Underground Weather Forecast: “Two More Systems May Add to Snow, Ice Fatigue in South, Midwest, Northeast”

Damn, I thought we had “global warming”, even though scientists have said that the Antarctic Ice Caps are thicker than they have ever been, others insist on “global warming”. Isn’t that amazing? US is in record lows, and even hell is freezing over, but we are experiencing “global warming”. Oh well, guess they could not figure out a way to tax us to death on the idea of a new ice age… (sarcasm supplied)

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The truth will prevail (eventually)…

Two More Systems May Add to Snow, Ice Fatigue in South, Midwest, Northeast


Jon Erdman
Published: February 17, 2015

We have not one, but two more systems we’re watching closely that could bring more snow and ice through the weekend into early next week.

We’re sorry to be the messengers. We know snow fatigue is reaching epidemic proportions during what is approaching a record snow season in New England.

We know some are recovering from Winter Storm Octavia, a snowy, icy mess spanning more than 1,200 miles from the South to the East.

We’ve had six winter storms since Jan. 25 in just over three weeks. Snow may now be one of those four-letter words you shouldn’t say.

Unfortunately, the relentless cold continues. Any system moving into that cold air has the potential to produce at least nuisance snow and ice.

Here’s our current forecast for each of these systems, starting with an Eastern snowmaker.

System #1: Northeast Nuisance

An arctic cold front will spread light snow into the East on Wednesday and Wednesday night.

Snow amounts through Wednesday night will generally be 3 inches or less as this cold front slices through, including a swath from the Ohio River Valley into the Appalachians, much of New York, Pennsylvania, and parts of the Mid-Atlantic States.

Possible slick commutes, due to this fresh, light snow include:

Wed. afternoon: Pittsburgh | Charleston, West Virginia
Thu. morning: NYC | Philly | Balt. | Wash., D.C.
Thursday, low pressure is expected to wrap-up off the New England coast, south of Nova Scotia.

If that surface low wraps up close enough to the New England coast, heavier snow could develop Thursday afternoon and Thursday night, with the greatest chance of that happening over parts of Maine.

(FORECASTS: Portland | Bangor | Eastport)

For now, we only expect mainly light to locally moderate snow (4 inches or less) over the rest of New England Thursday and Thursday night, including Boston and Hartford.

System #2: Widespread Mess

We mentioned earlier the record-setting February cold air dumping into the East and South later this week.

The jet stream will once again send disturbances and moisture rippling over this cold air.

We’re not anticipating an intense low-pressure system to spin up with blizzard conditions and two-foot-plus snow, as we saw in some areas with Winter Storm Neptune.

However, a mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain appears to be a good bet from the Rockies to parts of the South and East Friday at least into the weekend, in somewhat similar flavor as Winter Storm Octavia.

The lower three maps at right show our current forecast Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The exact lines between snow, ice, and just plain rain will likely shift a bit as we near the event and our forecast guidance comes into agreement.

Here is the general outlook:


Mid-South/Tennessee Valley snow, sleet, freezing rain. Snow in Rockies, Front Range.
Cities to watch: Little Rock | Memphis | Nashville

Snow from Front Range of Rockies to the southern Great Lakes and into Northeast
Sleet/freezing rain possible south of that snow swath.
Precipitation should change to rain in most of Friday’s sleet/ice area.
Cities to watch: St. Louis | Cleveland | NYC

Snow, sleet and some freezing rain may persist in the Northeast and Appalachians.
Cities to watch: Boston | NYC
If that wasn’t enough, with the cold air reinforced this weekend, and more upper-level energy lurking over the Desert Southwest, we can’t rule out additional rounds of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the southern High Plains into the Southeast early next week.

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