Covid 19 is first and foremost a psychological operation — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on Aisle C: It is no understatement to say that the covid 19 phenomenon has been the most momentous event of the 21st century. Bigger even than 911 of 2001, due to its worldwide scope and universal intrusion into the lives of the global population. The world has been forced to conform to…

Covid 19 is first and foremost a psychological operation — The Most Revolutionary Act

Both the HIV/AIDS and the Spanish flu pandemics were much deadlier than Covid 19.

Neil Ferguson‘s 2.2 million death projection for the US was grossly overestimated. The actual fatalities to date are about 613 thousand. About 0.6 million.

Bill Gates’s prognostications about the current pandemic is even more exaggerated. Supposedly this plague, according to Gates, could lead to 33 million deaths. So far Covid 19, even with its overexaggerated death counts is only about a tenth of what Gates has predicted. 3.5 to 3.7 million. Nothing to sneeze at, for sure, but nowhere near the catastrophe projected by him and Ferguson. Covid 19 appears to have about a 99 % survival rate. Not extraordinarily deadly, especially when treated early with readily available (though prohibited) IV vitamin therapy and drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Covid 19 can be deadly, to be sure, but nothing about it warrants the draconian measures imposed by governments and nongovernment power structures (global foundations and forums, etc) around the world.

This unwarranted global governmental imposition is a huge red flag that says the shutdowns, social distancing and mask mandates have nothing to do with the virus itself. They do virtually nothing to mitigate the virus. They do however hint at a hidden agenda. It’s a huge red flag that indicates the covid crisis is a psychological operation, likely designed to socially engineer (influence the behavior of) the world population.

Covid 19 is first and foremost a psychological operation. Whether there is an actual novel disease at the heart of the Covid crisis (some insist there isn’t) or whether this is just a renaming of the seasonal flu, as others assert; it is above all else a psychological operation meant to effect some kind of massive change in society worldwide. This it has done and continues to do.


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