Cop Who Beat Wheelchair-Bound Drunk In Detox Facility Cleared

Before long, the cops are going to let all this go to their heads. They shoot dogs for wagging their tails and being friendly; they tazer and beat mentally disabled homeless men to death; they beat wheelchair bound citizens…what is next, beating little old ladies to death? This must be stopped. The cops cannot get it into their heads that they are immune when they murder and maime people. I saw a video not long ago, where the female cop was harrassing a man outside of a restaurant during the middle of the day, he called her a bitch and she shot him point blank in the chest.


Cop Found “Not Guilty” After Beating Man In Wheelchair

” Officer Jouppi has been found “not guilty” of all charges in connection to a video showing him attack a citizen in a wheelchair. The 50-yr-old citizen, Anthony Jackson, was rolled into a detoxification facility by police. A staff member at the facility can be heard instructing Anthony that he was to surrender his jacket.

  Being unable to walk normally, Anthony sarcastically asked, “Do you want me to throw it at you?” That’s when officer Jouppi can be seen grabbing his arm and twisting it back. Immediately Anthony said “Hey you can’t do that” and weakly swatted up at the officer to defend himself.

  That’s when officer Jouppi began pounding in his face. Anthony’s head can be seen snapping back after officer Jouppi punched him the first time. But that wasn’t enough. Jouppi followed with a combination of punches…

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