Plagiarized, and Mad as Hell!

Out of all the years I have had many documents posted on scribd, until the last 2-3 years, I had not been plagiarized the way I am now.  This is about the 4th different person that I have found copied a document, and claimed it was their own writing.

It would not be so bad, if they asked me first.  Even if I said no and they did it anyway, that would be one thing, but damn it, I work hard, and for someone to take credit for my hard work SUX!

I guess that is the norm now, if you can’t create it yourself steal it and lie about it.  I guess there is a special place in hell for people like that.

So now my goal is exposure of these assholes.  So, if you know any document posting site, and you are having your works stolen, join me here.

You know what scribd said last time I complained about it?  They said the documents look like court documents to them, and that makes them public documents.  Like big fucking DUH!  That does not mean, that others can steal the documents, and say they wrote them.  In 2008, scribd would not have said that.

Another too big to fail attitude!  Nothing is sacred any more.  And if you know of a really good document posting site that don’t allow others to steal credit for your documents and get away with it, please let me know!!!

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