America’s Frontline Doctors Files Motion for Temporary Restraining Order Against Use of COVID Vaccine in Children

Temporary Restraining Order to Save the Children

By Mordechai Sones Global Research, May 21, 2021 America’s Frontline Doctors 20 May 2021 Region: USA Theme: Law and Justice, Science and Medicine

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America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama requesting a temporary restraining order against the emergency use authorization (EUA) permitting using the COVID-19 vaccines in children under the age of 16, and that no further expansion of the EUAs to children under the age of 16 be granted prior to the resolution of these issues at trial.

The case will challenge the EUAs for the injections on several counts, based on the law and scientific evidence that the EUAs should never have been granted, the EUAs should be revoked immediately, the injections are dangerous biological agents that have the potential to cause substantially greater harm than the COVID-19 disease itself, and that numerous laws have been broken in the process of granting these EUAs and foisting these injections on the American people.

AFLDS Founder Dr. Simone Gold spoke about the reasons for filing the motion:Video: Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine

“We doctors are pro-vaccine, but this is not a vaccine,” she said. “This is an experimental biological agent whose harms are well-documented (although suppressed and censored) and growing rapidly, and we will not support using America’s children as guinea pigs.”

She continued:

“We insist that the EUA not be relinquished prematurely; certainly not before trials are complete – October 31, 2022 for Moderna and April 27, 2023 for Pfizer. We are shocked at the mere discussion of this, and will not be silent while Americans are used as guinea pigs for a virus with survivability of 99.8% globally and 99.97% under age 70.

“Under age 20 it is 99.997% – ‘statistical zero’.

“There are 104 children age 0-17 who died from COVID-19 and 287 from COVID + Influenza – out of ~72 million. This equals zero risk. And we doctors won’t stand for children being offered something they do not need and of whom some unknown percentage will suffer.”

AFLDS Pediatric Director Dr. Angie Farella explained:

“My greatest concerns with the vaccination of children under the age of 18 is the fact that there is no prior study of these individuals before December of 2020.”

She went on to say:

“Children were not included in the trials, and the adult trials do not have any long-term safety data currently available.”

AFLDS Legal Director Ali Shultz commented on AFLDS’ filing:

“Not many people could have taken this on. Dr. Simone Gold is a doctor, and a lawyer, and a fierce warrior who will stop at nothing to protect humanity.

“She has a certain finesse in developing the right team to see this medical/legal mission through.”

To read the motion and all supporting documents, click here.


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What is a vaccine?

Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen which, upon administration to a person, will result in immunity

Vaccines are not repeated, do not contain anything from aborted fetuses, does not contain the killer ingredient of anti-freeze, does not make you sterile, does not kill you. Why are so many people dying for their “jab”? What are so many people acting like they will be infected by those who have not been vaccinated? How did so many people get so damned dumb? Everything these vaccine pushers say an do, go against the common sense of the few who are not yet brain dead – those who believe the government is here to take care of them. When did people become so dependent on the government? When did the government workers, Senators and Congressmen become despots? Rulers in their own little worlds? What ever happened to “We the People”? “We the People” were supposed to be in charge, not slaves to those government employees who were to serve us, not to serve us up.

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Chucky Schumer, and the list is just beginning. Have taken the rest of our Rights from us, then throw No Brain Joe into the mix and shake them all up, and we have communism. Fuck socialism, we proceeded on to becoming ruled by Chinese. That is what half of the country wants, is someone to dictate over them. I am not quite sure when all that happened, I was trying to make ends meet, pay for a house, be responsible.

I think everyone, for a long time has known that something was up. Now we are stuck with half a country so brain dead and dumb, that they will never wake up. Throw them a few shots in there, and they suddenly forget all the common sense they ever had.

Look at the meaning of vaccine again. Then think about what Bill Gates and Fauci have said, that we will never take the masks off, and/or that every month, people will need another shot, because of mutations. And the happy-vaxxers are more than happy to go along with the shots. These people have become afraid of their own shadows, afraid that a virus, that 99.97% of the people get over, and become naturally immune. I fail to understand!

I used to hope and pray that the sleepers would awaken. I believed that in time, they would.

I no longer believe that. The sleepers, were really sheepers, and followed their leader over the edge of the cliff, to die.


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