Uranium hexafluoride leak at Honeywell uranium plant, USA


safety-symbol-SmFlag-USAU.S. nuclear regulators probing leak at Honeywell uranium plant BY LEWIS KRAUSKOPF Tue Oct 28, 2014 Oct 28 (Reuters) – U.S. nuclear regulators are investigating a leak of uranium hexafluoride that occurred on Sunday at an Illinois plant operated by Honeywell International Inc where union workers have been locked out.

Honeywell confirmed the Sunday evening leak at its Metropolis, Illinois plant, saying it was due to an equipment failure. There were no injuries and no reason to believe anyone was endangered by the leak, according to Honeywell.

An inspector from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission started an investigation at the plant on Tuesday, said NRC spokesman Roger Hannah.

“At this point we’re still in a fact-finding mode,” Hannah said. “We haven’t come to any conclusions about whether processesweren’t followed.” He said the investigation could take a few days to a week. Honeywell’s Metropolis plant is the only U.S. facility that converts…

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2 thoughts on “Uranium hexafluoride leak at Honeywell uranium plant, USA

  1. Now take a look at:
    Page 1 NETC

    What the picture shows, and I cannot get it to load to where you can read it, but trust me, I would never lie to you, what it shows is that 11/14/2014, 11/15/2014 Illinois has been under “ALERT” levels for radiation. Bet the govt. has not told you that, and most likely, neither has Honeywell. I wonder why. The scale of normal for the area, is an average 28, readings have been up around 395 to 4566 for the past couple of days straight. I wonder….

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