Honeywell Illegally Stored Corrosive Radioactive Slurry Along Ohio River – Pled Guilty; Paid Fine

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A few months after the current CEO of Honeywell, Dave Cote, apparent buddy of President Obama, took over Honeywell in July of 2002, Honeywell decided to shut down the part of their Metropolis, Illinois facility, which processed the corrosive “KOH mud”, consisting of uranium and potassium hydroxide (KOH), byproduct in the “conversion process” (one stage in turning uranium to fuel for nuclear power plants). Thus, this uranium-KOH slurry started accumulating at Honeywell’s Metropolis, Illinois “Conversion” Facility, on the Ohio River, slightly upriver from the Mississippi River.
Metropolis, IL and Ohio-Miss Rivers

Honeywell is one of the contractors at the Savannah River site, in South Carolina ( where the German government arrogantly wants to send some of its high level nuclear waste. And, insanely, the US government may take it, if people don’t object. (To object contact Andrew Grainger: before 21 July 2014) Does Obama’s wanting to import high level German radioactive waste to…

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