3 thoughts on “Irony: Paid Protesters in Ferguson are Now Protesting Not Getting Paid

  1. First time I’ve heard “Liberals have a long history of bussing in hired protesters, because without paying people, their protests would flounder and die almost immediately.”
    It’s an interesting assessment, but sounds a bit “FauxNewsish”, so do you have anything in support of that and the other statements, such as that about George Soros’s millions contributed to the “Black Lives Matter” organization?
    It sounds suspiciously like a typical Fox News report that ends up being baseless, so support would be appreciated.


    • I had heard it before, but like you, thought it was more of a “typicl Fox News Report”. Then the last time I read it, I posted. I believe I gave a link to where I got the article from. Of course, Alex Jones has said it a few times, and Before Its New has had it published there as well.


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