“It Ain’t as Bad As You Think” . ? . It Is As Bad As I Think, and Probably Even Worse

I keep thinking about that.  Being told that it really isn’t as bad as I think.  Hell if it ain’t!

When I was a little girl, we walked to school.  We would get there in the morning, and there would be the morning prayer.  Right after that, we all said I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, and they played the National Anthem.  I started to school when I was four (4).  By the time I was in fourth grade, it was like the second elementary school.  They did not say the morning prayer, or play the anthem, but by golly, the whole time I was in school, we Pledged Allegiance to the Flag.  We were proud to be Americans.

Now, you get suspended for wearing anything with a flag on it.  The Ten Commandments, Pledge of Allegiance, and anything having to do with our natural heritage is bad.  Christians are bad.  Americans are bad.  Christian Americans must be very, very bad.  And who the hell decided all that?  That is bullshit.  Plain and simple, bullshit.  Since when have other people gone to live in another country, and was allowed to claim they were offended by the customs of that country, and the country changed for the outsiders?  Someone tell me when.  That is bullshit!  Plain and simple bullshit.

Seems like it began several years ago… SuperTarget in our area, told the GoodWill people at Christmas, not to come there any more.  Of course, after that, we never went back to that store, and it closed shortly thereafter.  For some reason, outsiders that had moved to the United States, were offended by Christmas, Nativity scenes, and GoodWill ringing their little bells at Christmas.  Those dedicated, hardworking GoodWill employees, trying to make a difference to others at a very hard time of year.  They never asked anyone for anything.  Just stood, ringing the bell and smiling.  It was tradition.  Christmas trees, nativity scenes, GoodWill.

So, in order to not to offend those, who are not from here, America changed? Bullshit.  I say, if our traditions offends you, you came into this country, you know you can leave the same damned way!  Every time I turn around, someone is explaining that such and such offends them.  Screw it!  I am offended by what people do in other countries, but I don’t move there, then expect them to change their country for me.  That is bullshit.  Plain and simple bullshit.

Now, they tell us that our forefathers were terrorists.  Do what?  So what kind of History lessons are they giving kids now a days?  Speaking of kids.  Since when does the govt. have balls enough to tell parents what they are or not going to feed their kids for lunch during school?  The other thing about kids, is that they belong to the community, not their parents?  Bullshit!  Plain and simple bullshit!  And these idiots put up with that?  I sure as hell am glad that my Mama was who she was.  She would have not only told them what horse to get on, she would have had them direct that horse, on out of the country.  And my Daddy, lo and behold, I am glad that he is not here to see this shit.  Daddy was gung-ho Marine.  He is probably rolling in his grave right now.

And someone wants to tell me, that it ain’t as bad as I think it is?  Bullshit!  Plain and simple bullshit!!!

I Was Depressed, But Am Much Better Now…

After I read some posts on others’ blogs, I really do feel much better. Wanna know which ones I read? Here they are:

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Good Ole Alaska, And I Thought Palin Was Bad For Wildlife!

wolfpreservation posted: ” Photo courtesy of “Be a Voice for the Gray Wolf” ALERT!!  I’m asking you all to help contact Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and express your outrage about this.  Feel free to e-mail or call his office.   As emotional as this is, please don’t threaten”

Michigan police kill dog in fenced-in yard – Elisa Black-TaylorGreenville Dog Examiner

Another case of police abusing their authority occurred this month, ending with the death of a beloved family dog in Michigan.Presesrve Freedom reported the story.

Now the family wants answers as to why their dog was shot.

Bianca Alakson of Redford, Michigan and boyfriend Ryan Showalker thought they were doing everything right in protecting their dog Rocky a 10-month old lab/pit mix. As with many dog owner who have had their furbabies murdered by police, they were wrong.

On May 11, Bianca and Ryan’s world fell apart, thanks to Redford Township police. Now Rocky is dead, Bianca claims because police told her “he was in their way.”

Police were chasing a suspect through the neighborhood, and claim they saw that person inside the home. This, they say, gave officers the right to ignore a “beware of dog” sign on the fence in the back yard. Officer’s entered their property through an unlocked back gate.

After Ryan heard gunfire, he ran outside to see what happened. When he was told Rocky had been shot, Ryan broke down in front of the officers. At this time Ryan was placed under arrest for interferring with the investigation and resisting arrest. So far, no charges have been filed.

We all know what happened to Rocky. Come on everyone, say it together now “The dog was aggressive. The dog was attacking and we feared for our lives.” Rocky was shot once and injured. The officer who murdered Rocky said the pup continued to charge, so he fired his weapon again. The second round proved fatal.

Bianca and Ryan, along with neighbors who knew the dog, claim Rocky wasn’t aggressive. Neighbors who heard the commotion said police screaming at the family and using profanity was all they heard. No barking, no growling.

Kimberly Showalter Wheeler commented on the Redford Township Police Facebook page

“I find it difficult to believe that shooting my granddog was the only option this police officer had. I question his motives for even entering Rock’s yard. I am appalled that in my son”s heartbroken reality he was arrested and taken to jail because he questioned why his “best friend” was mercilessly shot and killed in his own yard.”

Ryan is still waiting to hear what charges he’ll face from that tragic night.

Now Rocky sits in an urn on the coffee table, his pawprint and bloodstained collar is all that’s left to remind the family of how yet another innocent dog had to die at the hands of police. Ryan honors Rockys memory saying

“He wasn’t the protector of the house type dog either, he was just the greet everybody and love them to death type dog,

The Facebook community is demanding an outside investigation into Rocky’s death. Most likely, the officer will be cleared by the department, if an investigation even takes place.

Dog shootings by police continue to rise, with a dog being injured or killed every 98 minutes.

What do the police want dog owners to do? We put our dogs in a fence-you shoot them. We put “beware of dog” signs outside the fence to warn anyone that a dog lives on the property. You shoot those dogs also.

To hold a position that claims “to protect and serve,” police are making a joke out of that motto.

Hopefully, Bianca and Ryan will file charges against the officer responsible, the Redford Township Police Department, and any town municipalities involved.

Police don’t shoot dogs because they have to-they shoot them because they can. The majority of dogs shot by police never see justice, and even when they do, the family is left to grieve for the death of a beloved family pet.

A list of Redford Township officials can be found under the department heading on their website. Feel free to contact them, and to also leave a few words on the Redford Township Police Facebook page.

Your comments are welcome.


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