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RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary
2016-02-26 05:14:27 – Biological Hazard – USA
EDIS Code: BH-20160226-52242-USA
Date&Time: 2016-02-26 05:14:27 [UTC]
Continent: North-America
Country: USA
State/Prov.: State of New Jersey,
Location: Shore Medical Center,
City: Somers Point
Number of infected people: 200
More than 200 people treated at a New Jersey medical center may have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis B or C because of a former employee accused of tampering with drugs, the hospital said on Thursday. Shore Medical Center in Somers Point, located on the southern New Jersey coast outside of Atlantic City, sent letters last week to 213 patients who were treated with certain intravenous medications, including morphine, between June 1, 2013 and Sept. 17, 2014. “We have been working with public health authorities to determine if patients could have been exposed to blood-borne pathogens at Shore through contact with this employee’s blood,” said hospital spokesman Brian Cahill in a statement. Free testing and support are being offered to the patients, the hospital said. New Jersey Health Department spokeswoman Dawn Thomas described the risk of exposure as low. Frederick McLeish, 53, a former pharmacist at the hospital, is accused of removing the drugs from vials intended to be used in the preparation of intravenous medications for patients, and replacing them with a saline solution. His attorney, John Zarych, declined to comment on the case. The hospital detected a problem and fired McLeish, of Egg Harbor Township, after an internal investigation. On Jan. 21 he was indicted by an Atlantic County grand jury on charges of drug tampering, theft and drug possession. He was released on bail the same day, according to a court official. On Monday, McLeish was arraigned in Atlantic County Superior Court. A status hearing, at which he is expected to enter a plea, has been scheduled for March 7. McLeish had been authorized to prescribe, dispense or administer medication, according to the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office. The hospital, state health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still investigating.
The name of Hazard: HIV or hepatitis B or C infection
Species: Human
Status: Confirmed
Posted:2016-02-26 05:14:27 [UTC]

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RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary

2015-02-24 04:37:20 – Biological Hazard – Australia

EDIS Code: BH-20150224-47104-AUS
Date&Time: 2015-02-24 04:37:20 [UTC]
Continent: Australia – New-Zealand
Country: Australia
State/Prov.: MultiStates,
Location: States of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia,

Not confirmed information!

Event location map
The Federal Health Department has confirmed 18 Australians have now been diagnosed with hepatitis A as a result of eating contaminated frozen berries imported from China. There are seven people in New South Wales, seven in Queensland, three in Victoria and one in Western Australia with the infection. “Most people who contract hepatitis A will recover with rest and fluids, although it may cause severe illness in older people, those with chronic liver disease and those who are immunosuppressed,” the Health Department’s statement said. “Hepatitis A is spread via food and water, including ice, that is contaminated with faecal matter from infected people.” The Agriculture Department had identified 30 food importers, including Victoria-based Patties Foods, importing frozen berries from China. In Senate estimates hearings in Canberra on Monday, many senators were sceptical, with committee chairman and Liberal senator Bill Heffernan, Labor senator Doug Cameron and Greens senator Rachel Siewert all pressing departmental officials on how they could be sure food safety was any more certain at other Chinese berry processing facilities. “The problem I have, is that you would not have known there was a problem with the two factories except that there was a hepatitis outbreak,” Senator Cameron said. “So if we’d asked these questions of the department a week before the outbreak, you’d have been telling us that everything’s OK.” The department has placed a holding order on frozen berries from the two Chinese factories linked to the hepatitis A outbreak, until June. But the holding order does not apply to other Chinese frozen berries not linked to those factories, or to frozen berries from any other country. Greens senator Rachel Siewert asked why the department’s holding order should not apply to the other 29 berry importers which had not been directly linked to the current outbreak.

The name of Hazard: Hepatitis A outbreak (frozen berries)
Species: Human
Status: Confirmed

Posted:2015-02-24 04:37:20 [UTC]

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