Personal Disappointments

I have been posting documents on since 2008.  Just recently, the last six months or so, I have found documents that I have posted, manipulated, and being used by other people as if the other people had written the documents.

What a great disappointment I felt.  Not disappointed in scribd, they have always been wonderful; I feel like scribd and I grew up together.

Why on earth would people do this?  I mean, I know why, but why?  What the hell is wrong with people in the big mess that I call foreclosure hell?

All I can say, is that I am truly disappointed.  For so long, we have had people call us on the phone, and thank us for the post, and ask if it is Ok to use the document as a template for their own personal lawsuit.  Of course, that is always fine, never a problem.  But damnit, do go changing a couple of names, then uploading it as if you wrote it!

What the hell is wrong with you that you would do such a thing?

There is this wonderful man, who fights many of the same fights that James and I fight, maybe you heard of him, William Windsor?  His website is:  Mr. Windsor called us up before we knew him, and informed us that he had plagurized my work, and said he hoped that I didn’t mind.  He had not done what they are doing to me now.  Mr. Windsor had taken some of the things out of my document, and used in his own document that he filed in the Court.  Our caselaw is always rock solid, and very good.

Hell, that is fine with me, use it!  But don’t go uploading a document pretending that you wrote it.  The female that did this, did not even bother to change the names of the defendants in the case.  Amazing, like I am never going to find out, or she did not give a f–k or what?

I am truly disappointed….

3 thoughts on “Personal Disappointments

    1. The bad thing on this one was that everything I post at that site are legal briefs that I have written. told me that since it is considered a public document, I cannot do anything about it.
      Public document or not, people have no right to steal it and claim that they wrote it. I have attorneys, etc go there and view my work. If they see what this person did and the person claimed that they wrote it, it puts into questions my honesty. Could leave someone wondering which one of us actually wrote the document.

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