Lets Go Brandon

It has been a while since I have been able to get here, could not resist posting this one!

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6 thoughts on “Lets Go Brandon

  1. Yes indeed…I clearly remember the Florida issues with Mr.Bush Jr’s 2nd term, & the vote-counting issues back then…Geez, I even remember him on TV confidently saying “Oh I’m not going to lose” ( the election )…

    I don’t wish to go on here, as I’ll drift into 9/11 & the horror / corruption that revealed itself there, though it’s this exact horror that needs to be removed…

    Good always wins against evil 😉 !

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    1. Yea, the Bush Family was right there in 9/11, that was when our country started down the death spiral. And good, always wins against evil. It could be a long drawn out process though.
      Your mention brings up so many things that I could write day and night about. America will never know the truth, because if America had known the truth, we would not have travelled the path that we did after 911, and the Bush Family would most likely be in a much different place.
      Like CIA and Poppa Bush… JFK, and those who would have taken us to a more friendly place.
      I appreciate your knowledge and words. Amazing how many outside of our country know more about us and our history than the Americans know.
      Now we live in a country being consumed by foreigners for an agenda that should no exist. I am beginning to give up on the sleepers’ awakening. The country will implode before most of the people here even realize there is a problem. They have been dumbed down to the point that they wait in line for the deadly jab.
      Keep your faith my friend. I hear that Australia is to lead us out of all of this…

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      1. It’s often said that “You can’t see the forest through the trees”…And throw in the constant brainwashing on the 100+ channels of sh*t available on your TV, plus people now deciding to live in “virtual reality” via Facebook etc etc, & it has to be a recipe for disaster.

        People have stopped thinking for themselves.

        People will find there courage & hope / vision by doing the CE-5 protocols. Once enough people realize that we’re not alone, that the ET’s are friendly, & that the whole universe is waiting for the concealed “free energy technologies” to be released, so that we can commune with other civilizations across the universe, then our real history begins to unfold, & our real purposes in life, plus a positive future for everyone becomes our reality, via God’s own design…Simple !

        I have to admit to seeing countless ET craft last night for hours-on-end, so I’m all geared-up that change may be happening faster than we think 😉 ! I always see them for sure most nights, but to see so many & them flying in organized formation was simply amazing 🙂 !

        I’m not sure whether Australia will lead-us-out of this mess, since we follow the lead of the US-of-A or the U.K. mostly, simply because you guys have the nukes & big bombs, where we just simply sell y’all the Uranium…

        Once enough folks realize that we’re not alone in the universe, we realize that we “have” to get out sh*t together, & have to change our ways for the better. The truth naturally unfolds itself once people see this for themselves, so CE-5 is where it’s at, for those that want to make a bigger effort for change 😉 !!!

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  2. LOL !!! Sleepy Joe is likely the first ever POTUS to have been named after a race-car driver by the crowd…Without question, IMO, the US-of-A needs to implement a 1 vote = 1 person of equal value to see real change for the better. How do you really expect change to happen when votes are counted as more valuable from the rich, & which suburb you live in ?…

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    1. Yea, the other problem is, that no of our votes court in big votes, they fabricate more people, they let dead people vote, illegal aliens posing as citizens vote, and then with mail in voting now, all these ballots come in from where? Days after the vote ended?
      I agree, we need to fix it, and fast, we aren’t going to survive 4 years of Biden. I know all kinds of people, and I have yet to run across one that even voted for Biden. Seems like after a year, I would run across at least one.


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