I Second What She Said!

Posted on August 20, 2017 by kommonsentsjane

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There is another part of this story called, So the Republican Senate is fed up with our President. The real part of this story is – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF WILL IN THE SENATE AND CONGRESS and the pandering of the two of them with Obama who is trying to make America a communist/muslim nation. The two factions have sat back on their a$$sels for eight years and let Obama use our taxpayer money causes to benefit himself and let our country go to hell in a hand basket and therefore lied to the people.

So the American people are damn fed up with the officials and D.C. Since the Senate and Congress won’t work for the American people – your time is up. We know your pockets have been lined by the likes of Soros and you don’t give a damn about the people or America; but, don’t forget you still have to face your constituents for a job not done. Your promises to the people are “not worth a plug nickel.”


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So the Republican Senate is fed up with Donald Trump. Wow, one hell of a strong statement from our Congressional “LEADERS”. Hypocrites! The American people are fed up with all of Congress.

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