Powerful Overlords

I was reading a blog post today, about “Join the Fight Against PFAS” and someone said that they want to clean up the environment, and for people to quit multiplying, so that “our powerful overlords” would be appeased and let things go back to normal. Not in those exact words, except for the words “our powerful overlords”. The following is my reply, which probably won’t be posted, it is awaiting moderation. The blog wanted my website address, so I used this one. That way, when the censors refuse to post my reply, they can come here and see that I posted it here anyway. Here it is:

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October 23, 2021 at 10:32 pm

Do you really think that ANYthing will change the way “our powerful overlords” think of us? They really don’t care about us, or the earth. They want immortality, and for all human-kind to become extinct. They are well on their way to making the latter become true. For years and years and years, they have worked toward making humans infertile, thus most of the reason for the pollution we are drowning in. It is not that the earth cannot sustain the population, “our powerful overlords” don’t want us here. Like I said, they have worked long and hard to make humans as sickly, lazy,. and stupid as they could, so that when they “cull the herd”, there will be no one objecting, and they can wipe us out very easily (vaccine).

Once they learned that the first shot didn’t kill quickly enough, they had the Delta variant, and more vaccines. That still is not killing us quickly enough, so now the third shot. Next, they will call for either another variant, or some other reason for more shots. The trash in the shots, will kill eventually, and in the meantime, people are becoming more like robots, they tell you what to do, you jump up and do it. The only way to stop the “powerful overlords” is to tell them Hell No! But alas, only very few had enough strong will left, to say no. Everyone else fell into line and got the shot.

The ones that held out, are now threatened with not being able to travel, getting fired from their jobs, and shortly, there will be no food, except what they are willing to allow you to eat. Bugs, and gmo-packed poisoned foods that are already killing people. People are literally dying from malnutrition, even though they eat full meals. Why? There is no nutrition left in the foods, the gmo have seen to that. What other reason would all of our farmland to be bought by Bill Gates and George Soros? Therefore, people are becoming more and more unhealthy, which in turn makes them feel bad and have no energy, so they become more lazy, and their minds have no nutrition, and the fluoride in the water for years, has turned their minds to almost jello, and people no longer give a shit about anything.

The fact that Biden is president shows that people don’t give a shit, the open borders, and the flood of untested, unvaccinated illegal immigrants should have awakened many people, but they don’t give a shit. They have already sterilized most of the people who took the vaccines. They can almost swoop down and kill the rest of us off, and the human race will be extinct within the next 20 years. The “powerful overlords” don’t care if the planet is clean or not. They are the ones that polluted it. The information about how to take care of everyone without all of the pollution has always been here, just forbidden. I would have thought people would have figured out these secrets by now, but they kill or buy everyone who have invented the things needed. There is information they have kept from us on clean energy, but they could not put a meter on it, and charge outrageous amounts of money for it. You cannot possibly believe for a minute that anything that is efficient and clean, and they cannot make money from, will ever be available to you, do you?

They have the means to heal almost everything you can think of, but they keep that info for themselves. The information would put big pharma out of business, or at least hurt their profits badly/ We are nothing to them, less than the dirt beneath their feet. They hate you and everything about you. The only time they will be happy, or think they will be happy, is when we are all dead, and they have everything for themselves, and their AI, and human/robot hybrids to serve them. They still won’t be happy though. They cannot be happy. They have put themselves on a pedestal and sat there on high above for far too long. They are evil devil-worshipping rich assholes that want to rule the world, without you in it. What do you not understand about it?

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