Why is it that transgenders, wanting to pass as females, never say “I am a woman”, they always state “I’m a transgender”? Seems that they always announce that “transgenders have rights”; they never announce that “women have rights”.

The woman swimmer that the trans community attacked the other day. All of the trans were hollering “Trans women are women” they chanted that over and over and over again.

I liked it better, before they were in everybody’s faces cramming it down everyone’s throats that they are trans. Who really gives a shit? I don’t care what people do, as long as they keep it to themselves. I don’t give a shit if these are men being women, women being men, or whatever. Normal people don’t really give a shit, unless you cram it down people’s throats.

The thing about drag queen story time… These fat slobbenly men, wearing too toos, with stubble on their faces, etc., they don’t look anything like a female. They are sick pervs wanting to play with our children, and people put up with that shit? Pedophilia is rampant in this country.

Am I the only one thinking this is odd?

Another issue is that 2500 years from now, when their bones are dug up, their bones alone, will show the true sex of these people when they were born. Even with the finest sex changes a person can have, their DNA and bones, will give them away. You cannot fool mother nature.

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  1. Hi Nootkabear,

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments on this matter, but don’t be too troubled with your concerns, as I’d guess the people involved are the ones struggling with an identity, be it male or female ( or both ), & they feel the need to disclose this paradigm with others…Perhaps they just want to talk to someone, & it’s their thing-of-the-moment ?…

    In the past, when I’ve met with gay people in a bar or where-ever, the first thing that they’ll discuss once they have your attention, is their sexuality, & it’s an unnecessary & maybe awkward discussion to have, that catches you unawares. Perhaps they’re unfairly playing games with people to determine whether to befriend you, or dismiss this idea ?…Or they’re just having a weird kind of fun with you at your expense, where the joke is on you…Thankfully, its a smaller issue to address, that hopefully doesn’t occur
    to often.

    I had a Captain indicate his sexuality at the end of our first professional discussion / meeting with one-an-other, so this seems to happen all the time with peoples living this circumstance that I’ve met. Perhaps if your offended by their sexuality, they’ll treat you accordingly in their eyes. Strange, yet wonderful world lol !

    Be grateful that no issue lay with you in this regards !

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