………..and then i said, what nuclear football? arlin report thought(s) of the day

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35 + Dems want Biden to give up the Nuclear Football (Codes), they know Dementia Joe is a shaky ticking nuke time bomb! The joke could be on them, Joe had to give China something in return for the payments he and Hunter received. Did Joe’s first conversation with Xi Jinping go something like this: “Nancy wants the Nuke Football………..then I said, what nuclear football, XI already bought it with a few million (to Hunter to me) and he helped (fixed) me win the election. Besides I never was any good at football!”

History hints Biden will build back better China ties - Asia Times


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2 thoughts on “………..and then i said, what nuclear football? arlin report thought(s) of the day

    1. The only thing I see wrong with Tiffney Trump’s celebration, is that everyone in the country must remove their masks, throw the damned things on the ground and grow up to the fact that they have been duped, into this bullshit. Why are there no flu statistics? Because covid is the flu. The same number of people used to die every year from the flu. People don’t remember that though, they are too damned scared to think anymore. Begging the govt for vaccines to keep them safe. Vaccines for an illness that has never been isolated. When it has not been isolated, they cannot make a vaccine. People need to listen to what Gates and Fauci have said for the past 20 years or so. Gates want 90% of the population of earth dead. No matter how it happens. He laughed and said that vaccines will get rid of many. And people want to take anything he had his hand in on creating? And Fauci has been his buddy all these years, creating what? For what reason?
      Humans are dumb, and their lack of oxygen from wearing those friggin masks, has made them dumber! Let’s just follow the dumb over the edge of the cliff, to death. Why in the hell would anyone listen to the creators of HIV? And why haven’t these people figured out that if you have a patent on HIV/Aids, and people who are getting vaccines are showing positive for HIV/Aids, what does that mean? Gee…. I wonder.


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