I just watched the video of Paul Joseph Watson talking about the censorship on YouTube and Google. What the fuck is wrong with everyone?

I don’t care which side of the political arena you are on, to allow the internet to be censored by a bunch of assholes, is unacceptable at best. And for anyone that agrees that there should be censoring, needs to get the fuck on out of this country and go live in a communist company. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year, or Cuba maybe. Better yet, get your happy little asses on over to China.

Maybe all of these foreigners don’t think anything about our First Amendment Rights…When they first started hollering about the Salvation Army at the Super Target store here in Stone Mountain, GA. I boycotted Super Target afterward. Hell, you cannot have Christmas without the Salvation Army outside of the stores, ringing their bell. That same year, some place Washington State had an issue where the foreigners were bitching about nativity scenes set up in the malls. The Nativity scenes were removed. Now, you cannot say Merry Christmas, you have to say Happy Holidays. FUCK THAT!!!

I am sick to death of people coming to our country and expecting our lives to change for them! Fuck you, hell no! My native American ancestors were marched out of here down the Trail of Tears, foreigners took our heritage once, they aren’t going to do it again! So if you foreigners out there think America is going to change for you, Fuck You! Hell no, we won’t change. I will not stop saying Merry Christmas, I will not quit eating pork, I will not be censored and quietly take it!

I believe in the United States Constitution, and I like being an American, I like who I am, and if you don’t like it fuck you, leave!

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We are virtual freelance legal assistants. We have over 180 documents posted online at www.scribd.com/nootkabearmcdonald We enjoy being together, and sharing our lives with our two Kugsha. They are very large, and love to make us laugh, loads of fun!

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