Trump Warns “Dishonest and Corrupt” Evildoers What’s Coming, “It’s Our Turn, And the Gloves Are Off”

BOOM! Gen. Mike Flynn Drops Powerful Video – Trump Warns “Dishonest and Corrupt” Evildoers What’s Coming, “It’s Our Turn, And the Gloves Are Off”

By Jim Hoft
Published June 7, 2021 at 6:35pm
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President Trump:  As everybody knows, my family, your great country and your president have gone through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people.  They have done everything possible to destroy us and by so doing have very badly hurt our nation.   They know what they are doing is wrong.  But they put themselves far ahead of our great country.  Weeks ago and again yesterday courageous Republican politicians and leaders had the wisdom, fortitude and strength to do what everyone knows was right.  I don’t like people who use their faith for justification for doing what they know is wrong.  Nor, do I like people who say, “I pray for you,” when they know that  that’s not so.  So many people have been hurt.  We can’t let that go on.

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The video then ends with three screens including these two:

Now it’s our turn.

TRENDING: BOOM! Gen. Mike Flynn Drops Powerful Video – Trump Warns “Dishonest and Corrupt” Evildoers What’s Coming, “It’s Our Turn, And the Gloves Are Off”

Gloves are off.

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Here is the video.0:01 / 0:56 about:blank

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8 thoughts on “Trump Warns “Dishonest and Corrupt” Evildoers What’s Coming, “It’s Our Turn, And the Gloves Are Off”

  1. Hi Nootkabear, I’m really happy that you’ve grabbed the CE5 app ! Just take your time, & read through the general information offered to get your bearings, & go for it when you can. You don’t necessarily need a laser, or the electronic equipment ( at least I’ve never had any need ), though the crop-circle tones are well-worth playing, as they’re like a calling-card. I have no doubt that you’ll have some success, & from then on, everything changes for the better, have no doubt. And once you get to know one-another, you’ll just know when it’s time to go out & greet them.

    As for myself, around 3-4 years ago I was granted a bonus 50GB worth of data from my internet provider for no apparent reason, so I downloaded some UFO documentaries to watch, as I’d photographed a couple flying around the neighborhood, some time before. Anyhow, one of the films I watched was “Unacknowledged”, & after viewing it, all the pieces of the jigsaw-puzzle went “click”, & from that night on-wards when I went for my walk, I’ve been lucky enough to see them every-other-night…

    I don’t have the app myself, since I don’t need it. And since it’s around $1,000:00 for an i-phone, I decided to grab all the books, CD’s & video’s that Dr.Greer’s made instead. His books are quite awesome, & the video’s / CD’s are awesome too. I figured that the “app” is condensed information from the books & CD’s anyhow, specific to ones needs in making contact. There’s a CSETI working group training cd-set that I have no doubt the “app” is based on.

    I wish you every success when you get the chance to do this. All you need is 15-30 minutes in quite thought, whilst sitting outside enjoying the night sky, even from your back-yard !

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    1. Thanks Greg, I will do that. I downloaded the Android version, I don’t have an i-phone, I don’t trust them. I don’t trust and i- anythings.

      I don’t really like having a cell phone that does all this stuff either, but everything you do now, has to be confirmed through some app on the phone, it is ridiculous!

      And you see everyone walking around with their faces glued to the phone. All of their brains are getting fried the whole time.
      But then, “they” have spent a lot of time and money making humans this dumb. I guess the succeeded.

      People have no drive, no imagination, and all they want to do is be led by someone. They don’t want to think for themselves, and will follow the leader over the cliff and die.

      I gave up on the sheeple awakening. I hate it, but ain’t gonna happen. They will go from one false flag terror to the next, and remain scared and dumb.

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      1. Hi Nootkabear, I’m with you all-the-way with people being brain-washed, & living their lives via the i-phone & its social media. My nephews are glued 24/7 onto something electronic or on the web. And schools only promote this activity.

        In the mid 1990’s I saw a massive decline in the quality of TV-shows, & the adds that go with them, & haven’t owned a TV since.

        The only reason I acquired a cell-phone was because someone gave me their old one for a Christmas present. And I counted at least 40-different “Security Certificates” within it that simply track-you, & all the data you process through the device, from messages, to photo’s to conversations…This is another proof of the Covid-fraud & how it couldn’t have occurred without at least DARPA &/or other agencies knowing something…

        The only reason I acquired my “all-purpose” lap-top computer was that university / maritime college steered me in this direction whilst acquiring my ADME ( Advanced Diploma of Marine Engineering ( now Bachelor of M.E.)) in the late 2000’s, since all shipping companies use electronic means of communication for everything, from e-mails to flight & hotel bookings. So this “was” a must have item, that’s now been disposed of by the i-phone syndrome…So I’ve witnessed the brain-washing in action for around 25-years now, & always tried to keep at least one-foot within sanity’s reach lol !

        Believe it or not, people “do” wake-up from this electronic garbage eventually, as they realize that they’re living in a false electronic comfort zone, & eventually need something more, typically associated with nature herself.

        I’m really glad that you have the CE5 app ! Let it be a great guide & introduction to your new awareness. I’d suggest writing down your own guide-lines from it on paper to follow, just for your own privacy needs. And once you meet our star-family, you’ll find that everything will have a new sparkle & shine in your life, & it will become very easy to live out-side the lies of the media, since you’ll know the truth about our not being alone in the universe, & the real possibilities of change-for-the-better.

        Take care, & speak soon !

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  2. Hi Nootkabear, I wouldn’t be too concerned about this video, or its information. Everything Mr.Trump is alluring to, we already know about, though no names are given, no troubles confirmed, so what exactly is he talking about ?….

    All I have to say is that Dr.Greer is releasing yet another film, in direct conjunction with the UFO inquiry that Mr.Trump affected whilst POTUS, that’s due sometime this month.

    For my understanding, the Military Industrial Complex, its “Secret Gov’t” / “Cabal” needs an enemy, to increase DoD funding, so it can continue to expand, & further develop for itself advanced technologies, to be used against us, typically instigated via false-flag events. Hence Dr.Greer’s film to alert us all !!!

    I have nothing against Mr.Trump, or anything to say about his presidency, but I would rather see the people of the US-of-A elect presidents that didn’t avoid the draft when they were called, or star in Hollywood movies…

    I see this “statement” as nothing but hot air, needing to escape…I clearly remember around 12-months ago, both Mr.Trump & Mr.Biden promising the people a cure for cancer if elected…We’re all waiting still !

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    1. We were also promised the rest of the 911 information that had been withheld. To my knowledge, it was never released, and Hillary was to go to prison. I distinctly remember being assured that there were all kinds of new technologies (new to commoners that is) that were going to save a lot of energy, help us through illness, and all kinds of wonderful things that have been suppressed and kept from us.
      I have even found myself wondering if Trumps is really one of “them” or not, and he just hadn’t planned on making us suffer so much prior to the great culling.
      Sometimes, I don’t really know what to believe, except that we should get rid of all the current people in the govt., and start all over again. The people in the govt now, have forgotten that they work for us, we are not their slaves. They really don’t give a shit about us, they were too busy getting rich in the govt., which is a long way from what it should have been. Lifelong pensions, etc, never set up for that.
      Hell, let’s face it, there was a major war started because of a tax on tea.
      Now, they try to convince the children in this country that our forefathers were racists and terrorists.
      Many, many have lost their way, and the events of “defund the police”, “peaceful protests” where they burn everything to the ground, and create sanctuaries for criminals, and the list goes on and on. It has gotten to be too crazy.

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      1. Hi Nootkabear, your words express the thoughts & feelings of a great many people, have no doubt. Regretfully, there are no answers to some of your questions, especially about Mr.Trump, since to me at least, he was playing “everyone” off one-another, just like the TV-show host he was once-upon-a-time, which is a shame imo. A presidents job may be complicated, but Mr.Trump seemed to have one answer for congress, another answer for the people, another for his Twitter followers, another for the general media & another for everyone else when questioned about almost anything. I guess that he did this until he figured matters out for himself.

        I also feel that 1-vote should carry equal weight, regardless of what you do, or where you live. At the moment, your voting system is corrupt & biased, so you can’t really expect anything more than schmucks/ puppets being elected into office sadly. Equalize the value of each & every vote, & you will see real changes for the better IMO.

        I also wholeheartedly encourage everyone to grab the CE5 app available for your I-phones etc etc, since once you finally get to meet & greet our interstellar visitors, your whole life outlook changes, & there’s a permanent smile that appears & never leaves your face, since the truth reveals itself, & you know better.

        What are you waiting for ?…Sirius !

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      2. I downloaded the app several days ago after you first mentioned it. I haven’t had time to do anything with it yet, but rest assured it is here on my phone.

        I don’t use my phone for anything else, and can usually not figure out how to answer it before it goes to voicemail anyway. So it will give me something to use the phone for.

        I just have to get some spare time, and I just got slammed with work today. But I assure, once I get a little time to spare, I will check it out.


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