e-book Fear Unmasked

I watched a show yesterday, with a guest that was talking about different things of interest. It was on bannedvideo.tv.

Anyway, after researching into the websites mentioned on the show, it came down to some very interesting information. Some such information concerned COVID 19.

They have a very good, informative e-book that everyone should read. It is well written, and takes a common sense approach to the information we are continually given. There are legitimate references to back up the information, and hell, just read the book.

You can get the book at: https://timetofreeamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/Fear-Unmasked-eBook.pdf

Click on the link, read the book and pass it on.

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2 thoughts on “e-book Fear Unmasked

  1. Hi Janet,

    That “is” a good book for everyone to read 🙂 ! I’ve passed-it-on, & hopefully people will take the time to read & learn, so that they can re-asses all the facts presented over the years about the Covid virus. And without wanting to talk about myself, I have to admit to not being concerned at all about the virus all along. And with regards to the book, the author actually failed to mention about how the Nuclear industry is promoting that qt WNN “Radiation is good for you, as it kills the Corona Virus”…Which then leads me onto how Japan could possible have any Corona issues, with so much radiation floating around the globe, & Fukushima being the main source ?…So, without wanting to speculate too much, “could” people developing radiation sickness, be covered-up with a Corona-Virus confirmation, on the basis of radiation lowering one’s immune system ( & that provides the way for 2000+ other degenerative illnesses) ?…

    I know that radiation kills everything, & that there’s no-way a virus is going to survive in our atmosphere at present. My personal dosimeter / Geiger counter assures me & confirms this…And I’m in southern Australia !!!

    Hmmm…People are gullible, that’s for sure…And you would have to be really foolish to go to Japan for the Olympics when an on-going nuclear holocaust continues…

    More importantly, & without deflecting from the original thread too much, Dr.Greer’s new film “The Cosmic Hoax, an expose” is freely available now for downloading & sharing. And after viewing its contents, one can feel assured that the same people generating fear in the above book, are the same crowd being exposed in the new film, so check-it-out !!! It’s a must view by everyone, believe me. Here’s the link, so download, watch & share with everybody you know !!!

    All the very best, & thanks for the opportunity to reply here. Take care everyone,



    1. Hi! It’s been a while. Yes, I found the book worth reading, so posted here, like you hoping others will read and begin to understand what is really going on here.

      I hear that certain areas of Australia are back on lock down.?.
      I hate to hear it, especially since… well you know, you read the book too. I wish it had been brought up all the way to current date. We know even more now, but the point is, to wake the sleepers.

      They have lied so much about everything, all our lives, that we can’t really be sure what the true body counts are now. Last week I heard that there were 45,000 new deaths in a three day period, and they had all been vaccinated. The vaccinated are the now super-spreaders.

      I also hear that Germany has some high dollar attorneys taking people to court there, attempting to get Nuremberg type trials going. There are supposed to be some attorneys here shooting for the same. That would be great, especially if it will halt the door to door people coming to force their will upon everyone.

      Shit man, it is experimental, not a vaccine. LinkedIn suspended me for telling the truth here on wordpress. Jerks! All this censoring, it is a wonder that anyone gets any true information any more.

      I did see that Greer has a new movie out. I have also been watching him on Gaia as well; after I found out that Jeaques Cousteau was pretty much a globalist, I needed a new hero, Greer had fit nicely into that spot.
      Then, I began hearing rumors that he was a draco or part draco, and didn’t know what to think. I still liked him and watched him.

      After communicating with you, he fell back into my hero spot. There are not enough real heros anymore. Hell, I have even been saying that we might need to have McCarthieism back with all this fascism and communism coming into our back doors, while everyone is sleeping.


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