World Enters “Period Of Perfect Storm” As America Nears “Economic Valley Of Death

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

It is not the first time that American political leaders misjudged the true nature of a situation. In 1969, Kissinger advised President Nixon against de-escalation on the grounds that keeping U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam remained one of Washington’s few bargaining weapons in its negotiations with Hanoi. Kissinger was wrong.  Washington gained nothing at the negotiating table with Hanoi by sacrificing more Americans in Vietnam after January 1969.

In view of Ukraine’s bleak prospects of ever regaining lost territory and its deteriorating strategic health, Ukraine’s future now rests in Russian hands.  For Washington, there is a morally responsible and practical answer: Kiev should stop the bloodletting and make the best possible peace with Moscow it can. Unfortunately, for Washington this solution is unthinkable.

As long as Washington delivers cash, military assistance, and equipment to Ukraine, Kiev will fight its unwinnable war, and Washington’s ruling political class will profit from the transfer of cash to the Pentagon and the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.

But Washington, its NATO allies, and Ukrainians will gain nothing of strategic value, while Russia is likely to grow stronger.  That is a development Washington will regret.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Americans are being led into an “Economic Valley Of Death” by a demented Biden who needs ‘cheat sheets” to function (top photo) and a Ukrainian general who wears a bracelet with a Nazi Swastika (bottom photo). 

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2 thoughts on “World Enters “Period Of Perfect Storm” As America Nears “Economic Valley Of Death

  1. Hi everyone,

    President Eisenhower clearly revealed in his farewell address to the nation, that the US-of-A has amassed an armorer industry of vast proportions, that he coined the “Military Industrial Complex”, & to watch for unwanted influences, whether sought or unsought, from other spheres…This industry survives through secret arms deals & warfare, as your defense budget clearly reveals…In this sense, this war in the Ukraine feeds that need for the survival of this “MIC”, whilst maintaining fear, a supposed enemy, & continued funding. There are also 867 US-of-A military bases strategically placed all around our globe…

    On the basis that all the peace treaties signed in the 1990’s by NATO countries in Europe that border the Ukraine have not been honored, & US-of-A missiles illegally placed on their soil that void these treaties, the answer in part to this war reveals itself, & can be seen as a provocation by NATO countries via US-of-A design. And when one learns of the so-called neo-Nazi infiltration of the Ukraine gov’t that then go on to train their army’s, it appears to be a process of many years in the making, to keep this war-machine in steady business.

    Positive changes are in motion world-wide at the moment, let’s hope that peace comes sooner than later, & more lives are saved than needlessly lost.

    Keep up the awesome work !

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