Jeff Barnes/Foreclosure Defense Nationwide “New Legal Issues”

NEW LEGAL ISSUES COMING UP IN TRIAL AND APPELLATE COURTS DECEMBER 16, 2013 With the release of the US Bank admissions per our post of November 6, 2013; the issuance of the opinions from the Supreme Courts of Oregon and Montana holding that MERS is not the “beneficiary”; and recent opinions from various jurisdictions whichContinue reading “Jeff Barnes/Foreclosure Defense Nationwide “New Legal Issues””

Rate this: Releasing Fukushima radioactive water into Pacific ‘inevitable’ — Reports: Japan very aware of danger posed by past releases; Contaminants are concentrated thousands of times in food chain; At end of chain are humans “who may suffer genetic damage, cancer, other health problems and even death”  Published: December 16th, 2013 at 11:21 am ET ByContinue reading

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Sentiments of US District Judge, Jed S. Rakoff – We Need More Judges Like This One!

I was reading some information about the financial crisis in this country (USA), and ran across a paper written by US District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff.  If we had more Judges with the mind of this one, we would not be in nearly as bad a shape as we are in.  I have notContinue reading “Sentiments of US District Judge, Jed S. Rakoff – We Need More Judges Like This One!”

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