People ask me what is “nootkabear”.  Here is my explanation of what a nootkabear is.

Nootkabear was a very special animal and it takes two humans to make one Nootkabear.  The two humans:  James Stegeman and Janet McDonald (myself).   James is disabled and receives Supplemental Security Income.  I have been out of work for a long time and began Virtual Freelance Paralegal Services and J&J Freelance ProSe/Paralegal Services

The Vet. at Mainstreet Animal Hospital in Stone Mountain, Georgia killed our Nootkabear.  When he was healthy, he weighed 325 pounds.  He was bigger than life, and brought great joy to a good many people.  He should have lived to be between 16 and 22 years old.  He passed away when he was a little over 8 years old, he passed away only a few days before Christmas.  It was a very sad day, and we haven’t done Christmas since then.  That was five years ago.

After trying for three and a half years to get another male puppy for our female, we finally got NootkaBear’s nephew on his sister’s side.  We now have a Chinook Mateo Waptake (Cool Breeze Running Bear).  You can learn more about the Kugsha/Amerindian Malamute (NootkaBear was foundation bloodline in both breeds) at:  http://www.kugsha.com

Now… for the real reason we are here.  The results of The United States Defunct Justice System is Manifest Injustice

We began our dark journey into the legal world through no fault of our own.  At first we paid an attorney who ended up taking all the money we could muster at the time, which was a little over $40,000.   Her name is Pattie J. Williams, she was with The Hicks Law Firm in Lawrenceville, Georgia.   In the end, we found that she had conspired with the opposing attorney, their client, and others.  We had no idea just how much we would learn in the years to come.  To tell you the truth, we could have lived our entire lives being ignorant to the situation that plagues America’s Courts.  The amount of corruption is unbelievable. 

After our experiences with attorneys, we couldn’t take anymore attorneys.  The one discussed above was not the first one that had taken us for a ride, but that one took more than the others had, and treated us worse than the others did.  After paying out over $40,000.00 and being lied to, and advised to do what would hurt us rather than help us, we decided to continue studying the law, studying how things are supposed to be done in the Courts, format for Motions and Briefs, etc.  We dove into the world of the pro se litigant.

Yes, the forest through the trees saga ..nope we couldn’t see the forest, the trees were in our eyes.  Who’d ever thought that The United States Constitution really doesn’t mean what it says?  Who’d ever thought that the Bill of Rights really only gives Rights if and when the Courts abide by The Constitution and their Oath of Office?  Both are rare instances.  Furthermore, when I was young, I was taught that a citizen could go all the way to The United States Supreme Court with their cause.  WRONG!  No matter how just your cause, no matter how many laws and rules the lower courts violated, no matter what your situation is…

Well, you can see what I am saying.  And that is only a tip of the iceberg.  I will save the rest for the blog.

Enough about us, what are your thoughts on the matter?

5 thoughts on “About

    1. lawgrace,

      I read about what happened to you, and wow! I am sorry that you have had such a hard time. Many foreclosure victims do have a hard time.

      I could not tell whether or not you had representation in your case. If not, the Federal Courts, just as the state courts, have no tolerance for pro se litigants, no matter how good they are.

      I have several websites having to do with pro se litigants. We understand only to well how they are treated. In Louisiana, I am sure it is the same. No matter what color a person is, how smart they are, how well the follow the rules of the court…it is a pro se journey into the dark side.

      Please post your story here as well. Although this site and our blackrobedmafia wordpress blog does not get an extreme amount of traffic, I have been working on fixing that.

      Your story deserves to be on any and all the foreclosure fraud sites, as well as pro se litigant sites.


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