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We are virtual freelance legal assistants. We have over 180 documents posted online at We enjoy being together, and sharing our lives with our two Kugsha. They are very large, and love to make us laugh, loads of fun!

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  1. Hi Nootkabear, thanks for the post, & opportunity to reply. I receive John Rappoport’s blog, it’s sent into my email every other day, & has done for years. There’s even more recent blog about a lady here in Australia, who has decided to remain in Police Custody, rather than sign a court order & lose her rights & freedoms. Police invaded her privacy & messages, & charged her for encouraging people to peacefully protest against the Covid vaccinations & temporary confinement laws…

    Really good to see such courage extended beyond protesting & into the courts & onto the jail-cell, until rights are returned.

    What a wonderful world we live in…

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    1. I agree with you 100%. On Gab, I have been reading some of the stuff from people in Australia. It’ll be coming to America soon. The world populations need to get up off their fat lazy asses, and speak out, while we still can.
      My heart and prayers are with my Australian brothers and sisters, and pray we all come out of this together.


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