As the Whistle-Blowers who were former CIA agents come forward their disclosures will be worse than thought

Best description on what is going on, that I have read yet!

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

May 12, 2018

As the Whistle-Blowers come forward the disclosures are really terrible.

This person, a former CIA operative, distinguishes between the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

The Deep State is alleged to operate with money, power and greed.

Do I personally believe in the Deep State or the Dark State?

After reading Area 51 a true documentary of CIA unclassified documents I will never consider what the government is doing for us especially when its run by Democrats, then think what it is actually doing “To US.”

That being said, this entire article must be taken with a grain of salt.

As far as governments go, the bottom line is that government is just too damn big,

WAY too big.  It needs to be cut back and pruned drastically  and Trump is just the guy to do it, he has already made a good start…

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