Ignorance Kills When it Comes to Guns and Gun Policy. Here is the rest of the story.


This was a tragedy. Last year, a young woman was shot and killed in a road rage incident. That breaks my heart. Now, a Pennsylvania legislator proposes to outlaw all loaded firearms in cars. That sounds good. Gun control offers us the myth of perfection. In contrast, reality is messy, but reality includes a lot of lives that are saved when honest people protect themselves with a gun. Fantasy gun prohibition laws may feel good, but they cost lives.

We’ve seen this pattern before. Someone is murdered and then we want to outlaw that particular situation. We can’t drive red cars, or imported pickup trucks, or carry a certain type of gun in a certain place. That is a false solution and the real cure is to dig deeper. If we fail to understand the full context of what happens then we will cost lives rather than save them. Here…

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