Criminal Neighbors Are Rewarded By DeKalb County For Being Crooks/Thieves!

After I posted an article on my DeKalb County Sux blog, the article:  It Pays to Be A Crook In DeKalb County, the damnedest thing happened.

The next day, I was here working and heard something. I was not quite sure what I had heard.  Of course, I looked out the window.  An Officer with one of those lime green/yellow “see me” reflective vests, was over next door talking to Robert.  I could not hear what they were saying.

If you remember though, last week, the night before I wrote the article, they had turned the water on the first time after bypassing the water meter.  The pressure was obviously a tad high, and not only flooded the tiny yard over there, but inside the whole house flooded too.  He, He, He….

Anyway, the day after I posted that article, is when the Officer appeared over there.  Judging by what I could see from gestures, etc, the Officer asked him what the hell happened over there.  The officer looked into the hole where the meter used to be, and I don’t know whether he knew what he was looking at or not.  If he did, then he is much more negligent than I thought, most Officers would love to arrest someone for beating the hell out of the meter, which is County property, and for stealing water, County property.  The Officer also saw where the new water line comes out of the grounds before the water meter hole, and all that.

The white line from the front porch in the below picture is the new water line.  The are not using the one in the ditch in the yard anymore.

white water line

I would love to take a poll to see if people believe the Officer did not know what he was looking at;


The Officer did not care that the water meter had been yanked out of the ground, beat all to hell and back, the meter had been by-passed and Robert is now criminally stealing water from the County.


Now that they have water again, guess what?  There is sewage back to running down their side of the driveway.  The driveway, above, has green slimy shit on it where the sewage runs.  The plague will be returning to that area, and all the way down to street where the kids are once again, waiting on the school bus.  School just started back here.


With two adult males living there together 100% of the time now, neither of them have a job.  Neither of them have a car, or a job, so they are home 24/7,  except for when one of their buds comes over late at night, and then they can go out thieving all night.  You would not believe some  of the shit those people have drug up over there.

Anyway,  they probably go through a lot of water, and toilet flushing.  They don’t even have one of the retro toilets that the County made it law you have to own.  They still use one of those super old toilets, that guzzles water, and with no existing septic system, the ground is getting really soaked with sewage again.

The kids in the neighborhood, that get picked up by the school bus in front of that house, are once again, standing in raw sewage, every morning before going to school.  I am not sure what grade, those kids are in, or how old they are, but the fact remains, the disease from the two sickies over there, is being spread throughout the neighborhood, and into the school.   Cars that drive through that gross shit, is tracking it possibly all over the county.  Raw sewage disease from those two gross assholes with criminal records.

And good ole DeKalb County lets them get away with it, while raising taxes on those of us who pay taxes.  No one at that house pays taxes.  See my other articles, and you will see that Robert’s house gets all the way to where they start running the tax sale ads, and he runs in there and pays barely enough to stop the sale, then lets it run back up, every year.

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