I’m not saying I told you so, but….

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A while back I wrote that nothing was over yet, and that anyone thinking that the mere election of Donald Trump was the victory was mistaken.  The election was basically the beginning of a very long road to go before breathing a sigh of relief.  Why?

For starters, any whack-a-doo with a smart phone that has opposable thumbs have been ‘tweeting’ and posting online that Trump needs to be assassinated for the good of the country. Think about that for a second. Lamestream media has been building that hype by continually declaring that Trump is incompetent and they give airtime to anybody with a known name that is willing to go on air to trash our new President. Do you think for a second this would be tolerated if things were reversed? NO!

Two things: Back during the campaign cycle, then nominee Trump made an off-hand comment at…

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