Not long ago, there was a very strange night sky with a rainbow in Atlanta area.

Trying to find out the reason, which I suspected, but wanted confirmed, I went to twitter.  During the winter, the Atlanta weather persons and I had conversed, about the snow storm.  Anyway, I figured it anyone would know, it would be a meteorologist.  So long story short, I went to Twitter, and there were already tons of pictures showing exactly what I had seen.  Even though the sun had set, the weather persons posting responses and pix, just maintained that it was the “perfect” time and situation for the colors.

Well, having not been born yesterday, and living with a man that has studied sunsets (artist), we knew better.  I could not, no matter how I tried, get anyone to admit the reasons behind the colors.

If you go to this link, there is a picture of which I speak:

the link itself explains why “Cesium sky”.  I ran across this picture looking for something that was entirely different.  When I began looking at the many different pictures posted, I came to realize how legitimate the pictures were.  These pictures were not just some idiot believing they could make claims about the sky, but someone who had real knowledge, and had studied more intensely than most.

I still don’t know who this person is…but you judge for yourself.  It was a cesium rainbow in the Atlanta pictures, I know that for sure now.  No doubt about it.   The sad part about all this is, not only is Fukushima radiation most likely going to kill us all, but the sky has been forever changed.  Nothing will ever be quite the same as the skies before Fukushima.  Cesium changes light spectrums.  The sight above shows all that, if you dig and find what you are looking at.

Be safe yall!

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