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Due to the leftists climate – Microsoft (3 times) and Google (2 times) leftists workers have uninstalled my websites and cost me money – EVEN WITH A PAID FOR WEBSITE. What is the best way to protect my computer? I shut it down but they can still work their magic through the back door and […]


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IG Horowitz: Highly Anticipated FISA Abuse Probe Report ‘Near Completion’

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 18: Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz (L) and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill June 18, 2018 in Washington, DC. According to a report by Horowitz, former FBI Director …
Edwin Mora
25 Oct 20194,651

Michael Horowitz, the U.S Department of Justice’s (DOJ) inspector general (IG), said Thursday that he is almost done finalizing the report into possible abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Horowitz made the revelation in an October 24 letter addressed to House and Senate leaders.

The IG anticipated that the report would be released to the public with “a few redactions,” adding:

Given that our draft report is lengthy, and concerns sensitive national security and law enforcement matters, we understood that it would take the Department and the FBI some time to work through and appropriately mark the entire report. I can report to you that the [finalizing] process is ongoing and nearing completion, and we are working through these issues constructively with both the Department and the FBI.

After we receive the final classification markings from the Department and the FBI, we will then proceed with our usual process for preparing a final report, including ensuring that appropriate reviews occur for accuracy and comment purposes. Once begun, we do not anticipate the time for that review to be lengthy.

Several news outlets obtained Horowitz’s letter. The DOJ IG has been conducting a parallel probe to the one focused on the origins of the Russian collusion hoax, which recently became a criminal investigation. Both investigations are related.

In March 2018, Horowitz launched the review of FISA abuses at the behest of lawmakers and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Horowitz examined whether the FBI violated FISA when it sought surveillance of Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aid, back in 2016 in relation to the “Russian collusion” probe.

Fox News noted:

Partially redacted versions of the FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil Page revealed that the FBI relied on a largely discredited dossier written by British ex-spy Christopher Steele that was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee. But, the FBI apparently obscured that fact in its warrant application, telling the secret court only that the dossier was prepared at the behest of an unidentified presidential campaign.

The surveillance of Page prompted Trump and his Republican allies to accuse the Obama administration of spying, or even committing treason, against former top law enforcement officials. In April, Attorney General William Barr told lawmakers he believes the FBI spied on the Trump campaign.

Barr is currently reviewing the draft of Horowitz’s report. Horowitz’s investigation is expected to animate congressional hearings and investigations.

“As soon as Horowitz is done with his review of the FISA warrant application, the counterintelligence investigation, the Trump campaign, we’ll have a hearing in public with Horowitz and we’ll call a bunch of witnesses,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told the Fox Business Network last Sunday.

President Trump has been anticipating the DOJ IG’s report.

“The IG report is going to come out soon, and we’ll see what happens,” Trump told reporters last week.

“But, I predict you will see things that you don’t even believe, the level of corruption … Let’s see whether or not it’s President Obama. Let’s see whether or not they put that in,” he added.

Trump has the authority to declassify and release the DOJ IG report. Horowitz’s letter announcing the prospective release of the FISA abuse probe report came amid House Democrats’ impeachment investigation.

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(Image: U.S. government secretly using flu shot to seize control of EVERY AMERICAN’S immune system)

U.S. government secretly using flu shot to seize control of EVERY AMERICAN’S immune system
Sunday, October 20, 2019 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) The vaccine industry always says “the science is settled” when it comes to any concoction they slap together and call a “vaccine.” The science isn’t “settled” because it’s never settled. You can’t predict the future, and organic and genetically modified things can quickly morph and mutate, changing everything. There’s a quote on vaccine research we must share, and it comes from the vaccine industry themselves, via the CDC, informing everyone they’ve got all the ingredients in vaccines already figured out, and that nobody should ever question, research, test or deny the “settled science” of any vaccine ever again.

Before we get to that crazy quote, realize there is still a significant amount of mercury in flu shots. No, the CDC didn’t remove it back in 2003, like they said. They lied. And, few people know, the same industry that just shelled out $4 billion dollars in compensation through their secretive court for the vaccine-damaged families, also shelled out $3 billion of that $4 billion for the… wait for it…. damage the flu shot inflicted. So here we go with the quote: “Despite a lack of good-quality evidence, we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken.” (regarding vaccines that contain aluminum).

The CDC doesn’t mention the “neurotoxic and cancer-causing agents” (per Dr. John Bergman from embedded video below), they just talk about trying to get the strains of flu right in their “wild” guess for each “flu season” – which is listed by the CDC as being October through May – yes, that means virtually three quarters of the entire year is “flu season” according to and CDC and the U.S. Government.

Warning: There have been NO controlled trials done for the flu shot, at all

They admit it right on the vaccine insert and warning label, that nobody seems to ever read: “There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination.” Huh?

There’s absolutely no way anyone should get the flu shot after reading this. There’s no good “trade off” to avoid the flu if the shot doesn’t even work and you’re getting injected with mercury that can cause dementia, especially at 25,000 times more per dose than the EPA warns about in fish. Oops. In fact, there are 25 micrograms in one average flu vaccine, and the EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms, so children who are vaccinated simultaneously with multiple vaccines can receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day.

It’s not just about the mercury either. You’re also dealing with MSG, formaldehyde, cancer cells and toxic heavy metals poisoning. It just gets worse. It’s all about mind control. You drink tap water with fluoride that lowers your IQ. Then you get injected with the world’s most lethal non-radioactive substance known to man. Then you watch TV and read the newspaper and voila, you think socialism might just work. Wake up. The U.S. government is secretly using flu shots to seize control of every American’s immune system.
Flu shots are nothing but quack science and a horrible medical hoax that rakes in billions in profit, far more than they pay out for damages

Don’t jump to conclusions so fast. Vaccines aren’t quack science. Some can confer immunization effectiveness, but not the influenza vaccine. The flu shot weakens your immunity for the following years, and that’s why they tell you not to get another one if you’ve ever received one before.

Then, when they guess the wrong viral strains, the “vaxxed” people are shedding and spreading strains that aren’t even in the wild or from the wild, but manufactured in laboratories using genetic engineering.

There are no double-blind, placebo-controlled studies for this. Every single method of modern flu vaccination CAUSES viral strains to mutate, so the immunity they claim you might get is not even conferred. Get it? You can’t get protection from the wild virus when what you got injected into your muscle tissue was manufactured, mutated, and loaded with mercury.

The science is never “settled.” Then it wouldn’t be science. Heck, the second you think you’ve got something figured out for good, it will change on you, maybe even blow your hypothesis to bits. Remember back when they thought the world was flat? How about when they thought the sun revolved around the Earth? And remember when people thought Pluto was a planet? Wasn’t that science “settled” then? Or, remember way back when they thought the world was getting hotter too fast? Wait, that’s now.

Folks, the theory that flu shots work has been blown to bits, plus it’s loaded with chemicals that impair cognitive function AND immune function. It’s a lose, lose situation folks, and the less you can think for yourself, and the sicker you get, the better chance Big Government will take away every right you’re taking for granted right now.

Think for a second about this – how many people have died from the flu AFTER getting the flu shot? Take a real close look at that.

The flu shot is a hoax. It’s deadly too. Yes, this is happening, this year. Watch this complete analysis of the entire vaccine hoax, by the brilliant Dr. John Bergman:

Tune in to Vaccines.news for updates on how vaccines are the problem, not the solution.

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August 30, 2019
Source: The Verge

Professors rally behind MIT Media Lab director after Epstein funding scandal
‘The conversation has veered into increasingly pessimistic territory,’ a new petition says
By Mary Beth Griggs | Aug 27, 2019

A group of prominent academics have signed a letter in support of MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, as MIT reckons with the revelation that it accepted around $800,000 in funds from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The letter seeks to gather support for Ito, who has apologized for accepting funds from the now-deceased financier.

Epstein had a reputation for cultivating relationships with scientists, and funded many scientific projects, including some at MIT. He was also linked to deceased MIT professor and AI pioneer Marvin Minsky, who was recently accused of having sex with one of Epstein’s underaged victims. Epstein also gave money to the Media Lab, among other institutions.

In the wake of the new charges, Epstein’s support has become a source of public shame for the Media Lab. Ito published a public apology on August 15 acknowledging that the MIT Media Lab received money from Epstein’s foundations. “I knew about these gifts and these funds were received with my permission” Ito wrote, adding, “I also allowed him to invest in several of my funds which invest in tech startup companies outside of MIT.”

In the apology he vowed to “raise an amount equivalent to the donations the Media Lab received from Epstein” and send that to non-profits focused on supporting survivors of trafficking. He also promised to return the money that Epstein had invested in his funds.

But the revelation had already created significant discord within the Media Lab. On August 10th, Ethan Zuckerman, the director of the Center for Civic Media at the Media Lab resigned. In a Medium post published later, Zuckerman cited Ito’s acceptance of funds from Epstein as the reason he was resigning.

“The work my group does focuses on social justice and on the inclusion of marginalized individuals and points of view. It’s hard to do that work with a straight face in a place that violated its own values so clearly in working with Epstein and in disguising that relationship.” Zuckerman wrote.

Please go to The Verge to read the entire article:


The Epstein-Funded Child Porn Hub MIT Media Lab That Murdered Aaron Swartz
By Yoichi Shimatsu | August 28, 2019

After probing his deep-state background and Illuminati connections, I was hoping to be rid of the Jeffrey Epstein file but here we are spinning another round in this Part IV of a saga of sexual perversion and financial crime that refuses to go away. It’s a cold day in hell for me to find any agreement with The Daily Beast, which means the Netherworld must now be sufficiently frozen to toss a few snowballs at child-porn producer Nicholas Negroponte and his acolyte Joi Ito. As founder of the MIT Media Lab and his pedophilia sex-fiend buddies with American diplomats and major corporations, including Boeing, all in with the George W. Bush team, Negroponte was involved in systematic rape and video production of kiddie porn at a Phnom Penh orphanage, that was busted by “the Father’s group” of anti-pedophile activists, which included Wayne Madsen, the late Gerald Thorns and me. Those tiny victims, mostly boys ranged from six to 14 years of age, along with a few subteen girls for some hetero action, until their expulsion on orders of Queen Monica of Cambodia. These crimes of underage porn produced at the MIT Media Lab later culminated in that coven’s role in the murder of reddit editor and anti-pedophile activist Aaron Swartz in January 2013.

To give credit where’s it’s due, the Beast exposed Epstein’s secretive funneling of investment funds through Nick Negroponte’s MIT Media Lab as a conduit to tech “start-ups” involved in next-gen sexual perversion to amuse the mind-raped heirs of elite families when they get a bit older with their own bio-synthesized AI-capable sex androids, presumably modeled after young kids from your neighborhood.

Jeffrey Epstein, who had a personal preference for teenage girls, was their angel investor, providing an estimated one million dollars or more to the Lab’s bag-man Joichi “Joi” Ito, whose background check discloses zero academic or engineering qualifications for being in charge of anything except the janitorial service at MIT, indicative again of the intellectual level of the baboons with the Bush crime mob and their queer pals in the Obama regime, who managed to subvert academia.

Further on, this essay will examine the occult Shabbatean roots of the Greek Jewish Negroponte family from Calchika, the Venetian fortress of Negroponte on the Aegean island of Euboea (Evvia) where their pimping Khazarian Jew ancestors flourished in the service of the Doge of Venice and the Ottoman court, as continued into our present era in Ambassador John Negroponte’s relishing of the perverse sadistic torture at Abu Graibh Prison in military-occupied Iraq. The elite’s sex crimes against defenseless children are legacy operations of cults that operate in secret like vampire covens in Eastern Europe and Turkey as depicted in the “Underworld” series and the Dracula movies. Nick and John, you diabolical scum, walk quickly on dark nights though you’ve tired with age, because it’s never too late for the ghosts of your victims to insert and squeeze the castration tongs when you least expect it.

Ventriloquist’s puppet

The stand-in for Nick Negroponte as current lab director, Joi Ito, has just apologized for his secret meetings inside Epstein’s posh homes to collect “gifts and funds” to MIT along with an undisclosed amount for Ito’s private investment company. Under pressure of media coverage, MIT disclosed that Jeffrey Epstein donated $800,000 to Joi Ito and Seth Lloyd, the latter involved in quantum computing theory, without providing further details as to the specifics of project allocation. Ito claimed the MIT Media Lab received $200,000 of that sum and admitted that Epstein also channeled an undisclosed amount into one of Ito’s private investment fund. This funneling of large sums of money, of unknown origin (when Epstein’s prime business client Les Wexner is now complaining about grand larceny due to misappropriation from his fortune) is a financial crime implicating Ito and possibly other individuals with the governing board at the Media Lab and MIT administration. To assume Negroponte had no insider knowledge is absurd considering his crime biography.

Instead of launching a credible investigation into the MIT-Epstein nexus, the university administration has quietly encouraged a “non-official” petition by Media Lab faculty, fellows, staffers and students in support of bag-man Ito to retain his position as crook-in-chief, even though he has, this late in the game, failed to disclose any specifics about the amounts, recipient research projects and individuals involved, and the purposes of Epstein’s funding. Due discipline at major universities, including MIT, requires legal contracts for major donations, which Ito and his board have failed to produce for public inspection. His admission of a secret financial relationship with Epstein came long after the media expose of the donor’s sexual misconduct with underage girls.

The complicity of DARPA and the National Science Foundation in this campaign of misdirection under a blanket cover-up is yet to be exposed. This level of financial fraud demands FBI action and Massachusetts state attorney general’s probe into the MIT Media Lab, including its role in the Cambodian pedophile-child porn project and the murder of Aaron Swartz. The nexus of evil must be dismantled in a court of law and the culprits assigned long prison terms. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos needs to step into this quagmire, which threatens to suck down MIT and Harvard into a swamp of distrust.

Minority Report

Contrary to the ethically stunted majority of MIT Media labbers, two of its professionals resigned in protest of the hidden relationship between Ito and Epstein, and undoubted its shadow director Negroponte. As reported in CBS News: “Ethan Zuckerman, director of the lab’s Center for Civic Media, said that director Joi Ito had failed to disclose the deceased financier’s funding of the MIT incubator as well as investments Epstein made in Ito’s personal venture capital fund.

“Visiting scholar Nathan Matias, who works on the social impact of online platforms, said in a blog post that he, too, was severing ties with the Media Lab over business relations that occurred after Epstein’s ‘appalling crimes were already known.’” Well done, gentlemen, for setting an ethical example.

Two honest individuals versus 100 ethically impaired careerists who signed the support letter, plus several cowards who remain anonymous, in favor of Ito’s continuing as director. This is a scandal of academic complicity in criminal activities and ethical lapses at one of the nation’s most respected institutions of higher learning, setting a disgraceful example for America’s system of higher education. That said, who and what is Joi Ito?

Houseboy in Charge

Due to the moral influence of my father from a samurai clan who went off to war in the U.S. Army’s 442nd Regiment against the Nazi-led forces in Europe (yes, there is such a thing as real men among wimpy Asian Americans), I get uncomfortable whenever having to discuss our subservient immigrant phenomena of “houseboys” like actor James Shigeta, Lt. Sulu aka George Takei and this creepy Joichi Ito, and various mango smoothies named Cary or Grant. Orientalism, with its sexual exoticism, is a powerful undercurrent in Western societies that have neocolonial commercial interests in Asia, with Ito’s suspect role as a purveyor to pedophiles of Japanese child porn being a case in point.

Joichi Ito’s academic biography is noteworthy for its lack of mention of graduation from any university, not even with a bachelor’s degree, having been a dropout from Tufts and the University of Chicago. One of his disappointed teachers said that Joi believed himself to be too “creative” but actually was too lazy and undisciplined to attend class. His curriculum vita is otherwise packed with honorary mentions and highfalutin titles, obviously exchanged for generous donations by this fraudster. Institutional bribery bought his ticket to ride.

PSY op Tokyo

His “big start” in tech came with development of the PSY network in Tokyo, thanks to a little help from Cable and Wireless PLC, a private-sector telecom that fronted for the British CGHQ spy agency (equivalent to the NSA) operating out of Hong Kong and Australia. The Brit intel connection also links the Negroponte brothers to UK Princes Charles and Philip, those descendants of the King of Greece, a Brit-installed puppet during the Greek independence struggle against the Ottoman Turks in which Lord Byron figured so publicly. Is the MIT Media Lab actually a British intelligence outpost in the Ivy League? What else can explain Joi Ito’ mercurial rise based on nothing but hot air?

Anyway in the early 1990s, Japan’s early Internet system was being developed by a coalition of computer departments at leading universities, which called itself TWICS. In that early phase, my Japan Times Weekly webpage was the runaway leading website in Japan, but was forced to shut down under the threat of an advertising boycott made against the parent newspaper by Dentsu, then the world’s largest ad agency, which boldly told our executives about its plan to control the top 5 websites in Japan for online advertising purposes. My replacement website was titled “Archipelago”, a description for insular Japan borrowed from Alexander Solzenitsyn’s novel “The Gulag Archipelago“. At that moment, Joichi Ito was a bit player, virtually unknown who made his first fortune quietly from the British imperial spy apparatus.

The GCHQ, for those who have not kept up with the Brit spooks, has more recently been directly implicated in the Russiagate scandal against Donald Trump, the rise of Huawei out of colonial-era Hong Kong, and John Podesta’s excursion to New Zealand for the false-flag staged at ISIS mosques in Christchurch, plus a player in Ghislaine Maxwell’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and the hidden hand behind the Negroponte neocon brothers and the MIT Media Lab. Therefore, this logical thread suggests that the British top queers aka the Rothschild-Goldsmith cabal were ultimately behind the murder of Aaron Swartz and before that the arson that killed banker Edmond Safra, patron of the Aleppo biblical and Torah scholars opposed to the Illuminati State of Israel. The Illuminati fingerprints are all over the Epstein-Wexner-Maxwell affair.

Absurdity always accompanies evil, that is provided by Joi’s sister Mimi, a cultural anthropologist at UC Irvine who “studies” geek “culture”, for instance, computer gaming without her having any clue of how cheats and points are traded for money by these ethically stunted young criminals spending all their hours in game parlors (to avoided being tracked down by cybersleuths). Then again, she’s probably spent a lot of geeky hours in the dark web trolling for virtual goods to sell to sexually bent gamers. It’s hard to believe that top universities are permitting pseudo-academic “researchers”, but then again whenever I meet intellectually devoid professors I start to believe in the improbable.

Brit Fags

Now what does British-Australian intelligence have to do with child porn during Joi Ito’s early Internet days in Tokyo? I can recall one of my sub-editors who was married to staffer at the Australian Embassy expressing her dismay at embassy cocktail parties, where the male staffers (to the disgust of their wives) boasting about their outrageous sexual exploits against little brown boys and girls, in a game of one-upsmanship between cringeworthy pedophiles. That was in the same time frame that several European diplomats were arrested at their home-country airports for possession of child porn. One Spanish offender, who was second secretary at the Tokyo embassy, was caught bringing in a couple of suitcases full of Japanese child-sex videos, which included Caucasian men raping sub-teens and even infants.

The Japanese yakuza-owned studios were the world’s leading producer of child rape and S&M videos, available in uncensored format only for export. The underground trade and file-sharing over the Internet at his PSY operation (TWICS would have detected massive online porn) should explain how Joi Ito endeared himself to the high-end pedophile studio known as the MIT Media Lab. In that early era of the Internet, videos were too large for file-transfer and so shipments by TNT overnight air-express (the American founder of TNT was a serial rapist of underage Filipina girls). Ah, yes, those golden days of underage rape across Asia from Japan to Thailand.

Pressure from the Interpol forced the Japanese pedophile video industry to go underground. Many outsiders have wondered what accounts for the grotesque genres of Japan’s porn industry including elaborate knot-tying bondage, dripping candle infliction of pain, student gang-rape of teachers, 100-to-1 ratios of men to lone woman in the semen coverage rituals called bukkake, scatalogical poop fests, golden showers, female ejaculation, “new-half” trannydom and other demented rites with a rear-religious quality akin to Satanism? Partly because of racism payback whenever the more bizarre sex acts are staged by the ethnic Korean mafia out to humiliate the Japanese, much like how the Jewish cabaret owners in Weimar Berlin took out their race hatred against German Christians though deviant performances like the dog leash walk, scat-eating coprophilia acts (still enjoyed by Eric Schmidt and his Google technology freaks from Stanford), transvestism, leather and rubber fetishes, lesbian shows, and so on.

Underdogs can be rabid vicious mutts that need to be put down before their affronts to public decency bring on another race war by the majority against the criminalized minority. Koreans like the Jews indulge in complaints against discrimination while failing to address the question of provocation, as seen among many newer minorities in the USA with their Antifa posturing and nudity at gay-lesbian marches. If one was to be accepted, learn to live with others instead of assaulting their sense of decency.

CV of a Faker

Back to the Joi boy, the socially approved innocent who was appointed at Harvard Law as a “professor at Practice” (whatever that means): “Ito is chairman of the board of PureTech Health and serves on several other boards, including The New York Times Company, the MacArthur Foundation and the Knight Foundation. He is also the former chairman and CEO of Creative Commons, and a former board member of ICANN, The Open Source Initiative, and The Mozilla Foundation. Ito is a serial entrepreneur who helped start and run numerous companies including one of the first web companies in Japan, Digital Garage, and the first commercial Internet service provider in Japan, PSINet Japan/IIKK. He has been an early-stage investor in many companies, including Formlabs, Flickr, Kickstarter, littleBits, and Twitter. He has received a lifetime achievement award from Oxford Internet Institute” Impressive for a college dropout.” Blah-blah-blah. Show us the credentials.

Joi Ito is one of those tech con artists, spewing optimistic predictions to gain the naive trust of gullible investors and foundation grant-makers, not an educator or researcher, which is exactly what’s wrong with the over-leveraged, absurdly hyped tech sector and the Ivy League, where inventiveness is mainly focused on ridiculous e-commerce scams, redundant apps and counterfeit digital currencies. The bust of tech shares is looming, promising to wipe-out bigger than the dot.com bust. Sayonara, Elon and Zuck!

Last and least mentionable: “Ito has been awarded honorary doctorates from The New School and Tufts University and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Ito is a visiting professor of practice at the Harvard Law School.” So he failed attend classes in his freshman year at Tufts and now Ito has a doctorate from that same prestigious institution of higher learning. What a disgrace for Tufts! Pull your kids out of that fraudulent diploma mill. Because on Christmas I hope to give the university president a silver beggar’s cup to piss in.

Another point that hasn’t been raised is: Japan does not permit dual citizenship with the USA making his appointment at MIT an even bigger stretch. (Whereas dual citizen status is granted to Japanese descendants born in Peru and Brazil, based on those nations’ fascist alliance with Imperial Japan in the run-up to World War II; meaning the USA is still considered an enemy state.) As a Japanese citizen, Joi Ito cannot hold U.S. citizenship. A non-citizen with no college degree with prestigious Ivy League postings? How is this possible without payoffs? Why not appoint John Gotti’s grandson to the Wharton School?

Another mongrel from the Jewish kennel

Joi Ito’s obscure origins involved a father who immigrated from Kyoto to work as researcher for the Detroit auto industry. Somehow his mother became particularly close to Stanford Ovshinsky, a battery designer and solid-state “inventor” (who never studied electrical engineering), who “treated Joichi Ito almost like a son.” Hmmm. This so reminds me of that other Polish Jew named Bernard Krisher, the Tokyo correspondent for the Moonies’ UPI, who gained notoriety as a pedophile during the Cambodian orphanage affair. Ovshinsky’s father was from Minsk, then Lituania but now Belarus, in that same border regions dominated by the Frankist-Shabbetean sex cult, discussed in my earlier articles on the Epstein-Wexner family origins.

To those familiar with Operation Paperclip-Overcast, Ovshinsky’s “inventions” in solid-state electronics are not impressive works of a creative genius, given the fact that most of those “inventions” were developed in wartime Germany and hijacked (without an iota of concern for copyright). During World War II, Ovshinsky worked at the Goodyear plant in Litchfield, Arizona, where he modified lathes to produce artillery shells, and in the postwar period worked for the defense contractor Hupp Corporation, an assembly plant for Army vehicles. While maintaining the pretense of being an “inventor”, Ovshinsky was one of dozens of contracted managers with the Defense Department procurement program, transferring captured German technology to the private sector. Ovshinsky later established an electronics parts company in Nara, Japan, presumably with Mrs. Ito as his translator and guide-companion.

Therefore with the connections to Operation Paperclip, which morphed into DARPA, Joi Ito grew up as one of the Pentagon brats just like Jeff Bezos, the favorite boy of his maternal grandfather Lawrence Preston Gise, a founder of NASA and DARPA, as disclosed in one of my earlier articles for rense.com. It’s called nepotism, folks, based on “family secrets” reinforced by incest. These hand-me-down “geniuses” are mere managers and secret-protectors, not bright lights. Another one of these Jewish family heirlooms is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the NASA-awarded “science genius” with a thick Yiddish accent, whose “uncle” with the Kirshenbaum clan at Mount Sinai hospital’s research center facilitated her research on a microscopic worm.

Inside Plato’s Cave

Joi Ito is surrounded by a crew of likewise dodgy characters. The petition is online, but The Daily Beast’s Taylor Hatmaker has done a great job of condensing it: “Some of the prominent signers of the petition to keep Ito include former presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig, Whole Earth Catalog creator and tech icon Stewart Brand, managing partner of MIT Media Lab’s venture fund Habib Haddad, MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte, LittleBits founder and CEO Ayah Bdeir, and Harvard genetics professor George Church. Church previously apologized for his own connections to Epstein, chalking the relationship up to ‘nerd tunnel vision.’” Tunnel Vision? There is actually light at the end of a tunnel. These benighted ignoramuses are more like those blind believers inside Plato’s cave.

So now that George Church is outed as an Epstein researcher, we’re right back to “transhumanism”, which is not a transition for humanity but a genocide-in-planning that can more accurately be called the Post-Human Future, the roboticization of our simiian species to function like “intelligent” machines, albeit with less efficiency. Among that list of MIT Media Lab notables one can detect a Turing machine logic that reduces human cognition to electro-mechanical imaging, processing and patterning programs as opposed to our mammalian intuitive natural perceptions and surreal leaps of logic. The Media Lab promotes interdisciplinary attempts to render thought into algorithms, essentially in denial of the human propensity to a higher calling as well as our negation capability to hold out for a more demanding solution than what’s on offer, or as Nancy Reagan put it: “Just say no.” And that is exactly why the managerial class prefers mechanics over human intelligence. At a macro level, the post-human agenda is to turn a maddeningly complex human society into an ant colony.

George Church, molecular biologist specializing in genetic editing, CRISPR, was co-initiator of the BRAIN project launched by President Barack Obama, which is (face it, folks) a continuation of MK-ULTRA, using plug-in chips to fine-tune cognition after the initial experiments by those pioneering Doctors Sydney Gottlieb with LSD studies and Ewan Cameron through electro-shock therapy produced such excellent results in the assignments for Mark David Chapman and Whitey Bulger.

An innovator of chip-DNA synthesis, Professor Church has been the director of research projects at the Department of Energy (DOE), National Institutes of Health (NIH, genomics) and the Wyss Institute of Synthetic Biology. For those who recall my Pizzagate series, Hansjorg Weiss is the Swiss philanthropist who ran Synthes, a producer of prosthetics, implants and biomaterials, which was hit with medical malpractice suits for illegal experiments that killed several patients. Wyss was a friend and associate of John Podesta until he was scared off by the risk of blackmail following sexual performances at private showings. Herr Doktor Victor Frankenstein, where are you now that we need you?

To simplify the difference between the mechanistic post-human approach to science and a humanitarian philosophy of existence, one can look at MIT Lab researcher Aya Bdair’s “little bits” concept, which represents proteins and other long molecules with manipulable magnetic blocks, something like Lego pieces without holes and pegs. Linking her twisting pieces gets the player to falsely assume that biology is mechanical and that its biochemical configurations can be represented through mathematical modeling. In opposition to this constructionist viewpoint, life is energy, electromagnetic and biochemical via synapses and cytokines, moving with ever-changeable fluidity and reactivity to the point of being uncontrollable by external intervention, being both dancer and the dance, and at the quantum level ultimately inter-dimensional. A computer cannot begin to model those levels of complexity and therefore replicating even the simpler life-forms is beyond the grasp of the futurists.

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex life reflected that mechanistic outlook, with insertion of an organ in to another organ (as put in the Robert Burns poem that influenced “The Catcher in the Rye“, “when a body meets a body passing through the rye”) with casual sex as a mere physical function, devoid of the energy dimensions of hormones, nerves pulses, emotional longing, psychological imaginings and mammalian affection. His research quest for synthetic biology spawning of sex cyborgs reflected his mental isolation from the immense range of expectations, perceptions, reactions, emotions and communication that arises spontaneously in the love between a man and a woman. A cyborg made of “beyond meat” protein and methyl cellulose controlled by artificial intelligence algorithms is not in anyway equal to the human it is modeled after. After all the experiments with sex cyborgs are done, one fact will remain: the Post-Human Future is a dead end.

Negroponte’s inhuman past in Cambodia

Can you recall Colonel Kurtz, with Marlon Brando in that role? “The horror, the horror!” Like that PT boat crew sent to terminate the madman gone native, I was one of troopers who stumbled on Nick Negroponte’s encampment inside a sprawling Cambodian orphanage. The path to it, however, with dirty cops pointing guns to my head.

Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte was our Col. Kurtz, a core organizer of a pre-puberty predator ring in charge of kiddie porn sent by encrypted files from his computer lab at a Cambodian orphanage on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. At the time over several years after 2002, I was a member of an unofficial “The Fathers’ Group” of anti-pedophile activists who defied bribed-off Cambodian police and sex fiends at the U.S. Embassy to crack a child-sex ring run by Bernard Krisher, former UPI chief based in Tokyo who was a Moonie, and Nicholas Negroponte, who set up an Apple computer-learning center with video equipment and an outdoors transmission tower in the schoolyard, to transmit rape clips of boys as young as 6 years old. Shutting down his child-sex coven was a brutal challenge involving murders, assaults and threats, eventually resolved only through the intervention of Her Highness Queen Monica (the Cambodian orphanage affair is recapped at the end of this essay).

This notorious affair, which was sanitized over but never punished by the State Department, CIA or FBI, served up proof of Nick Negroponte’s role as a purveyor of child-rape porn to elite government officials and their corporate supporters. Without an ounce of official support, our team used night-vision videocams to provide the honest Cambodian cops with the identities of sex predators entering and leaving bordellos pimping sub-teen children.

Later, the investigative journalist Wayne Madsen traveled with me to the orphanage where teachers informed us of “weekend parties” for visiting American diplomats and corporate executives in 5-star hotels in Phnom Penh. Dozens of children were sexually violated, with a core group of compliant victims of both sexes of “average age 10 years old.” Jeffrey Epstein is a statutory rapist, Negroponte’s group are by comparison monsters, who compounded their criminal spree by arranging the murder of Aaron Swartz, the heroic Reddit editor who broke into an internal link on the MIT campus to hack the wire feed of child-sex videos prior to encryption. The corrupt New York police, of course, attributed his hanging by the neck in his apartment, even though the belt was several sizes larger than his waistline.

Another assault from the Krisher-Negroponte lackeys in Phnom Penh resulted in a roadway ambush outside of Sihanoukville on a New Zealand collegue in the father’s group, who had met with Madsen and also knew an informer inside the Krisher child-care NGO network in Phnom Penh. In the middle of night, he was beaten by the paid-off cops until blood poured out of his ears and all 10 fingers were bent back out of their sockets in the hands. He eventually died a few years later due to the long-term effects of those injuries. The pedophile coven were disappointed that he had survived the attack.

The paid-for hit was in retaliation for one of their own volunteers at a pre-school nursery who had visited him to disclose the sexual abuses by the Krisher ring, which included the boss’s son and daughter-in-law. That informant was soon thereafter executed and they tried to assign the blame to our member. The coven suspected our Kiwi friend of bribery, never considering that one of theirs might have pangs of moral conscience about organized rape sanctioned by the highest officials in the U.S. government and its intelligence operations in Southeast Asia.

The existence of Cambodian child-sex tapes was detected by reddit editor Aaron Swartz who pursued the clues from San Francisco to New York and onto Cambridge, Mass., to the MIT campus sprawled along the dirty water of the River Charles. As I have pointed out in the past, he was then working on research grant for the Edmond Safra foundation, under the cover of open access to academic research but his personal passion was to expose the politically connected pedophile. The late tycoon Safra gets a lot of bad press from Illuminati-controlled publishers, but in reality he was one of few traditional Jews to resist their perversion of the Jewish community and the Hebraic tradition. Although I’ve been vocal on this issue, it really is the moral responsibility of faithful Jews to launch action against the perverse and criminal heresy.

The Original Blackfriar’s Bridge

Negroponte is an Italian surname that translates as the Black Bridge, named for the wooden passage over the dark waters of the channel between the Greek mainland near Athens and Euboea Island in Aegean. The Venetian fortress in Chalkida, Euboea or Evvia, is therefore called Negroponte castle. The eponymous Greek Jewish family of Nick and John were perhaps servants of the Venetian lords. The charismatic “messiah” Sabbatai Zevi was born in Smyrna, a port on the Turkish mainland, but his family were originally from Greece, and possibly served as spies for Venice following the fall of Euboea to the Turks in 1490. In contemporary history, the Negroponte family’s most prominent members are the brother Nicholas with the MIT Media Lab and John, the former neoconservative UN Ambassador for George W. Bush. By no coincidence, the Podesta family, headed by John and Tony of Pizzagate fame are also long ago Venetian Jews, whose surname derives from “pedestal”, the corrupt concierges in charge of audiences with the Doge (ruler) of Venice. That city, being allied with the Eastern Roman Empire rather than Rome, was a center of barbaric sorcery and witchcraft, as implied by the custom of wearing masks to disguise one’s going to places of illicit activity, run by the Khazarian Jews, a black tradition kept up by the Negroponte brothers.

A large population of Khazar Jews emigrated from the region between the Caspian Sea and Georgia to flee the rival Turks (both tribes have origins in what is now Xinjiang, western China). A stream of Khazar Jewish refugees moved through Venetian Euboea northward to the Black Sea to form large communities in greater Poland and Lithuania, the homelands of the Epstein and Wexner families respectively. Others like the Negropontes remained behind, living under Turkish rule, when in the early 18th century the self-proclaimed “messiah” Sabbatai Zevi recruited much of Greek Jewry to convert to Islam as the “Donmeh” or hidden Jews, first disclosed in recent years by Wayne Madsen in his field reporting in Turkey. The Shabbetean cult was, as discussed in my earlier articles on the Epstein-Wexner affair a promoter of pedophilia, group orgies and homosexuality, introducing these to the Hapsburg court and to the Frankfurt-Hesse region of Germany, the center of financial power for the Rothschild house of usury. This deep history of a vicious warped cult explains my description of them as a coven.

Global Population Reduction

Bill Gates has been a guest, at least on one flight, aboard Epstein’s Lolita Express Boeing 727. Their secretive encounter goes a long way toward understanding the hidden agenda behind transhumanism, which is the planned genocide of the major of the human population, which will eliminate more lives than all previous genocidal events in past history. Never mind Himmler’s drop in the bucket compared to the Gates-Epstein plan for mass destruction. The very tact that androids are going to be needed as workers and personal assistants indicated at least 7 billion people are being targeted in the soon-coming clean sweep. The biowarfare labs certainly have sufficient deadly pathogens to accomplish the task while the elites will be in Earth orbit or on moon bases.

“Transhumanism” has genocidal implications of technology-enabled savagery at its most extreme, which is why I prefer the more accurate term of the post-human order. In this regard it is quite fitting for Joi Ito being a Japanese citizen to be running the project much like the”modernization campaign” at Nanking achieved by eliminating its native population in 1937-38.

It may seem financially inefficient to spend many millions of dollars on technology-enhanced sexuality when humans are willing to that task for free or, nowadays, the price of dinner and hotel room with a Tinder date. Investment in human-resembling cyborgs makes more sense in terms of the population-reduction agenda of the Gates and Rockefeller foundations. Jeffrey Epstein served on the board of trustees for the Rockefeller University, one of the original brain trusts for eugenics and population control of lesser subtypes. From the perspective of reducing the total number of births worldwide, this anti-humanistic agenda has been advanced through investment in promoting sexual identity movements, since homosexuality and transgender options result in birth-rate reduction without surgical intervention. Partner androids, far more advanced that present-technology sex dolls, will be the means to maintain the illusion of normative coupled relationships while precluding the potential for breeding offspring.

Due to religion-based belief systems, sex-partner cyborgs will not reduce population growth in Muslim and Catholic developing economies, which oppose popular use of condoms and birth-control pills. By logical deduction, human-resembling sex androids are being develop for after the great kill-off of 7 billion people. Sex cyborbs are, therefore, part of post-genocide social engineering for the planned survivor group, to prevent another wave of human population expansion, in other words, a steady-state demographic system.

Given the time-factor of development of “near-real” substitute spouses, say within 20 years, you my reader are scheduled to die in the soon-arriving genocide. So eat, drink and be merry, or join the resistance. Anyone with children or grandchildren had better choose the latter, due to your moral obligation for family preservation and social responsibility. While the festering genocide is still in preparation, one must activate a counter-strategy and prepare for war. My father, as I mentioned, was in the American military unit that broken up the gates of Dachau, which in fact are not as bad as things to come in our brief moment of time. Remember this is a battle for the human future against insanely evil forces, so none can be spared for the crime of consenting to the agenda.

The world has recently seen the deliberate release of cloned mosquitoes that transmit ovary-destroying toxins into the human bloodstream during the Zika scare in Brazil and the ongoing vaccine-induced ebola “epidemic” in West Africa and now the Congo region. Under the cover of modern medicine and vaccination, the Rockefellers, Gates and Epstein’s convoy of tech companies, are preparing catastrophic campaigns of sneak mass murder.

The coming struggle is on two fronts: Against criminal science and also in strong opposition to Muslim and Catholic ideological propaganda against birth control in the developing countries, along with the “escape valve” of migration to the developed economies. Population-exporting nations, regardless of their natural wealth, need to be quarantined by sealing borders, so that the rising populations threaten their own national leaders and religious fraudsters who promote a high birth rate. Until those false values are squelched and realistic policies, there will be no peace or sustained development and therefore compromise is futile.

Be very clear that a new world war is shaping up, and planning and preemptive action needs to be taken against the two extremes: the advocates of population growth and the supports of genocidal population reduction. The global population will have to decline, but this should come about by consent and social policy, not by either terrorism or genocide. Jeffrey Epstein left behind time bombs that must be defused and junked. There are hundreds of thousands of madmen like him among us, and they must be rooted out from positions of power and influence, or there will be hell to pay in days and hours to come.

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So much for whistleblowers. Starting to look more and more like Adam Schiff ran a spy operation against the White House, based on news of his hirelings. Seems every day brings a new revelation about Democratic efforts to rig an impeachment of the president. The false claims and astonishing conflicts of interest being thrown out there are […]

via Was Adam Schiff running a spy operation against the White House? | American Thinker Blog — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

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(Image: Massive humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could have been PREVENTED if the people hadn’t surrendered all their guns to a corrupt government regime)

Massive humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could have been PREVENTED if the people hadn’t surrendered all their guns to a corrupt government regime
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) For anyone interested in how to destroy a once-prosperous country and enslave the people, Venezuela provides an object, ongoing lesson.

After more than a decade of failed socialist policies, the country is on the brink of implosion as its hungry, desperate citizens — those who haven’t already fled — appear on the verge of completely unwinding what remains of the civil society there.

Worse, there isn’t much Venezuelans can do at this point to stop it without dying in large numbers.

In recent days, Fox News published a story that makes the case for gun rights including interviews with an exiled dissident from the South American oil-rich nation who has been watching his fellow citizens have their rights and their future crushed by a tyrannical, authoritarian leader who made sure they could not mount a serious resistance:

As Venezuela continues to crumble under the socialist dictatorship of President Nicolas Maduro, some are expressing words of warning – and resentment – against a six-year-old gun control bill that stripped citizens of their weapons.

“Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” Javier Vanegas, 28, a Venezuelan English teacher now exiled in Ecuador, told the network. “The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population.” (Related: Venezuela nears total collapse as government now unable to provide food, water, electricity and protection for citizens.)

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Our founders saw Venezuelan tyranny coming
The effort to disarm Venezuelans began in earnest in 2012 under then-President Hugo Chavez. Under his direction, the National Assembly passed the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law,” with the goal to “disarm all citizens.”

The law took effect the following year and only received minor pushback from a few pro-democracy opposition leaders. It banned the legal, commercial sale of all guns and ammunition to everyone except government organizations and entities (police, military, etc.).

For a time, Chavez ran a program that encouraged armed citizens to turn in their guns voluntarily in exchange for electrical goods. But in 2014 only a handful of guns — 37 — were turned in. The vast majority, or more than 12,500 firearms, were taken by force.

Also that year, as Nicolas Maduro succeeded Chavez after his death, he continued the socialist policies begun by his predecessor. And as the country reeled from economic malaise that turned into full-blown decline, Maduro nevertheless spent $47 million enforcing the Chavez gun ban, “which has since included grandiose displays of public weapons demolitions in the town square,” Fox News reported.

One former gun store owner told the network that he can now only sell fishing supplies since the ban took effect. He added that he can’t sell any weaponry whatsoever, and that includes slingshots. Even BB ammo and airsoft rifles and pistols can only be issued to police and military personnel. Anyone caught carrying or selling a firearm now faces 20 years in prison.

“Venezuelans didn’t care enough about it. The idea of having the means to protect your home was seen as only needed out in the fields. People never would have believed they needed to defend themselves against the government,” said Vanegas, the network reported.

“If guns had been a stronger part of our culture, if there had been a sense of duty for one to protect their individual rights, and as a show of force against a government power – and had legal carry been a common thing – it would have made a huge difference,” he told Fox News.

This is exactly why our founders wrote the Second Amendment and included it as one of the first contained in the Bill of Rights. Because they understood that governments, historically, have trended toward tyranny when there is nothing standing in the way.

Read more about the collapse of Venezuela at Collapse.news.

Sources include:





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Image: U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland”

U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland”
Sunday, October 06, 2019 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) BREAKING NEWS UPDATE concerning a directive involving the United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19, signed on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy.

Notably, Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley was nominated by President Trump for the rank of major general, according to a Jan. 16, 2019 Defense.gov press announcement. Before serving in his current role, Shipley served as the deputy director, Program Analysis and Evaluation, Department of Programs and Resources for the U.S. Marines.

This new order is summarized as, “MARINES ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES.” (The term “ISO” means In Support Of.”) (See full text of the order here.)

Note: There is disinfo being circulated about this order, claiming it was cancelled, but the cancelled order is 300/14, not 500/19. In fact, this new order 500/19 replaces a lot of previous orders, reestablishing the urgency of the situation and making sure any action to defend the Homeland is authorized by orders that are in good standing.

Many observers are concerned that with Democrats like Rep. Tlaib openly talking about which prisons to use for imprisoning President Trump and his cabinet, and with Hillary Clinton positioning herself to run for president, and with the IG’s FISA abuses report set to drop in a few weeks, the deep state Democrats have reached a point of desperation where they may attempt to initiate a “hot coup” (kinetic engagement, arrest or execution of the President and his Cabinet) to avoid going to prison themselves.

The entire CIA-run deep state media (i.e. Washington Post, NYY, CNN, etc.) are all in on the effort and now gaslighting the entire nation with ginned up “whistleblower” schemes that are wholesale fabrications.

Alex Jones reminds us: Trump has long planned to activate the U.S. Marines to stop an illegal coup

I spoke on the phone with Alex Jones today about this breaking news, and he told me, “I talked to a high level Trump confidant concerning what Trump would do if the deep state attempted an illegal coup. Trump said they would call out the marines and surround the White House, then legally and lawfully pursue the originators of the criminal coup.”

This high-level confidant is someone who is very close to the President, and who is familiar with the President’s plans for how to deal with any attempt by the deep state to carry out an illegal coup attempt.

We urge all lawful, pro-America organizations and individuals to prepare to defend your President against an illegal coup attempt in the coming weeks or months.

Details of the military order to U.S. Marines: “threats in the Homeland” … “will come with little or no warning”
Does the following order describe an activation of U.S. Marines reserve units to prepare for an anticipated hot coup attempt against our President? While some might downplay the order as a routine personnel organization directive, you can read the highlights here and decide for yourself.

The highlights of the order (order # 550/19), found at this Marines.mil link, are as follows: (bold emphasis added) (you can also try this direct link to see if it’s responding)



In accordance with (IAW) REF A, this MARADMIN provides guidance for the activation of Reserve Component (RC) Marines under §12304a, Title 10, U.S. Code, following a request for Federal assistance in response to a major disaster or emergency within the United States. Requests for Federal assistance will come with little warning. As required, the Marine Corps must rapidly mobilize RC units and personnel IAW this MARADMIN in order to respond to threats in the Homeland.

This order specifically references the President of the United States as the commanding officer:

SECNAV’s delegated authority may be exercised only after: (Note: SECNAV means Secretary of the Navy)

…2.B.2. When directed by the President in support of (ISO) a request for assistance (RFA) from a primary Federal department or agency…

This order also invokes the “Marine Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (EPLO)” as well as a large contingent of U.S. Marines forces:

USNORTHCOM and USINDOPACOM requests EPLO activation through its USMC service component, Marine Forces North (MARFORNORTH) and Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC).

COMMARFORNORTH/COMMARFORPAC should consider using on hand Active Component (AC) and Active Reserve (AR) personnel to meet immediate IA requirements.

The order also appears to underscore something called, “involuntary activation authority” as explained here:

RC personnel can be sourced from the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) program with the involuntary activation authority residing with SECNAV and SECDEF.

4.C.3. Ensure coordination is conducted with MARFORPAC and MARFORNORTH regarding the expected or planned RC IA mobilizations either in a voluntary or involuntary status.

4.C.6. As required, act on delegated SECNAV authorities for volunteer mobilization orders under §12301(d) for the initial 72 hour Immediate Response Authority period IOT facilitate a rapid time-sensitive response.

<a href="http://”&gt;



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(Image: The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America)

The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America
Tuesday, October 01, 2019 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The deep state is at war with America. The CIA is running an attempted coup, and all the CIA’s puppet “journalists” (actually nothing more than CIA-run media hacks) are all-in. The Democrats are betting everything that they can remove Trump from office and somehow avoid a popular uprising that would likely see millions of armed citizens taking action to defend this republic against the lawless deep state and its authoritarian rule.

You are witnessing the final chapter. The Democrats, CIA and media hacks are throwing everything at Trump in a last-ditch effort to remove him from office before the 2020 election, which the Dems know they cannot win (because Democrat ideas suck, and they have no ideas other than communism and handing out free stuff to everyone). Just today, lunatic Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters called for President Trump to be “imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement,” probably so the deep state can pull a Jeffrey Epstein on him, where magically all the security cameras simultaneously malfunction while the prisoner is executed.

The fake news corporate media has abandoned any last shred of credibility and is now literally faking every “bombshell” about Trump, Ukraine, Russia and the so-called “whistleblower” (who is really nothing more than a CIA spy). In reality, all media hacks have become crisis actors who have been handed scripts by the CIA, and they are role playing those scripts to pretend like Trump has been caught carrying out heinous crimes… the very same crimes that Joe Biden actually committed.

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Crazed Democrats are obsessed with Trump, but they ignore the real issues facing Americans

This face off ends with just one party left standing. The Democrats cannot survive this if they do not decisively take out Trump, because in escalating this brazen, fabricated assault on our president, Democrats have demonstrated to all Americans that they don’t care about any real issues Americans are facing such as health care costs, the collapse of liberal cities and the growing power and corruption of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Instead, Democrats are willing to watch America burn and collapse as long as they think they might be able to get Trump in the process.

Democrats have become terrorists, criminals and lunatics, and they have reached the point of insanity where they quite literally want to see this country burned to the ground rather than witness Trump win a second term.

Understand that this current “soft coup” against President Trump is just the beginning of what they have planned. If this soft coup fails, they have a plan of escalation that will ultimately reach the point where deep state criminals like John Brennan and Barack Obama attempt to carry out plans that include the assassination of President Trump. But that’s not even where this ends. If that fails, they have more moves in store for America, and all these attempts will result in the loss of innocent life. Bluntly stated, if Trump doesn’t order the arrest and prosecution of all these deep state traitors and CIA operatives — across Congress, the fake news media fiction factories and even the judiciary — they will unleash deadly terror and lawlessness across America in a desperate effort to reclaim authoritarian rule (while, of course, ordering the executions of all Trump loyalists).

“It may appear that the Democratic Party, furious over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, is the driving force behind this ongoing attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, but at every turn we see the fingerprints of the CIA and its allies in the US deep state,” writes Ron Paul. “Brennan and his deep state counterparts James Comey at the FBI and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper launched an operation, using what we now know is the fake Steele dossier, to spy on the Trump presidential campaign and even attempt to entrap Trump campaign employees.”

The deep state must be stopped, and that clearly includes Big Tech, the fake news “media” propagandists, and the corrupt sectors of the intelligence community (FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Dept.). If Trump doesn’t stop them, here is the escalation of tactics that will unfold as the radical Left unleashes war on U.S. soil:

Level 1: “Soft coup” attempt

At this level, which you are witnessing right now, deep state spies and operatives inside the bureaucracy fabricate fake accusations against Trump while media crisis actors pretend they’ve found a smoking gun that doesn’t actually exist. By whipping up mass hysteria via the CIA-run media, Democrats hope they can trick America into going along with the impeachment of Trump by accusing him of carrying out the corruption crimes that Joe Biden actually executed.

Level 2: Criminal framing attempt using crisis actors

If the soft coup fails, the same deep state operatives and crisis actors (Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Clinton, etc.) will fabricate fake financial documents and pretend that Trump committed a vast array of financial crimes. The documents will be as fake as Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate which, of course, was Photoshopped into a 17-layer digital file with bits and pieces switched together from various scans of old documents.

The Obama deep state has extensive experience fabricating fake documents, and they will put those skills to use in trying to frame Trump for criminal behavior that he didn’t commit. Remember, trust nothing reported by the media. They lie about everything. They are just “following orders,” after all, handed to them by the CIA.

Level 3: Area effect “terrorism” that attempts to injure or murder Trump

When the criminal framing attempts fall flat, the deep state Democrats will ratchet up their plans to a “hot” phase of the civil war. In this phase, operatives run by the FBI — all of whom have extensive experience planning and carrying out acts of terrorism across the United States — will go live with “area effect” attacks that attempt to kill President Trump with nuclear, biological or chemical attacks.

Notably, this level of desperation by the deep state equals that of the staged 9/11 attacks which were of course planned and carried out with the authorization of the very same deep state that’s now trying to destroy Trump. That’s why building 7 was rigged with explosives months in advance, as is now admitted by a senior analyst at CNBC.

It’s also why the Pentagon launched a cruise missile at the Pentagon building, then the media tried to gaslight the entire nation to falsely claim the Pentagon was struck by a commercial passenger jet. Yet amazingly, there was no wreckage from a passenger jet found at the scene. Not even a seat cushion or a scrap of metal from a wing. That’s because the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a passenger jet. It was the FBI that confiscated all the hundreds of surveillance videos from across the region, burying all video evidence of the cruise missile that actually struck the building, just as planned.

This is important to note because if there’s a rogue faction inside the Pentagon that’s still controlled by Obama loyalists, they could literally launch a cruise missile at the White House then gaslight the entire nation to claim it was an act of terrorism from “white nationalists” or something similar. They can make up anything and push it out as “authoritative news,” even if it’s complete fiction.

The most likely area effect weapon, however, is a dirty bomb using cesium-137, a radioisotope that’s deadly in very small quantities. It’s a blue powder, and because the half life of Cs-137 is so short (about 29 years), it gives off an enormous amount of ionizing radiation every second. The Democrat deep state is already well versed at carrying out assassinations and executions of political enemies (Seth Rich, anyone? Andrew Breitbart?), so they already know how to mix Cs-137 into other products to make, for example, car bumpers out of it. Or a painting, or a dinner plate, etc. For this reason, Trump’s security team had better be carrying out portable radiation meters to make sure they can whisk the president out of the way should ionizing radiation be released by the deep state.

For the record, I am the patent holder of an invention called Cesium Eliminator, which is a formula that removes radioisotopes of cesium from the digestive tract. My ISO-accredited mass spec laboratory also runs ICP-MS equipment which can detect Cesium-137 and, frankly, almost any isotope of any radioactive substance. The sensitivity of the instrument is so high that we still see echoes of uranium isotopes released during above-ground nuclear testing carried out by the United States and other nations. If anyone from the Trump administration needs private testing of food, water, clothing, hair or other substances, we can carry that out with total privacy, with rapid turnaround (just a few hours after receiving the sample). We are also experts in food and water contamination, and we run a mass spec time-of-flight instrument that can detect unknown chemicals via accurate mass determination, which is useful if you suspect something has been poisoned but you don’t know which poison was used. From ICP-MS-TOF scans, we can derive chemical equations of poisons and other contaminants, even if we have no idea what molecular masses to look for at the start.

Getting back to the war against President Trump: Deep state terrorists may also attempt chemical attacks or biological attacks. Biological attacks are far more complex in terms of sourcing the weaponized strains, so the more likely weapon delivery system is a chemical attack or a dirty bomb nuclear attack. Chemical attacks could include drone-delivered aerosolized fentanyl, for example, which is nearly impossible to defend against in you’re out in the open. One breath and you’re dead. It’s worth noting that a lot of the methods of weapon delivery in the future of warfare — including deep state warfare against America — will be conducted via drones. This could include small-scale dirty bomb packages delivered by drone and detonated in open spaces to rain down highly radioactive material onto the target zone. Think Chernobyl, but smaller.

Note than in all these scenarios, thousands or even tens of thousands of Americans will be killed in the process. But as we learned with 9/11, this has never stopped the deep state before. If they have to nuke a U.S. city to take out Trump in the process, they will not hesitate to do so (as long as they can blame Trump and gun owners, of course).

It’s worth repeating this so that you get it. The Democrats and their deep state handlers are truly at war with America. There’s nothing they won’t do. The FBI is, as we have exhaustively documented, is a straight-up terrorist organization, and the FBI ran the murders of JFK, RFK and MLK, Jr., as well as running the Oklahoma City bombing and taking part in the 9/11 cover-up. Nearly all the acts of mass destruction and terrorism that you learned about in U.S. history were actually carried out by the deep state itself, always for political purposes. Oklahoma City, for example, was run under President Clinton to try to take out Rush Limbaugh and censor conservative talk radio. 9/11 was carried out to expand the very same domestic surveillance powers which Obama and Clinton weaponized against Trump. JFK was taken out because he threatened to end the Federal Reserve and bring the money supply back under the control of the U.S. Congress. Dr. King was assassinated because he preached racial peace and unity instead of violence and hatred. The list goes on…

It’s not just present-day events that are being staged and faked by crisis actors, in other words; it’s the entire post World War II history of the United States. The deep state has been running this show for 75 years, and they won’t give up power without waging war on the outsider (Trump) who threatens them.

Level 4: Direct assassination attempt to murder Trump

When all the other attempts fail, a direct assassination attempt will be leveled against Trump, but it will of course be made to look like a death by natural causes in order to suppress a patriot uprising. If Trump is killed via a shooting or some similarly violent attack, that will be the tipping point for American patriots to self-activate and rise up against the corrupt, criminal deep state and the Democrat traitors across the country. So the deep state will attempt to make the assassination look like an accident or a natural death, and of course the autopsy will be covered up, the body will be cremated and all evidence will be swept under the rug as quickly as possible.

After all, they took out JFK and got away with it. And RFK, too. The deep state can murder presidents and get away scot-free because the media will gaslight the American public and follow the CIA propaganda scripts. The only thing different today is the existence of the independent media, which is precisely why InfoWars, for example, is under extreme lawfare assault and demonetization attacks. The only way the deep state can achieve success with its gaslighting operations is if the independent media is taken offline. That’s why they are infuriated that the indy media has been so resilient, to the point where we are launching our own platforms to compete with YouTube, for example. Just as I have launched Brighteon.com, Alex Jones now has Banned.video. Both platforms dare to allow people to tell the truth about world events, despite the censorship attempts by the establishment.

Level 5: Unleashing planned invasion of America with Chinese and UN troops

Finally, if the direct assassination attempt fails, the deep state will unleash an international war that will invite Communist Chinese and U.N. troops to invade and occupy the United States through California and the Southern border, respectively.

Calif. Governor Newsom has already sold out to the Chinese and will no doubt welcome a communist Chinese invasion of California, granting millions of Chinese troops a beachhead on California soil. The lunatic left-wing Democrats in California will cheer at first, at least until the Chinese troops begin raping, pillaging and mass murdering the residents of Los Angeles as they sweep eastward. (Note to California libtards: Communism sounds awesome until it arrives at your door. Then it’s murderous.)

Should this scenario happen, patriots in rural California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona will not only engage and disrupt Chinese military operations; they will also seek out and remove all the collaborators (i.e. Democrats who went along with the invasion). Dave Hodges at TheCommonsenseShow.com covers this scenario in great detail in his excellent reporting which is based on sources in the intelligence community. Read The Russian Scissors Strategy Part 1 and Part 2 for an overview of the multinational invasion of the USA that’s being planned with the help of Obama and other traitors.


Along the U.S. Southern border, U.N. troops will invade Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, deploying all those U.N. armored personnel carriers you’ve seen shipped across the country on trains. The goal will be the complete occupation and control of pro-Trump regions of the country, which include Middle America and most western states. Should such an invasion occur, patriots in Texas and elsewhere will engage these United Nations invading forces with extremely effective disruption / guerilla tactics that they learned in the United States military. Texas alone has over a million retired veterans who are highly capable, deeply determined and extremely well-equipped.

Even a few hundred thousand blue helmets far from home, spread out along difficult supply lines and unfamiliar territory, are no match for retired U.S. Marines, special forces, Army and police SWAT. Add to that the massive firearms and ammunition supplies that have been stockpiled by citizens across millions of private homes and businesses across the western states, and you have an unwinnable war for UN forces, who will be confronted by long range engagements by patriots who grew up hunting deer and other game at long distances. For a Texan, engaging an enemy UN soldier at 500 yards doesn’t even require any effort. And Texas residents already own large caliber weapons used for hunting purposes, such as 300 WM, or 338 LM, or even 50 cal platforms such as the Barrett, which can disable UN vehicles with a single shot. (Because 660 grains of hot lead slices right through engine blocks…)


Prepare for massive, nationwide disruptions: Grid down, fuel shortages, food lines, left-wing riots
You’ll notice that in several of the scenarios described above, there will be extensive disruptions of the basic infrastructure of modern society. Even if you don’t live in cities where riots and lawlessness will occur (i.e. liberal-run cities), you are likely to experience the ripple effects of infrastructure disruptions. Those may include temporary disruptions in the power grid.

JohnyMac at AmericanPartisan.org has published an excellent new article that discusses the importance of realizing that your comms will go down when the grid goes down. This means you won’t be able to communicate by phone, or internet or any common carrier. What will continue to work? Radio frequencies, of course, which is why HAM radio operators and technicians will rule the recovery.

As JohnyMac asks:

Once your electrical substation goes down communication along with other things that electricity provides will be gone too. What is your plan to generate enough electricity to keep your furnace going, freezers freezing, and communications happening? Certainly, if you have a generator and plenty of fuel you and your family can survive but, all the power in the world at your home will not allow you to communicate blocks away let away states away if the cell towers have no power. What is your communication plan post a grid down situation and the backup generators at the cell towers run out of fuel?

If you don’t have communications gear, you’re basically screwed in this type of situation. To get up to speed quickly, go take one of the Brushbeater courses, held in North Carolina.

I also mentioned in a previous article that if you don’t have night vision gear, you’re screwed again, since night time is when all the troublemakers come out to try to steal your supplies or just flat-out kill you so they can occupy your home. ReadyMadeResources.com has a solid selection of night vision devices and is run by patriotic Americans.

If you’re looking for food supplies, we’ve got our ever-popular Ranger Buckets at the Health Ranger Store. (Which are currently sold out, but we’re ramping up another production run.) These are certified organic, lab-tested, long-term storage food staples that can be made into hundreds of different recipes. You’ll want to stockpile some olive oil, lard or coconut oil in addition to what’s in the buckets, by the way.

I also noticed that Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner machines are sold out until 2020. This means Americans are buying them like crazy and making their own homemade firearms to get ready for a foreign invasion, authoritarian rule or Antifa-ignited civil war. This also means Americans have no plans to surrender their firearms. If anything, they’re making more.

It’s pretty clear the American people are fed up with being ruled by an authoritarian deep state cabal of treasonous actors. Americans are tired of media lies and blatant propaganda being spewed forth by CNN and NBC (Nothing But Communism). The American people are going to see this through, and they’ve decided that defeating the Democrats is the only way to preserve this nation.

Be prepared for anything, because it’s false flag season in the minds of deep state Democrats. Watch for mass shootings, explosives, chemical attacks, dirty bombs, engineered social chaos, fake news crisis actors, extreme censorship and possibly even a Democrat-run foreign invasion of U.S. territory. There’s nothing they won’t try to topple Trump. Which means you need to be ready for anything to occur.

Ultimately, the only way to save America is to tear down the FBI, CIA, DOJ and State Department, then start over with strict government budget limits that force the federal government to shrink by 95%. Only then will the American people ever be safe from tyranny. It’s time to drain the swamp, and Trump is the only person in Washington D.C. who seems to be willing to pull the drain plug.

Stay informed. Keep reading this website for details as these events unfold. If we are taken offline, it means the deep state is actively moving forward with its assassination and invasion plans. Stay on high alert at all times, and watch your six.

Stand by for stand by.

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Seth Rich Murder Revealed by Whistleblower Who
Seth Rich Murder Revealed by Whistleblower Who Tells All! Boom!
Monday, September 30, 2019 20:58
By Glenn Canady
Contributor profile

A whistleblower with deep connections within government dropped bomb after bomb in this broadcast from BeachBroadcast.com The first video is the entire interview which is a must listen while the second video is a summary of the hot details. Get this everywhere patriots! It’s HUGE! Alex Jones is refusing to report it because it’s not HIS story of course as usual! Put heat on Jones at showtips@infowars.com and tell him no more product sales if he censors this story! He should bring on the people who did this interview and John but I’ll bet any patriot $100 he won’t! This story is like something out of a movie!

Summary Video

Here’s some of the stuff covered.

In one part the whistleblower named “John” talks about how the FBI runs the terror attacks on America by pushing people they have infiltrated to do them! Just like the first WTC bombing! And when these attacks are planned the FBI asks, “What’s the spread?” which means how many civilians can we kill. They want maximum body counts! If there won’t be enough body bags they aren’t interested! This is the sick evil government we have now! And if any of you don’t support Trump and still vote democrat after learning all this stuff in this interview you’re evil too because you support killing God’s babies!

Rod Rosenstein was a cleaner who was busy sweeping up all the DOJ dirty secrets so Trump couldn’t find out about them and he was involved of course with framing Trump for the Russia hoax. Rod Rosenstein reaches out to the black hats, DEA, DOJ, ATF, Secret Service and a hit man for help! Rosenstein creates a thumb drive that will be switched with the real Seth Rich thumb drive when they take him out so when it’s found on Seth Rich’s body they can use this bogus information they put on there to frame Trump! Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein were all involved in this effort to frame Trump using this bogus thumb drive put on Seth Rich after they killed him and took his thumb drive! We’re three years in and not ONE person has every gotten in trouble at all for anything! It’s outrageous!

The DEA reaches out to the hit man who reaches out to the MS-13 gang who get two guys to do the dead. These two MS-13 members were originally supposed to badly beat up Seth Rich but he fought back and they had to shoot him. They did take the thumb drive and gave it to a guy named “Rosie” at the DEA. The MS-13 members originally drove to Seth Rich’s house from South Carolina on stolen tags and when “Rosie” at the DEA found out, he was beyond livid!

Seth Rich was still alive when he got to the hospital. There were two people that arrived at the hospital to make sure Seth Rich didn’t talk – Donna Brazille and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser! Two weeks after Seth Rich was killed, Donna Brazille becomes the DNC chair!

Meanwhile, “Rosie” from the DEA is so mad at the MS-13 assassins because they drove to DC with a stolen tag that drives to South Carolina and kills them himself! (Note by Glenn: I absolutely remember the news story about the MS-13 gang members killed in South Carolina) I had a feeling this was connected because it happened so fast after the Seth Rich murder. I knew it was probably somebody tying up loose ends.)

On his way to South Carolina, “Rosie” switches out of his government car and into his wife’s white car. His wife had an Easy Pass in the car and there was a photo taken of the car as it passed through the toll booth. This whistleblower knows where this photo exists but nobody in government is helping him! He’s been to see Nunes and nothing has happened yet because it’s been stopped by other people at every turn!

This whistleblower “John” went and approached a group of people within government to give them all this information! But surprise they were cockroaches too and they did nothing! They held on to the information for over two years! This group tried to take “John’s” name completely out of the information packet and put their names on it. They wanted to take credit for it all! Then they started offering $100,000 bribes to John to give them more information! John didn’t want anything for it!

Devin Nunes offered John secret service protection but this “group” stopped it! The then got the secret service protection authorized again for John but Rod Rosenstein shut it down when he was still there! John knows where this Seth Rich drive is! He knows everything! He’s a hero! John needs protection so I’m asking all patriots to send this story viral and get everybody you know to tweet Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump! Go for it BeforeitsNews patriots! Let’s see what you can do with this story! May the light of God light up this story over the next 24 hours! I’m also asking all patriots to pray right now that this story reaches Trump!

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