I actually wrote this article a couple of months ago, and every time I tried to post it, it didn’t post. I don’t know why, but decided I would try to post it again.

A month or so ago, LinkedIn decided to shut me down, for the second time. Twitter has shut me down twice. The only one that I have not been suspended from is facebook, and I only re-joined there, hoping to find where I could get another Kugsha after Tiponi suddenly died in June.

Of course, I could not get one, so joined up at AKC and found a female Giant Malamute. So, I never post anything on facebook that I don’t think I will get banned for, and when I get tired of searching for a male puppy for my female, I will most likely delete my account again. No, might keep it so that I have a place to go to argue with people who think they know a lot about raising wolves, when they are mostly just idiots.

Nootka GreatBear Oklavik of Greystone, 4.5 weeks old.

When we first got Nootka GreatBear Oklavik of Greystone, people got one because they admire respect and love them. We love them for who they are, not as a status symbol like people do now. Now, it seems almost like a club. These people try to take them to obedience classes, and a bunch of crazy shit. They don’t respect or care about the animals. Not really. They come home from obedience class and put the wolves into a crate or a small fenced area where they don’t have to worry about them for the rest of the day.

Our whole property is fenced, there are no separate fences for our “kids”. They have the ability to come in and go out when they want. We live in the same area as they do. If they don’t feel like being social for whatever reason, they are left alone, and when they want to spend 24/7 in the house, they can do that too. I can’t even imagine trying to stick a 250-300 pound male wolf into a crate.

1.5 years old 168 pounds.; he would grow for 2 more years.

I like to have shit when I saw what these people do. They all use Embark for DNA testing, and brag about the percentage of wolf in their animals. Damnedest thing I have ever seen. Why don’t they just get a dog, that don’t mind if you treat it like a dog? These people want to take a wolf, and turn it into a dog. It’s no wonder the “wolves” that these people have aren’t allowed free roam of the whole yard, and the house. Their animals, would probably, when they have had enough of the classes, eat these people.

The closest thing that I can liken it to, is hearing a bunch of yuppies bragging about their non- motorized reel lawnmowers, and why each of their mowers, is better than everyone else’s because it is more “green”, or cuts a wider path than everyone else’s.

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We are virtual freelance legal assistants. We have over 180 documents posted online at We enjoy being together, and sharing our lives with our two Kugsha. They are very large, and love to make us laugh, loads of fun!


  1. Hi Nootkabear ! Too bad you “have” to go-with-the-flow with these social-media-people for professional reasons, & can’t just leave them behind…All this said, I’ve recently discovered a local Aussie “satire” group of folks, that take the mickey out of everything government, & post-up some great videos, in the guise of news-reports…They call themselves “The Juice Media” & are quite funny imo, though the “language” / swearing used is over-done, & some may find that very offensive, the “truth” & humor will hopefully outweigh any offense taken by the language used….

    So if you need a laugh, check them out ! Here’s a link to their site, & they’re also on YouTube…Look for “gov’t adds”…The AUKUS one is disturbingly true & yet funny.

    I hope this cheers y’all up somewhat, & apologies in advance for the swearing used if offended.

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    1. Thanks, I could always use a smile or two. I don’t get very offended with massive swearing. I often do it myself, not to be crude or anything, just the way we talked when I was growing up. I talk to my friends much differently than I talk here, or with clients, or people I do work for.



  2. Hi Nootkabear, this article has posted-up fine this time around. Word press have stopped a few of my replies being posted, so your very correct about overreach & censorship.

    And don’t let the fools of this world annoy you too much if you can help it !

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. I went so far as to remove the links I used, so that my articles would be shared on LinkedIn, after they banned me the second time, and threatened to never let me back on at their site. I find the site useful, but only for business related issues. Seems that anyone that has a business, or wants companies to be able to check them out. I have checked there many times to see someone’s true positions with companies, when a client is going up against a bank or similar defendants. The issues in foreclosures in the US, when a bank assigns a mortgage to another lender, and the person signing the assignment has no more authority than any asshole off the street, should matter, but don’t in US. In the state where I live, anyone can foreclose on your loan, they don’t have to own the loan, and don’t even have to be the loan servicer. I don’t know why people haven’t been foreclosing on their neighbor’s homes, the way it is set up.
      LinkedIn censors the hell out people.

      I tried to get facebook to kick me off a good while back, but they never would, no matter what I said. So I deleted my account. Then when I needed to get a puppy, in the same bloodline I had had, I tried to get the list of my past “friends” so that I could get in touch with certain breeders, facebook assured me that I could not do that. Hell, they can sale all of someone’s information, but they can’t let you get your “friend’s” list from you old account? Bullshit. I don’t believe that they don’t keep any information from deleted account.

      Such is life. I am glad that you let know that I am not the only one’s whose posts are not always posted. It helps to know….


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