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Another case of police abusing their authority occurred this month, ending with the death of a beloved family dog in Michigan.Presesrve Freedom reported the story.

Now the family wants answers as to why their dog was shot.

Bianca Alakson of Redford, Michigan and boyfriend Ryan Showalker thought they were doing everything right in protecting their dog Rocky a 10-month old lab/pit mix. As with many dog owner who have had their furbabies murdered by police, they were wrong.

On May 11, Bianca and Ryan’s world fell apart, thanks to Redford Township police. Now Rocky is dead, Bianca claims because police told her “he was in their way.”

Police were chasing a suspect through the neighborhood, and claim they saw that person inside the home. This, they say, gave officers the right to ignore a “beware of dog” sign on the fence in the back yard. Officer’s entered their property through an unlocked back gate.

After Ryan heard gunfire, he ran outside to see what happened. When he was told Rocky had been shot, Ryan broke down in front of the officers. At this time Ryan was placed under arrest for interferring with the investigation and resisting arrest. So far, no charges have been filed.

We all know what happened to Rocky. Come on everyone, say it together now “The dog was aggressive. The dog was attacking and we feared for our lives.” Rocky was shot once and injured. The officer who murdered Rocky said the pup continued to charge, so he fired his weapon again. The second round proved fatal.

Bianca and Ryan, along with neighbors who knew the dog, claim Rocky wasn’t aggressive. Neighbors who heard the commotion said police screaming at the family and using profanity was all they heard. No barking, no growling.

Kimberly Showalter Wheeler commented on the Redford Township Police Facebook page

“I find it difficult to believe that shooting my granddog was the only option this police officer had. I question his motives for even entering Rock’s yard. I am appalled that in my son”s heartbroken reality he was arrested and taken to jail because he questioned why his “best friend” was mercilessly shot and killed in his own yard.”

Ryan is still waiting to hear what charges he’ll face from that tragic night.

Now Rocky sits in an urn on the coffee table, his pawprint and bloodstained collar is all that’s left to remind the family of how yet another innocent dog had to die at the hands of police. Ryan honors Rockys memory saying

“He wasn’t the protector of the house type dog either, he was just the greet everybody and love them to death type dog,

The Facebook community is demanding an outside investigation into Rocky’s death. Most likely, the officer will be cleared by the department, if an investigation even takes place.

Dog shootings by police continue to rise, with a dog being injured or killed every 98 minutes.

What do the police want dog owners to do? We put our dogs in a fence-you shoot them. We put “beware of dog” signs outside the fence to warn anyone that a dog lives on the property. You shoot those dogs also.

To hold a position that claims “to protect and serve,” police are making a joke out of that motto.

Hopefully, Bianca and Ryan will file charges against the officer responsible, the Redford Township Police Department, and any town municipalities involved.

Police don’t shoot dogs because they have to-they shoot them because they can. The majority of dogs shot by police never see justice, and even when they do, the family is left to grieve for the death of a beloved family pet.

A list of Redford Township officials can be found under the department heading on their website. Feel free to contact them, and to also leave a few words on the Redford Township Police Facebook page.

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