Prepare for Famine! 
Food Shortages from
Ships not unloaded at Docks because of Social Distancing, sick workers, Farmers ordered to Destroy Crops by the US Government, Drought in CA,AZ,NM,OR,WA, etc = big suppliers of Vegetables,Fruits, Nuts, etc. Shortages of Truckers, so no Transportation, and inflation from Gov’t OverSpending – Food, Gas, etc to double or triple in price?
‘Hunger Pandemic’ Ahead Of The ‘Engineered Famine’ And ‘Reset Of The US Food System’
Now Pushing Us Towards The Brink Of Starvation


Engineered Food Shortage As A Weapon Of War
Sarah Westall opines that the engineered food shortage is being used as a weapon of war as she goes through Farmers being forced to destroy their crops because of the engineered drought – remember that California supplies over 1/3 of our veggies and 2/3 of our fruits and nuts – while the usurper Biden adds millions of more acres to the “Conservation Reserve Program” created in 1985 by paying one and a half times the value of the land to stop production on it.  
The USA in the last 20 years has lost over 48,000,000 acres of productive farmland because of insane federal programs like this. 

Warnings started in 2019 – Droughts and Floods caused by Weather Warfare

Nightmare For Agriculture Leading To Devastating Food Shortages
global weather patterns have continued to go haywire: “What Is Causing Extremely Bizarre Weather Patterns To Hammer The Middle Of The U.S. Over And Over Again?” Snyder asked within the linked story. With 100 years of weather modification patents on file 
and globalists such as Henry Kissinger suggesting using ‘food as a weapon to induce targeted population reduction‘ in this previously classified 200-page report,

how far of a stretch is it to suggest ‘America’s breadbasket‘ might be being targeted?
As then future President Lyndon B. Johnson said during a graduation address to his alma mater Southwest Texas State University in 1962 of a newly deployed satellite, “this lays the foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layers and ultimately to control the weather and he who controls the weather, controls the world.

Also 2016
Compare the Trailer for the Movie GeoStorm 2017

If Johnson was thinking that, in 1962, of our ‘new technologies‘ way back then, does anybody really believe that such programs and technologies weren’t secretly implemented in the 55+ years since?
We’ll take a much longer look below at ‘weather warfare‘ and look over some weather modification patents that are now on file proving that government’s and private corporations have long been working to ‘play God‘ in their attempts to ‘modify the weather‘ using geoengineering.

We’ll also look at more quotes from US government officials, including ‘enemy of America within
John Brennan who was head of the CIA when he confirmed weather modification programs exist
and that some nations would be ‘winners‘ in weather warfare, while others would be ‘losers‘.  

Analyst Chuck Grom of Gordon Haskett Equity Research studied prices at Dollar General in the Southwest and Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Family Dollar stores in the Northeast to show the price of documented these increases: many goods have increased in the past year

DOOM and GLOOM coming:
The Elite has been stuffing the Ballot Box with Election Fraud – see 2020 Biden Fake Election and Newsom Recall.

The Elite is forcing a Poison Injection on Everyone that causes both Blood Clots and Bleeding, reduces Immunity and causes Disease.
Blood Clots, Strokes, Heart Problems, etc even hit healthy Athletes and Youth, as well as Elderly and Diabetics and weak.
Hundreds of Thousands of Doctors and Health Pros are Censored that try to tell us the Truth – they are fired and licenses removed.
   1) Not Vaccines, 2) Only lessen symptoms, 3) don’t need if you already had Covid, 4) Experimental Tech, 5) “Vaccine” may make you sicker,
   6) Pregnancies endangered, 7) other Treatments are better, 8) 99% REcovery from Covid, so don’t need it, 9) Risk of Vaccine worse than from Covid
   10) Vaccine Risk is not worth the minimal experimental “possible” benefit.
America’s Frontline Doctors give report on Vaccine Deaths with Testimonies and VAERS evidence

(e.g.UC Irvine Director Of Medical Ethics Placed On ‘Investigatory Leave’ Over Challenge To Vaccine Mandate  )
Now WW3 will break out to make Everyone forget the Election Fraud and Medical Tyranny, but with an Army weakened by Vaccines and Bad Leadership.
Meanwhile, HAARP causes Hurricanes, Drought, Flooding, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions Worldwide.
Meanwhile, “Directed Energy Weapons” (DEW) from Satellites turn Buildings to Dust to Practice (e.g. 9/11 and CA Fires).
Conventional Warfare will not exist – DEW makes it  all obsolete – DEW from Satellite or by Laser on the Ground and in the Air.
Meanwhile, George Soros, etc, bribe Gov’t Officials to force Tyranny (some Bribes were just caught in Australia = resignations)
Meanwhile, George Soros, etc,pay people to harass, harm or kill those who refuse to cause Tyranny:
– (e.g. Jeremy Brown jailed by FBI for refusing to be informant)
2020 Initial Propaganda Hype said millions would die – it didn’t happen.
PCR Tests gave mostly False Positives, so False Positive Test Results led to more Propaganda.
False Positive PCR Tests, deaths from lack of effective treatment, etc used as Propaganda to force “Vaccines”.
There are NO VACCINES – only experimental mRNA Spike Proteins and NanoParticles in the JAB.
The JAB contained NO Attenutated Virus, so not a Vaccine, by original definition.
The CDC’s VAERS database shows an alarming number of deaths, paralysis, heart inflammations, and other negative reactions.
Tucker Carlson highlighted the VAERS Deaths, etc and was lambasted by the Fake News.
Now, 4 out of 5  Vaccinated Pregnant Women lose their babies – spontaneous abortions – some unvaccinated in contact with vaccinated also abort.
None of the Vaccines were OK’d by the FDA, they were only given “Emergency Authorization”.
(Some claim that Trump accelerated the Vaccine so it would only have “Emergency Authorization” and could not be forced on people.)
Masks don’t stop the tiny Virus and there is NO Science showing that Masks, Distancing and Lockdowns do anything to stop Covid.
Government can’t force an “Emergency Authorized Vaccine”, so they force businesses to do it for them.
States need to legislate to restrict the powers of a Governor to prevent them from doing this again, with fake science as an excuse.
It now appears that Vaccinated People “shed” the mRNA Spike Protein and those close to them get it.
Old Menopausal Women have suddenly started periods again with grapefruit-sized blood clots, even when unvaccinated.
11-12-year-old girls have started menstruating early, even when unvaccinated, when close to vaccinated people.
The nanoparticles in the “Vaccine” appear to be paramagnetic and sometimes magnets stick to the vaccinated area immediately after vaccination, before it spreads.
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