Saving the planet with 15 minute cities — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: Isn’t it wonderful that all that nasty carbon will be sorted simply by preventing us from traveling too far? It’ll feel a bit like the CV lockdowns I expect but remember, it’s for the planet. At least now we’re a bit used to restrictions. I wonder if Klaus…

Saving the planet with 15 minute cities — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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4 thoughts on “Saving the planet with 15 minute cities — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

  1. Yes, Alex Jones has revealed much about what goes on behind the scenes, & imo has done more good for the people of the US-of-A & the world than most realize, certainly more that any POTUS has since Mr.Eisenhower. I hope he makes it through his latest ordeal, as I believe he has much more good to offer everyone than bad. He also kept us up-to-date through the years with Fukushima via Professor Chris Busby, & his most excellent updates. I’ve been taking my Calcium & Magnesium tablets daily, have you ?

    It’s too bad that little has been done about the Bohemian Grove activity, or the Bilderberg meetings. Alex even revealed when US-of-A politicians attend these meetings illegally, by breaking the Logan Act, they pay the fine using tax-payers dollars. The law seems to be arranged to serve the elite, whist prosecuting the people. It certainly once again proves that there’s no democracy, or real free trade.

    Anyhow, we’ll see what happens in the near future. There are many things going-on behind the scenes in a very positive way, so I suggest we have more to look forward to than most people realize. This is a short but important film from James Gilliland. Take the time to watch it through, as he reveals the other side of matters going on, & certainly how I have my point-of-views !.

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  2. Yo, that’s not a bad article really, though its sarcasm could be harder hitting lol ! In reality, one has to realize that every city ever made grew out of a generally easy-to-get-to & central location, & the availability of water…And further design was hindered / helped by mother nature, that determined a cities growth out into the suburbs…And people migrate to cities en-masse for work opportunities…This means that there’s a lot more to consider than printed above.

    The first of these planned cities appeared as the “Venus project” with a positive outlook, at the end of one of the Zeitgeist films. All of these films are worth reviewing btw.

    And Alex Jones presented a very similar out-line of the elites projections in I think his great film “The Obama Deception”…Another film well worth viewing, as in 2023, you can gauge how accurate the projections are, & what we mat still be able to do about them.

    In finishing, we’ve been well warned about this well-in-advance, & it seems that we’ve done nothing about it.

    Ciao !


    1. I watch Alex Jones at least 3-4 times a week. He’s almost always right, and I have watched most all of his movies, and even purchased an autographed copy of his latest book.


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