ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Deception of the American dream

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Lets forget about allegiance to any party.  That in itself is so insignificant!  Most career politicians just belong to a party for the sake of having organized support and that’s where the election delegates reside.  A more significant party would be the LOBBYIST PARTY, the support our purpose and we’ll fill your pockets with gold group.  No one is better at and more experienced than Hillary Clinton.  Hillary, the power seeking, leader of all political and human deception.

In all fairness to the Arkansas Dark Princess, most career politicians play the same games.  All of them preach this one familiar, repetitive sermon; “the American Dream”, it’s here for all, even for the legal and illegal immigrants.   They preach it is alive and well, and they are the candidate to save it!   This may be the greatest political deception of them all!   They preach you can have and…

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