Ebola Brought Back Into US

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Ebola United States Hospitals Post Job Ads Hiring Ebola Nurses To Treat Ebola Patients Arriving In United States

Saturday, April 3, 2021 20:28


Ebola Nurses Needed United States

Hospitals Hiring Ebola Nurses

Staff Nurse – Critical Care Unit, IP Ebola

(Bellevue Hospital)

Full-time : $83,000 – $110,000 a year 


Come join the largest public hospital system in the nation! Every day, we work together to make an extraordinary difference in the health and well-being of each individual we serve – without exception. Join our team and help us create a positive human experience.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue is America’s oldest public hospital, established in 1736. Affiliated with the NYU School of Medicine, the 844-bed hospital is a major referral center for highly complex cases, with its 6,000 employees including highly skilled, interdisciplinary clinical staff. It sees more than 110,000 emergency room visits and 500,000 outpatient visits annually. Bellevue is an academic medical institution of international renown. We have served as an incubator for major innovations in public health, medical science, and medical education. Bellevue is a Level I Trauma Center delivering around-the-clock care in adult, pediatric, psychiatric and pediatric psychiatric emergencies as well as in the nationally-designated categories of cardiology, neurology, toxicology, and neonatology. In addition to providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient state-of-the-art care Bellevue is a city-wide medical specialty referral source. Bellevue’s clinical centers of excellence include: Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care; Cardiovascular Services; Designated Regional Perinatal Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Comprehensive Children’s Psychiatric Emergency Program; and Cancer Services.


The Staff Nurse in CCU is a Nursing Practitioner who contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation or the nursing regimen for assigned patients on his/her unit. Under the direction and leadership of the Director of Nursing/ Assistant Director of Nursing/ Head Nurse/ Assistant Head Nurse, the Stuff Nurse is guided by a thorough knowledge of nursing theory, principles and standards of quality nursing care.

1. Provides Nursing Care to assigned patients through assessment of patient’s needs, making nursing diagnosis, developing and implementing a plan of care, which reflect an individualized mode of nursing intervention based on specific population guidelines.

2. Initiates a Nursing Assessment ant! Nursing care plan upon admission reflecting long and short-term goals, patient and/or significant other education and a discharge plan.

3. Allows patient and/or significant other to participate in the plan care if possible.

4. Executes physician’s orders with clear understanding of the scientific principles of cause and effect.

5. Collaborates with the Head Nurse in assigning functions to ancillary personnel.

6. Records pertinent observations on patient chart and reports verbally findings to Head Nurse and/or physician using on approved hand off tool.

7. Evaluates the results of nursing intervention and makes appropriate changes when necessary.

8. Administers medication as ordered and chart according to hospital policy and professional standards.

9. Count narcotics with in-coming and out-going tour nurses according to hospital policy/procedures.

I 0. Educates patient and/or family and documents with evidence of the teaching.

11. Assures instructions and educational teaching given to patient are consistent with that of the responsible Medical Practitioner.

12. Adheres to Infection Control, Radiation Safety, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Disaster Preparedness and the Safely Evaluation Plan.

13. Attends educational programs offered by Bellevue and by other agencies, in order to foster Self-growth.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Licensed and currently registered or otherwise duly authorized to practice as a Professional Nurse in New York State; and,
2. Demonstrated commitment to continued professional development.

Job Type: Full-timeLearn

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3 thoughts on “Ebola Brought Back Into US

  1. Hi Nootkabear, the US-of-A still has by virtue of its constitution, the tools to make everything right again, & that’s what makes it a leading “free” society, & why many other countries around the world look-up to you, though since 9/11 & its after-actions, the evil behind your Republic revealed itself for sure imo, with the government having an ever turning revolving door for Corporate officials & elected officials to walk through & place themselves into positions that suit the agenda of these elite. The biggest issue is as you said, hoping that the “sheeple” open their eyes in time, & I honestly believe they will, but how much they can do themselves to affect a positive change depends on themselves, & it all begins at home I think.

    With Dr.Greer’s films, the decades long secrecy into ET visitations, black-operations that reverse-engineer crashed ET craft, & suppressed new technologies to change our world into a pollution-free civilization are revealed, so that people will realize that our Governments are steered into keeping us on an Oil-based world economy, that we haven’t needed since the mid 1950’s…And all to keep the 0.0001% elite in perpetual power, at the detriment to our planet via devastating pollution, nukes, a military industrial complex, & a society with a world economy that’s governed via false-supply-rational, that creates war, & deprives people of their right to life…

    There’s a new free-for-all, crowd funded film being released by Dr.Greer in early June of this year, that is a forewarning of the next false-flag event to come, as forewarned by Dr.Werner von Braun, way back in 1974 to his assistant, Ms.Carol Rosin, titled,…

    “The Cosmic Hoax”.

    Dr.Verner von Braun was Germany’s leading rocket scientist under Mr.Hitler, brought to the US-of-A via operation “Paper Clip” after WW-II, & his designs helped send man to the moon in the 1960’s. He was “privvy” to the elites grand-plans, & asked Ms.Carol Rosin as his dying wish, to do her best to keep weapons out of space, as all the apparent claimed threats are lies, designed to keep the money funneling-in to Dept-of-Defense, & to ultimately further the false-flag-event of a staged “Alien Invasion”, using the reverse engineered craft that have been built via many US-of-A Military contractors over the last 60+ years…

    Everyone can hear Ms.Rosin herself speak on this matter via you tube, & searching for “Sirius Disclosure Witness Testimony”, & then look for the title “Von Braun’s Legacy”… You will be shocked at the revelations revealed, since they’re happening now, & the interview was circa 2001, & this knowledge was given to her back in 1974…

    All this to say, that we hope that with enough people knowing the truth about this, & a great many other important matters, that when the dust does finally settle, we will have a wonderful & prosperous world that everyone will enjoy living in. It’s also hoped that this false-flag event is avoided by sharing this knowledge, & that the suppressed technologies are released, so that we can have a truly awesome world, along with the friendship of the great many other civilizations out in the universe, that wish to welcome us into a greater & peaceful reality.

    Warm regards, & thanks for the chance to reply,


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  2. Thanks Nooktabear, for this & your other posts in my mailbox, very much appreciated. Having been given & then viewed many Alex Jones videos over the last 15-years or so, my thoughts have changed dramatically about how our world is really governed from “You must be joking” to “Oh my God, it’s all true”…And have no doubt that the US-of-A was stolen from its people by the European banking system, way back in 1913, when Mr.Woodrow Wilson was your POTUS…

    So, how do we deal with this current crisis ?…Only those in direct contact with the Covid issues will have their opportunity to voice their opinions / facts, & have no doubt that many will be silenced along the way. None-the-less, there are things we can do still, namely by opening our eyes to a much wider perspective, & setting goals for a brighter future for everyone, that’s a little-way down the road, but none-the-less very real, & possible.

    I wholeheartedly invite yourself & everybody to view the remarkable works of Dr.Steven Greer MD, namely his films “Sirius” from 2013, “Unacknowledged” from 2017, & “CE5K” from last year. These will reveal the whole truth about our present life’s circumstance & recent history, plus solutions to these issues.

    All the very best to everyone,


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    1. I agree with you 100%. When I first began realizing what is really going on, I went into denial. I didn’t want to believe that in 1913, we were sold to the devil (so to speak). It actually began even before that I think. But alas, this country sold out, and we are paying the price for it now.
      I have watched Dr. Greer for many years. I cannot express how grateful I am to find people that speak out honestly. He is full of knowledge, and has attempted for so long to have the truth come out. Whenever I can find anything where he is speaking, I tune in and listen.

      Thanks for your comments, hopefully the sheeple will awaken before it is too late, if it is not already.

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