2 Documentaries on Jan 6 and “2000 Mules” Election Fraud now FREE
Narrated by Political Prisoner Jake Lang from Inside Solitary Confinement!


contains never-before-seen footage of and commentary on January 6th.

“America, you deserve the truth. You deserve the full story. You deserve to view the historic event of January 6th beyond the censored lens of mainstream media. Hello, I’m Jake Lang- a 27 year old political prisoner that has been locked up in solitary confinement for over 17 months. The footage you are about to witness has never before been seen by the public. It is the raw and uncut truth of January 6th. The day when free men and women stood unarmed against tyranny- who were brutalized, beat, and even murdered on the steps of our own Capitol. The patriotic event of the century- where brave Americans came together to defend the Constitution and free and fair elections.”

“Lang has balls of steel,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “He is literally facing almost half a century in prison for January 6th and being harshly persecuted for speaking out against The Biden Regime from solitary confinement. Most human beings would just shut up in fear, but not Jake. The harder they come for him, the harder he fights. It is like David vs. Goliath.”——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject:Stolen Election Documentary “2000 Mules” now FREE
Date:Tue, 10 May 2022 08:32:45 -0700
From:Jim @ALA <jim@americanloanaudits.com>

Stolen Election Documentary “2000 Mules” now FREE
The film details how paid operatives, or “mules,” trafficked ballots, “typically in the middle of the night,” to mail-in drop boxes.
Filmmaker Dinesh D‘Souza explains, “True the Vote bought geo tracking data in the five key states.
We’re talking here about Arizona, we’re talking about Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania,” he said, noting they “only bought the data in the urban cities.”
“And so this is a coordinated illegal operation.
Now for me as a moviemaker, what made this so thrilling is that you don’t just have the geo tracking data, but you have, at least in some states, video surveillance,” he explained,
adding that there is no good explanation for the actions revealed in the movie.
“I think this is really why this movie poses such a problem, because we’re not just talking about anomalies,” he said,
adding that in the film you can see the ballot trafficking “with your naked eyes again and again and again,” he said, noting they traced the money trail.
“Remember these mules aren’t coming up with their own ballots. They’re picking up their ballots at left-wing organizations that we call vote stash houses.
That’s where they get the ballots and then they go dump them in the mail-in drop boxes,” D’Souza said.
These are all connected, he said. “They’re going, by and large to a group — they’re going to NGOs, or ‘nonprofit organizations.’
These are deeply nested in these inner cities. These are the people that are sort of cultivating the ballots.
They’re the ones that hire the mules,” he said, adding that True the Vote has a list of the organizations, and also the cell phone IDs of the 2,000 mules.
“The idea is that the illegal ballots are curated at these left-wing organizations and then delivered by the mules in a coordinated … operation,” he said.
D’Souza added that this revelation, in his opinion, is a “smoking gun.”.
In no state is it legal to pay a mule or anyone else to deliver a ballot. Once money changes hands, once money appears in the process, the ballot is contaminated,” he continued.
“And so even if it were — these aren’t legal ballots — but let’s say they were, [that] there was a legal ballot. Once you pay a mule, by and large, that ballot is rendered invalid,” he said, making it clear that “everything we’re covering in this movie is illegal.”

In Less Than 12 Hours “2000 Mules” on Stolen 2020 Election Grosses More than a Million on Locals and Rumble
The premiere of the much-anticipated movie ‘2000 Mules’ was held last week in theaters across the country and in a virtual premiere online on Saturday night.
In the film, Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote investigators provide answers and evidence on the stolen 2020 Election.
True the Vote investigators Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have identified over 2000 ballot trafficking mules in all of the battleground states.
These “mules” deposited hundreds of thousands of ballots into ballot drop boxes during the 2020 election.
The ballot fraud scheme produced enough ballots to steal the election for Joe Biden.
According to the evidence discussed in the movie, if you factor in just the identified ballot trafficking,
Trump won with 305 electoral votes.

That does not even count all the other fraud that occurred during the election like the mysterious ballot drops at 3 in the morning or the questionable voting machines.
The movie discusses the Democrat-linked stash houses but does not mention any names or locations.
On Saturday Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips announced they will be releasing ALL of the addresses of the ballot stash houses.
Look for the Democrats to squirm.

‘America Needs to Wake Up’ or Election Malfeasance Could Occur Again
“America needs to wake up” and take the malfeasance that occurred in the 2020 election — most notably through ballot traffickers
— seriously, or it could happen again in future elections, True the Vote president and founder Catherine Engelbrecht told Breitbart News Daily.
Engelbrecht spoke to Breitbart News Daily host and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow ahead of the release of the upcoming film by Dinesh D’Souza, 2,000 Mules,
which analyzes data obtained by True the Vote, showing how ballot harvesting manipulated the 2020 election.
The election integrity organization obtained the data through cellphone patterns, and the device patterns indicated that people were routinely going on routes to drop boxes.
The data, she explained, is the same kind of data law enforcement uses “all day every day to solve crimes.”
“Just on the face of the geospatial data alone, there are investigatory expectations,” she said, as a “logical thinking person” would
naturally find people “going to far-left nonprofits and then directly the drop boxes day after day, over and over” problematic.
And in Georgia, she explained, they have video surveillance to compare, which is shown in the film.
“We want to know more about the money, the following of the money because we know that people were paid — at least we’ve been told they were paid.
We want to know more about how, how all of the ways we know many of the ways, but all of the ways that those ballots arrived at those organizations.
There’s a lot of investigation left to be done,” Engelbrecht said.
She said the lack of motivation from certain officials to pursue these leads is, in many ways, stunning.
She explained that they first presented these claims in Georgia one year ago.
At the time, they really thought officials would “jump in” and launch broad-scale state-level investigations, but she said “it’s been anything but,” calling it “confounding.”
“That feels more along the lines of a coverup than it does a willingness to really review the video, frankly,” she said, adding that they “should have been looking” at this all along.
One of the videos, Marlow noted, shows mules, or ballot traffickers, “depositing multiple ballots at once.”
“There’s one that becomes the centerpiece of a section of the documentary where a person walks passed a trash can that’s tucked in behind a wall,” he said,
explaining how it became evident that the individual had been there “multiple times and was very familiar with the location.”
Engelbrecht said there are other anomalies as well, such as the mass use of surgical gloves to deposit ballots, as well as
the trend of “taking photos of the drop boxes and taking photos of themselves dropping the ballots into the dropbox.”
“So these weren’t like standing there taking a selfie. ‘Hey, I’m voting cheese.’ It was, ‘This is how I’m getting paid,’” she said.
“There’s all manner of, of issues that should be looked at, You know, and we were hoping that
2,000 Mules will be the beginning of peeling back these layers, what really happens in 2020 and getting a handle on it, because if not … it’s gonna be the same thing in 2022,” she said.
Engelbrecht added that there were a “number of ways that those laws that were newly instituted in 2020 were twisted” to benefit the left, and “those drop boxes was just one.”
“We saw this coming into 2020 when laws were being changed, processes were being changed when necessary checks and balances were being removed,” she said, also pointing to the failure of states to clean their voter rolls.
“So you take dirty voter rolls, mass mail out of ballots, and unregulated drop boxes with surveillance video that we can prove nobody was looking at and what do you get,” she said,
blasting the establishment media for deeming the 2020 election the “most secure election ever.
“And that just was their repeated mantra,” she said, expressing her hope that the work of True the Vote, as documented in 2,000 Mules, will serve as “one big piece to this puzzle.”
“There are others … that we have yet to release,” she said, adding that the takeaway is “America needs to wake up.”
One can learn more about the film here.
Musk Blasts Soros ‘Dark Money Groups’ Threatening Twitter Advertisers
Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has the world’s elites in panic mode – with the Biden
administration launching a “Disinformation Governance Board” days after his announcement…
Musk’s purchase also prompted a constellation of 26 Soros-linked NGOs to sign a
letter expressing concern about the plan – writing that “Elon Musk’s takeover of
Twitter will further toxify our information ecosystem and be a direct threat to public safety,
especially among those already most vulnerable and marginalized.”
The authors that under Musk’s management, “Twitter risks becoming a cesspool of
misinformation, with your brand attached, polluting our information ecosystem in a time
where trust in institutions and news media is already at an all-time low,” adding “Your ad
dollars can either fund Musk’s vanity project or hold him to account. We call on
you to demand Musk uphold these basic standards of community trust and
safety, and to pull your advertising spending from Twitter if they are not.”
Those advertising on Twitter would risk their company associating “with a
platform amplifying hate, extremism, health misinformation, and conspiracy
theorists,” according to the letter.

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