially be used for blackmail purposes.

According to Amazon, employee access to these internal tools “is only granted to a limited number of employees who require these tools to train and improve the service by processing an extremely small sample of interactions.”

“Our policies strictly prohibit employee access to or use of customer data for any other reason, and we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse of our systems. We regularly audit employee access to internal tools and limit access whenever and wherever possible,” the company has further claimed.

It has also since come out that Amazon’s covert Alexa team isn’t just a few employees, but rather thousands spread all across the world. News of this appears to have prompted Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos to further restrict the level of access that Amazon employees have to the system – “perhaps anticipating a fresh Congressional kangaroo court where Jeff Bezos is grilled to explain why Amazon is the new NSA,” to quote ZeroHedge.com.

Sources for this article include:



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HPV Vaccine leaves ANOTHER teenager chained to a wheelchair for LIFE
05/01/2019 / By Tracey Watson

The human papillomavirus, known as HPV, is an incredibly common sexually transmitted infection. Though just the name HPV strikes fear into the hearts of many, for the most part, it is totally harmless. The CDC’s website notes that, “HPV is so common that nearly all sexually active people get it at some point in their lives.” While the agency warns that HPV can cause genital warts and cervical cancer, and that the vaccine is therefore vitally important, the figures just don’t back that statement up. The CDC’s own statistics show that 79 million Americans are currently infected with HPV, yet only about 100 of these will have genital warts at any given time, and only about 11,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in any given year.

While it is not my intention to diminish the suffering of those 11,000 women in any way, it does seem startling that the CDC is recommending that everybody be vaccinated against a disease that only affects around 0.014 percent of all those infected with the virus – especially when hordes of distraught families have spoken out about the devastating effect this vaccine has had on their children.

One of the affected families is the Beattie family from Wigton, England. Zara Beattie, 13, was once a sporty young girl who loved football, netball and cycling. She now virtually never leaves her bed, and is wheelchair-bound when she does leave home, after suffering a reaction to the Gardasil HPV vaccine back in 2015.

Zara’s mom, Anthea, describes her daughter as an “80-year-old in a teenager’s body.” Zara is unable to stand without feeling faint, has to be homeschooled because she’s simply too exhausted to go to school, and can barely cope with sitting up to have a meal. She also suffers from constant headaches, as well as muscle and joint pain.

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“On a bad day the poor girl can’t even stand up,” Anthea explains. “She will stay in bed all day and crawl to the toilet. She’s got a stool by the sink for when she cleans her teeth.”

What is particularly noteworthy about this story is that Anthea is a nurse who has practiced for over 30 years. This really is one of medicine’s own speaking out against a procedure she obediently subjected her daughter to because she believed in the system. The entire family will now have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives.

Zara has been diagnosed with a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), but her doctors at the University of Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary, while staunchly insisting that the vaccine didn’t cause her illness, have been unable to come up with a viable alternative cause.

Doctors claim that around 400 lives are saved each year because of the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix. That figure looks dubious when one considers the overall HPV statistics, but even if their claim is true, it fails to take into account all the damage the vaccine also causes.

At least 44 girls have died from these vaccines, and more than 15,000 have reported adverse effects, including seizures, blood clots, lupus, brain inflammation and Guillain-Barré syndrome. (RELATED: Lead developer of HPV vaccine admits it’s a giant, deadly scam.)

In Ireland, more than 200 teenagers have reported “acute physical side-effects” after being given the HPV vaccine at their schools.

In Denmark, one of the country’s national television stations, TV2, aired a documentary entitled The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Betrayed, which revealed that many young girls had developed severe health problems after being vaccinated against HPV.

And in Japan, dozens of teenage girls injured by the toxic HPV vaccine have filed suit against both the government and the drug companies who produce the vaccine.

How many more young girls and their families will have to suffer before these governments stop focusing on lining the pockets of Big Pharma, and start focusing on protecting the people under their care?

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