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Farmers: Fukushima radiation causing mystery disease — Many animals have developed spots all over their bodies — What if this starts to afffect people? It must be examined — Gov’t can’t identify problem (PHOTO)
Published: June 20th, 2014 at 7:49 pm ET
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AFP, June 20, 2014: Angry Japanese farmers say their animals are poisoned by radiation — A cow from Fukushima arrives in front of the agriculture ministry in Tokyo. Farmers delivered the cow to demand the government to study why it and many other cows have developed white dots on their skin after the Fukushima nuclear plant went into meltdown. […] Fellow Fukushima farmer Naoto Matsumura said: “What if this started happening to people? We have to examine the cause of this and let people know what happened to these animals.” The vast farmland in Fukushima has been contaminated by radioactive materials […]

Japan Times, June 20, 2014: Farmers haul Fukushima cow to Tokyo seeking probe into mystery disease — Farmer Masami Yoshizawa […] says many animals in Fukushima have developed the speckles and demanded that the government investigate it. […] Operators of the non-profit Kibo no Bokujo (Farm of Hope) delivered an adult black cow to the front of the farm ministry to demand an investigation into why it and many other animals have developed white dots on their skin since three reactors at the poorly protected Fukushima No. 1 plant went into meltdown […]

AP, June 20, 2014: “The ministry told us they don’t know what is causing the spots. Well, they need to do more research and figure it out. They can’t just run away, saying they don’t know,” Yoshizawa said.

Watch video of the spotted cattle here

June 18: Fukushima Guide: Lots of people suddenly started having nose bleeds, cats and dogs too

June 15: Japan Paper: “Horses became weak and died, one by one, from an unknown cause” at farm in Fukushima — Farmer: “There is something seriously wrong going on… This country is going mad, I‘m sure something grave is going to happen” — 14 out of 15 newborn horses died last year (PHOTOS)

Published: June 20th, 2014 at 7:49 pm ET
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10 comments to Farmers: Fukushima radiation causing mystery disease — Many animals have developed spots all over their bodies — What if this starts to afffect people? It must be examined — Gov’t can’t identify problem (PHOTO)

  • Yes TEPCO = The Earth’s Population Control Organization.

    Japanese farmers, seeking cause of post-Fukushima cattle disease, bring cow to Tokyo

    The cow, from a Fukushima farm, has suspicious white spots on its skin.
    By Ed Adamczyk | June 20, 2014 at 6:22 PM |

  • OntologicalOntological

    We named this new cow disease “Fuku Die Itchy” a while back. Humans have these spots too, they are internal, and called pre cancer legions. We all face these issues sooner or later. Some of us got it sooner, and will again later however…

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  • I have viewed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Facility via the Hope Cam (Farm of Hope) many times. It’s approximately 10 miles away.

    “Probability is irrelevant after the facts.”
    – By Enenews user Jebus Dec 8, 2012

    Here’s a simple video I made using screen shots from the Hope Cam.
    See Thru the FOG Video #22
    Uploaded Dec 10, 2012

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  • weeman

    If it starts to effect people you will get spotty people, no joke both are mammals, common link.

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  • MochiMadness

    Radiation therapy effects skin in that, depending on dose/time/type/distance–you get erythema without radiation sickness occurring. I believe it’s called cutaneous radiation syndrome. The DNA is damaged/destroyed–meaning, as I’ve mentioned before, the genetic coding for “black hair” or “melanin” is also destroyed. Once these sequences are broken or distorted, they cannot fix themselves (no matter how much sea kelp you ingest. sorry.)

    These poor animals are the canary in the coalmine. :(

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    • MochiMadness

      The damage to the hair follicles, the melanocytes (which is what produces melanin, present in hair and in skin)–is what basically causes grey hair.

      It may be that the external dosage to these animals caused spotty damage to the follicles–as radiation exposure is not usually “uniform”, nor does it effect every square inch of exposed tissue in each the same way—and the melanocytes are destroyed.

      The damage to any living tissue depends on so many factors–not just dosage, type of radiation and distance. It matters what phase of division the cell is undergoing as well.

      I know I’m not saying anything that pretty much everyone here doesn’t already know.

      These spots may be nothing more than “grey hair”. It’s just horrible that it is radiation induced.

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    The spots were very common on humans after Hiro/Nsg. It is simply radiation poisoning. The spots represent falling blood counts. This cow did not come from near the plant as all animals including humans die rapidly with high acute DNA damage and cell death [days to months] thus the spots. I would bet this animal came from far away and is being chronically exposed with lower amounts of radiation that would take longer to kill DNA/cells but the spots would still appear. This animal has to feel very ill, look at the eyes.

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    P.S. How can I be so sure that this cow did not come from near the plant? Because everything near those explosions were vaporized or just up and died. Yes, all the people, children and animals are dead. I am sick to death of glossing this over and listening to all the crap. like starving animals in Fuku prefecture. Maybe far away from the plant, yes. ‘People moving BACK into Fuku area’. Give it a rest. Do they want me to believe that all these people survived 3 nuclear meltdowns? Oh, and now they can come back? They are all dead. And now the amazing cows that are just getting sick after 3 friggin years of horrifc radiation exposure? The animals are all dead. All of the videos and pictures are fake. Japan is and has been silent on the atrocities that continue. The death and destruction of everything including the planet itself. And R4? It is long gone, and soon, so will we…


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